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PRC License Renewal: Steps

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I wrote here the steps in renewing the PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) license at the PRC Central Office in Morayta, Manila, Philippines. Just because that’s where I usually renew my license. I know there are lots of people going there but still I have some advice on how you can actually avoid the delays during the renewal application.

First of all, make sure you allot time for your renewal. I think at most you can be there for about 3-5 hours depending on how many people are already there before you. There are really a lot of people there in the morning. I went there once at around 10 am and finished everything by 3 pm. There was also a time when I went there at around 1 or 2 pm to apply for renewal and I was done paying within 2 hours. Anyway, here are the steps listed at the PRC website and I added some of my own comments.

Requirements in PRC license renewal

Requirements in PRC license renewal

Renewal form and Passport Size Picture

1. Professional or duly authorized representative must secure and accomplish a renewal form from the Registration Division and submit one (1) passport size picture with nametag and in white background.

You get the renewal form at the counter on your left upon entering the PRC gate. You will know that it is the right counter when you see all the people crowding at that area. And you just have to tell the person on the other side that you’re applying for Renewal or simply just say “Renewal”. They’ll give you a piece of paper where you have to write Name, the PRC license number and your profession. (I can’t remember the exact entries there but those are the most important.) Be sure that you write down the right PRC license number or it will cause some delay during the processing inside the building.

The same piece of paper is also where you glue your picture. There is a specific box where you have to glue the picture in. During that time I saw tubs of glue in the counter at the center directly across from the entrance of the building. But it wouldn’t hurt if you bring your own glue just in case there are none available.

Now, about the picture. It’s passport size, white background, with a nametag. If you have glasses, it would be better if you remove your glasses in the picture. I had a problem with this because I did not remove my glasses in the pic that I brought and I had to have another set taken. Thus, it caused me more delay. Well if this happens to you there is a booth within the PRC area and outside where you can have your pic taken. (It costs around 85 pesos for 4 pictures. But the quality of the pictures taken in the booths outside PRC are not that good though. But I just wanted to get it over with so I didn’t really care much about how it looked. As long as I still looked human, it was fine with me.

Once you have filled up the paper, glued your picture. You have to bring the paper to a certain window number. I cannot remember it right now but the Window Number is written on the paper. You show the paper to the person on the other side of the window and he/she will tell you if it’s ok or not. Then will tell you to wait for you name to be called. And well this is when you have to be really patient because it really takes a long time, around 2 hours at least. I can’t overemphasize that you have to be alert when your name is called because they’ll only call it again once they have the next batch of papers to give out. So the next step will be step #2.

Cashier and Payment: PRC license renewal

Cashier and Payment: PRC license renewal

Cashier payment and Claiming

2. Professional pays to cashier the renewal fee upon securing his/her printed renewal application. The schedule for claiming the PIC is printed on the lower portion of the printed form.

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The renewal fee is typed on the paper that will be handed to you. There are cashiers outside the building to your right when you are exiting the main door. But most of the time there is a long line of people paying at those cashiers. There is another cashier inside the building. It is at window 23. (I hope I am correct. But just to be sure, this window is the last window near the wall to your left, and which is in the same line of windows where you were handed the paper. Or you can ask the guard where the other cashiers are.)

One thing I remember about the cashiers is that they have the sign “pay exact amount” or something to that effect. Well, at that time I didn’t have smaller bills and I just said sorry that I don’t have the exact amount. It didn’t matter actually because they have enough money for change. How much did I pay? In January 2015, for Pharmacy license and Physician license renewal, I paid 450 pesos each. I am not sure how much for the other professions though.

Once you have paid then you just come back at the date stamped on the paper. Usually after two weeks.

Sample PRC license

Sample PRC license

Claiming and Authorization letter

3. On the scheduled date, the professional or his/her duly authorized representative must present claim stub to the Registration Division. He/she shall also present the Official Receipt showing payment of the renewal fee and sign an acknowledgment of receipt of the PIC. When the PIC is claimed by a representative, the said representative must also present together with the official receipt a *letter of authority or **Special Power of Attorney from the professional.

In the same paper where you have the date stamped, it also says in what window you will claim the ID. You will leave the paper in the window. Usually there is a box on the counter and a sign saying that you have to place your paper face down in the box. Then you just have to wait for your name to be called. They will hand you the ID and you just have to sign on a piece of paper.

In my experience the best time to get your ID is in the afternoon. There are less people and it is much faster. Usually when I go there in the afternoon, I am able to get the ID in less than 20 minutes. The last time I was there in Feb 2015, I got the ID within 10 minutes.

They are pretty strict about the Authorization letter or special power of attorney, so be sure to have those ready if your ID will be claimed by a relative.


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