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Real Long Term Problems of Life and How to Fix Them

Vikram Brahma is a Digitalpreneur, Author, Blogger, Writer, & YouTuber. He loves to write content & spend time working from home.


How many problems do you have in life? Do you know that you can actually solve most of them? Problems are part of our life.

I am super excited to write about this topic. I am going to share the most common issues and how we can solve them in life. Whenever I write and share anything I always say there is no get the rich quick formula.

You have to work hard and smart. You need to learn things. If you are ready to learn and use the proper system then definitely you can live your dream life.

Life is all about how do you react to the situations and what actions do you take during those times. One right decision can change your life. If you are reading this article then I sure you want to know some solutions for your long term problems. So, let’s begin.

Having a single source of income

Having a single source of income

Single Source of Income

Let me tell you honestly, I started my journey as a digital entrepreneur last year. Currently, I make less monthly income. Despite this, I have three sources of income. Two of them are active income and one is passive.

I work for my social media agency from home. But by the end of December 2021, I am sure I can build at least five to seven sources of income. Currently, I earn money through a rental property, income from active clients and by writing articles.

I shared my own example because one of the biggest problems our generation is facing right now is related to having a single source of income. In today’s world don’t depend upon a single source. What will happen if tomorrow another lockdown will come? Are you ready to face them without fear?

Therefore, it is necessary that you start your work and build at least three sources of income. For this to achieve you can go online. Yes, by sitting at home start your online business. Invest some time, money and effort and build it as soon as possible. For example, start a YouTube channel, write ebooks, blogs, eCommerce, make online courses etc. There are a lot of opportunities you just need to start it as soon as possible.

Doing Something Which Doesn’t Excite You

There is a statistic which says that 85% of people who are doing job actually hate what they are doing. Well, it is a really harsh truth for many people and also for our educational system.

People are learning something regarding which they have no interest. Students are going to schools and colleges because they just want to have degrees to get some kind of job.

People need to understand that they need to find their passion. If you can find your passion and make a business out of that then you will do wonders in life.

Remember this secret formula when you will add “passion with a purpose” you can create magic not only in your life but in others life too. Look what motivates you the most. Can you build a business around your passion? Will it be profitable for you? If answers to these questions are yes then search for a mentor who can teach you these techniques.

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Invest time in self-education

Invest time in self-education

Not Investing In Self-Education And Growth

World’s greatest investor Warren Buffett is more than 90 years old. Despite that, he still studies and read books every day. Even at this age, he is searching for new stocks to invest. So, what is stopping you?

During one interview he confessed that he was able to make so much wealth because of his habit of reading books and journals on daily basis. So, how much time do you invest in reading books or journals? One of the best investment anyone can do in his life is by investing in reading books.

World’s richest people read almost daily be it Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, or Elon Musk. So never shy away from investing in courses or books. See which course or book can benefit you then go ahead, purchase it, read it and implement it. Who knows maybe the next book or course can change your life forever. As Warren Buffett once said - the best investment one can do is investing in self.

Having Poor Social Media Presence

Do you know nowadays companies are hiring people by checking LinkedIn profiles? There are many companies around the world who are taking the help of social media to understand their future employee.

Nowadays people are getting clients online by advertising on sites like Facebook, Google and Instagram. Even I got my first client while sharing the post on the Facebook group. Social media is dominating the lives of people. Where there are people advertisers and companies will come. They will start advertising and attracting customers.

Time has changed now and companies are not hiring by reading resumes anymore. They are taking interviews online through zoom and doing the background check by checking social media profile.

Even I do regular online meetings with my client and getting paid by them without ever meeting face to face. So, if you are not taking the advantage of social media then you will really face some long term problems. Remember to use social media as per your use but don’t get used by them.


Learn as much as possible about new technologies and start using them.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. If you have any questions related to the topic then you can comment below. I will love to hear from you and like to answer your queries.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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