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Registry types

Functions of a registry and uses of records

registry has the following functions:

  • receiving,opening,recording and distribution of incoming and outgoing mails
  • opening and indexing of files
  • classification and placing of correspondence neatly and orderly in appropriate files
  • processing files promptly to actual officers when they request for it
  • provision of record storage and reference services to users of the registry
  • controlling and tracing of files within the agency of the organization
  • maintenance of security and confidentiality of all records in the registry
  • preparation,maintenance and updating of an approved and well planned filing classification schemes
  • reviewing and disposing off all non current records in accordance to the appropriate retention and disposal schedule
  • the registry keeps the record in it on trust of the organization
  • it is responsible for the orderly and efficient flow of information in and out of the organizatioon.
  • the registry also has the mandate to control formal channels of written communication between constituent units of an organization.

a record is a recorded information regardless of form or medium created or received and maintained by an organization in pursuance of its legal,financial or administrative obligation.

records can be in the form of paper or electronic .

electronic records include ,emails,internet pages,word documents .e.t.c

in electronic records the records may be in digital format or converted format.

importance of records:

-they are used in developing and making policies

-organizations use records in protecting their rights and entitlements

-records are important in elimination of corruption as it provides supporting documents

-they are also used for litigation purposes

-informative records are used for education and carrying out research

_it maintains memory of an organization

-proper records maintains transparency and accountability of an organization

-an organization can use records in planning its activities and also use it making critical decisions concerning the organization based on the past records.

What is registry?

it is a place where active records of an organization are kept and the department is concerned with the management of the records in regards to efficiency ,economy,systematic control and easy retrievability of records.

a registry can also be defined as that department in an organization that is concerned with controlling of incoming and outgoing information in the organization as it controls the formal channels of written communication.

Centralized registry model


Centralized Registry

  1. Centralized registry
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In this type of registry records that are generated and used by more than one unit in organization are systematically arranged in one or more locations and are then placed in one central location within the supervision of one officer.

records of general value throughout the organization or institution are controlled by a centralized registry system located within the organization.

in this case the organization has one registry servicing the whole organization and is normally placed centrally within the organization in the system.

Advantages of centralized registry

  • There is uniformity in management of records of the organization.
  • it ensures economic use of staff and equipment that is persons and accommodations are used more economically
  • there is more effective supervision of registry staff
  • the registry staff develops specialized skills and become more efficient
  • it leads to better control of file movements thus better access to the records
  • leads to reduction of overhead expenditure that is water system ,light system.etc
  • facilitates easy sharing of records ,knowledge and skills because everybody can access the records
  • it is easy to carry out file census and prepare a retention disposal schedule as well as controlling file creations.
  • it enhances security of records as they are under one supervisor.
  • it helps in effective and efficient follow up of important files.

Disadvantages of centralized registry

  • it causes delays in obtaining the required records from the central registry because the volume of the records involved
  • files may take too long to reach their destinations especially if they have to be sent to departments.
  • it tends to become a repository for unwanted records by other departments of the organization
  • It may not be suitable for confidential records
  • registry officers may not have adequate and specialized knowledge about operations of an organization because of dealing with too many files

Decentralized registry

2.Decentralized registry

in decentralized registry each department in an organization maintains their own records .it is where an organization has several registries each serving distinct unit of the same organization .

records are therefore are normally maintained and controlled at the point of origin or creation.

Advantages of decentralized registry

  • confidentiality of records is much ensured and protected effectively as each department deals with records of its own department.
  • the filing system is not large therefore it is easier to handle the records
  • it avoids unnecessary delays of locating records
  • it is easier for the registry to understand the operations of one department and therefore are in a better position to advice the operations manager or an action officer
  • the document files are not required by other sections of the organization ,they belong to that department only.

Disadvantages of decentralized registry

  • Decentralized registry leads to duplication of files as centralized departments require copies of outgoing letters
  • It requires lot of accommodation as regards to offices,shelves and cabinets which results in increased cost
  • time is wasted in each department by staff engaging in filing as the case where staff are taken from more responsible work to attend to sectional filing for which they have no training.
  • there is no standard filing systems since each department adopts what suits their requirements
  • information flow is stifled as it is difficult for action officers to know what is happening in other departments.

Decentralized registry model


Hybrid registry

This is where centralized and decentralized registries are in place and practice within the organization,in this situation the central registry has files and records for the entire organization while on the other hand each department has its own records and files showing how they operate and function

the filing systems of each departments are mainly carried out with various secretaries of the respective departments.

centralized registry model

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