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How to Setup a Website That Will Attract Customers

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How to Make Your Online Business Stand Out

So let's say you have a new online business and you are looking to get it started and grow it. You've heard the saying that a online business is easy to start, hard to finish, well lit, and needs to have a website. Well here are some things to remember and your website will benefit from each of these elements:

1. You must have a website that looks professional.

Your website must reflect your character. Will it be bright and shiny? Will your site tell people what you do? Will it let people know who you are? Will it be cluttered, messy, have lots of text, or will it be simple and informative. Your website must set you up as the expert in your industry.

2. Your website must be informative, easy to read, read, and search engine friendly. Your website must be easy to understand and navigate. Your website needs to be easy to maintain and update. You must be able to send people to another page on your website that will help them understand more about what you do. Your website must tell them how your product works, what makes it unique, why they should be interested in it, and how they can benefit from being my customers.

A website that is simple, easy to navigate, has minimal text, and has useful descriptions is much easier to update and maintain than a website that has lots of text, is hard to read, and is hard to navigate. All of the text on your website must be relevant, keyword tagged, easily read, and keyword evocative. It must be informative, easy to navigate, and easy to maintain. If it is hard to update, it will be hard to attract new customers, hard to grow your business, and hard to make money.


Features of a Good Website

Now let's go into more detail what we've covered above.

1. Your Website must be easy to read. Your logo, type font, and content must be easy to read. Your logo, type font, and content need to grab your prospects attention and make them read the whole site.

2. Your logo must look professional, bright, and shiny. Product shots must be taken outside, with natural light, and must look nice. If they are not professional and shiny, or have poor lighting, your visitors will question if you are a business. You must let your visitors know how you are unique, and why they should be interested in what you do. If you don't tell them why they should be interested in what you do, they won't be.

Your website must be easy to maintain. If you have a bad logo, bad type font, bad content, or if you are not careful with your updates, it will be hard to keep your website looking good and professional. If you don't care how your visitors keep your website looking good and professional, or if you don't take care of it, it will be hard to grow your business and make money.

3. Your type font must be legible. If your font is small, or looks bad, your visitors will lose your site quickly. Your visitors may even remove your site and download it. Your visitors must know your site is legible, and look good. If they don't know it is legible and look good, they will leave your site. If they don't know your site is legible and look good, they won't bother to look at your site.

4. Your title must interest your visitor. Your title must capture their attention, interest and beg for their action. Do you know how to do this? Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Write your headline in such a way that it says in few words what you are about. Try not to use too many words, and not too many weird punctuation marks. Write your headline in first person. This tells your visitors, in few words, what you are about.

2. Make your sub-title in first person, and end in a question. This will keep your visitor thinking that you are a wizard of words. When they finish reading your website title, they will be asking themselves, what else does JaneEC/JoeEC have to read? Your title should end with a question, or a tagline.

3. Include pictures in your headlines. Pictures grab attention, and people like to read text with pictures. If you haven't noticed, I was talking about the captions, not the pictures. The picture in the title is soooo 2008, and sooooo 2012. Don't worry about having too many pictures. I promise you, you will not be able to get enough of them. The picture will help your text grab peoples attention.

4. Use clear, short, and tight sentences. Your words should be concise. Your sentences should be tight. You should see that your headlines don't get too long. Do you see what I mean? Clear and tight is all that matters.

5. Make your paragraphs short. There is no reason why your paragraphs should be long. People can easily skip them. The more visually appealing your paragraphs are, the more likely they are to keep reading. If you try to write a long paragraph, people will struggle to keep reading. Keep your paragraphs simple and short.

6. Don't forget about images. Images can make a boring paragraph or paragraph interesting and eye-catching. Use images sparingly but when you do, have them stand out. Use images that are interesting and unique. Make sure your images are original. Don't use the same old boring and bland images everyone else is using. Think up of your own unique images. It's OK to borrow others. But if you use others, make sure they are original.

7. Use captions. The caption is where you get people to remember the picture. Use captions that are relevant to the picture. Make your captions short.

I hope this helps you. Make sure your pictures are original, relevant and engaging. That's what people will keep reading. When people keep reading, they become your customers.

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