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Press Release Template: A Sample Press Release for Travel Sites


How to Write a Press Release

Writing a press release can be very challenging for some writers. One of the easiest ways to overcome this challenge is to use a press release template.

By using a sample press release, you will be able to compose your text much faster. So I created a template press release for a travel niche. More specifically, this sample PR is about the launch of a new hotel online booking site.

If you will notice, this press release template has 'generic texts.' So it is up to the writer to supply the specifics. Additionally, I am hoping that this sample PR will serve as a guide for others who might need a template for writing press releases.

Sample of a Press Release Template

Headline/Title: New [PLACE] Hotel Online Booking Site Offers Big Discounts and Great Convenience for Tourists

Summary: Travel to [PLACE] has become a lot easier with the launch of a new hotel online booking site offering big discounts and great convenience for tourists. Getting important information and finding hotels can now be done at the comforts of one’s home.

Lead Statement: [DATELINE]. A new hotel online booking site has been launched recently giving tourists a chance to easily find hotels and get big discounts on bookings when they visit [PLACE]. The [WEBSITE NAME], a newly established online service owned by [NAME OF OWNER], has been giving special services and valuable information for travelers since its grand launch last [DATE].

Main Body: [NAME OF OWNER] acknowledged the fact that [PLACE] is one the most beautiful spots in [COUNTRY] and can rival other prime tourist attractions of other countries. In the past, however, booking a stay in one of the grand hotels in the region can be very difficult.

According to [NAME OF OWNER], the usual practice of prospective tourists was to find a local travel agent, get information from brochures, search for local hotels, and book accommodations through the agent.

“The old method of travel booking and finding important information about [PLACE] has been so difficult that some tourists overseas could be discouraged from visiting the region,” said [NAME OF OWNER]. He emphasized that giving visitors an “easy way to enjoy the lushness and beauty of our destination spots” has been his main concern.

And so in [DATE], the concerned businessman launched a valuable service not just for local tourists but for all vacationers throughout the world who want to visit [PLACE]. [NAME OF OWNER] established [NAME OF WEBSITE], which is touted as the premier service that made hotel online booking so much easier.

Service Features

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Asked about the kind of service that tourists can expect from his online booking site, [NAME OF OWNER] enumerated several benefits awaiting his customers.

“First of all, travelers want to get information before they decide to visit any destination place. So, my company designed a site that will also serve as an information resource,” [NAME OF OWNER] explained.

The new website boasts of having the most complete information about [PLACE] destination areas, resorts, and hotels. A quick visit to the site will give prospect tourists a complete overview of what’s in store for them.

Mr. [NAME OF OWNER] further added that tourists only need to click on certain hotel links within the site to know the amenities and services offered for visitors. “They can also view the different beach resorts, spas, bars, and nightspots with just a few clicks of the mouse.”

To add more value for money, the new online service provides an easy way for travelers to avail big discounts of up to [__%] for online hotel bookings. According to [NAME OF OWNER], “this is the most valuable service that tourists can get from the site.”

With the new hotel online booking providing big discounts and valuable information, getting to [PLACE] has become cheaper, more exciting, and extremely convenient.

About/Contact Info:

[NAME OF WEBSITE] is a new site providing online booking service to travelers. It also offers hotel overviews, destination site information, and travel tips. It is owned and managed by [NAME OF OWNER], an established [CREDENTIALS]. [Contact Numbers]

Some Final Word About This PR Sample

So there it is: a complete press release template which is, actually, ready to use. (But I hope you won't copy it word for word.)

As you can see, it has several main components:

  1. The Headline
  2. Summary
  3. Dateline and Lead Statement
  4. The Main Body
  5. And the About/Contact Info section

When writing, just follow this flow and you will discover that composing a press release is easier than most people think. I hope this hub can help you. Enjoy.

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