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Overcome Obstacles Using 3 Easy Techniques

Isi has her Bachelor's degree in Psychology, and has personal experience in overcoming challenges and achieving success.

Obstacles are Opportunities

Obstacles are Opportunities

Start Overcoming Obstacles From Within

Everyone experiences roadblocks, setbacks or obstacles. The problem is we have a natural tendency to want to take the the path of least resistance, or give up. To succeed at anything, you must begin seeing obstacles as opportunities. With a little creativity, resistance, and determination, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Before diving in, ask yourself whether there could be anything about your own mindset that might need to be adjusted. This is not to say there might not be other obstacles, but first things first.

Now read this quick guide, and do the exercises, and you'll find yourself back on your path to success in no time.


Overcome Obstacles By Clarifying Goals

One important step in overcoming is to make sure your goals are crystal clear and at the forefront of your mind. Without a goal you are like a cork bobbing around out at sea. There is no telling where you will end up.

Right now is always the best time to set goals if you don't have any. You need long term, mid-term and short term goals. Post them somewhere where you will see them frequently. Write them out on paper daily or at least weekly, because this will help you focus on them better.

When you encounter a setback, refer to the goals you've set and adjust your approach to ensure you still end up where you want to be. In rare instances it can be necessary to adjust or revise your goals but do your best not to change a goal once you've set it.

Complete This Goal-Setting Exercise

To clarify your goals, write each one out like this:

I am working diligently so I can ______________

You can do this for your overarching "big" goal, and for each shorter term goal.

For instance, "I am working diligently so I can retire on 10 million dollars." This goal is easy because there is a number attached. You can easily attach a time frame.

Say you are 25 years old, and you want to retire early at age 50. This would give you 25 years to put together that $10 million. Now you can set your mid-term goal at $5 million by age 37, and your shorter term goals at $400,000 per year.

Follow up with a method and daily activity plan to get you there. At $400,000 per year, you would need $33,333 per month, or approximately $1,100 per day.

Never look at your goal as being too lofty or too hard. Simply ask yourself, "What is the first thing I need to do to get there?" Jot the answer down, and continue making a list until you have a complete set of steps you can take.


Overcome Obstacles By Focusing on Achievement

Next, learn to focus on achievement and solutions. Identify problems, but don't waste time complaining and making excuses. There is a difference. Complaints and excuses are what you hear out of a child at the thought of taking a two block hike to the corner store. "It's too far!" "I can't find my shoes."

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There will always be some level of difficulty in problem-solving, so put on your positive pants and deal with it. If you hear yourself using the word 'because' a lot when things aren't getting done, it could be you are making excuses for a failure to take action.

Avoid adopting a victim mentality by remembering that bad things do happen to good people every day, but so do good things. Whatever your beef may be with society, your past, other people, or circumstances, the key is to find a way to fix it, or let go and move on. Chuck it in a bucket, and dump it out back. That in itself may take some work, but if that is the case, write out a goal for solving that problem, and start the work today.

This exercise will help you discover whether or not you have a victim mentality:

Fill in the blanks: "Oh poor me! I can't __(goal)____ because ___(problem)___.

For example, "Oh poor me, I can't complete my degree because my family is driving me crazy!" You just made yourself the victim of your family. Have you given serious consideration to ways that you could fix the problem? Is there something you need to change? A boundary that needs to be established? Have you set a goal for solving that problem?

Every problem has a solution, and success follows solutions. Focus on your goals and get creative about problem-solving. Each solution will get you one step closer to your goal. Make a list of problems and their solutions. Boldly check each one off as you move forward. This will help you focus on those achievements rather than on what is wrong.


Overcoming Obstacles With Determination

Every year, I choose a theme song. One year, It was "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga, and another year it was "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen. I decided that no matter what happened, I was just going to keep dancing or keep moving in the direction of my goals.

My favorite part of the Queen song was the chorus, where they sing, "Don't stop me now, I'm havin' such a good time, I'm havin' a ball!" I'd think of that when I was in the midst of a problem, and it would make me smile. I discovered that even though problems came along each and every day, I could still try to have a good time in some small way, or even have a ball - some tiny celebration to lift my spirits.

The point is we have to be determined to succeed and enjoy the little moments of each day. When we do this, we begin to see even more positive things happening. It is like re-training the brain. Problems and obstacles don't have to become a complete blockage.

I listen to my song every morning, and every day I take time to think of ways to solve my problems, whatever they are. With this kind of determination, you can accomplish anything, because your heart is set on it.

Put your goals and problems into the sentence below:

My goal is ___________ and nothing is going to stop me from achieving that, not even ____________ because I will __________ to overcome that.

I had to do this years ago when I was trying to finish my bachelor's degree at home. My family members, bless their hearts, kept interrupting me with their demands or arguments, or minor problems when I was studying. Most problems could have waited, but it seemed to them that I was just sitting there at the computer or with a book, so I wasn't doing anything important. I had to have a family pow wow and lay out some rules about when they were or weren't allowed to talk to me. Unless there was bloodshed, they had to wait.

Become determined to achieve your goals, and you will be surprised at how many obstacles you will overcome!

"Blue on Black"

"Blue on Black"

Overcome Any Obstacle By Taking Charge

Remember that when climbing a mountain you do not want to have sand in your shoe. Those tiny grains could either delay your arrival at the top, or stop you from getting there altogether. If any sand gets into your shoe, the sooner you get it out of there, the better.

The sand is like your thought life. Take charge if your success by taking inventory of your thought life and attitudes. Learn to become aware of any self-imposed hindrances to your success. This could be because your goals are not crystal clear, you have a victim mentality, or you are not determined enough.

To help you take inventory of your thoughts and attitudes, spend 5 minutes in a quiet place doing nothing but listening to yourself think. Write down every thought to the best of your ability. When done, analyze the things you have written, and if you see thought patterns that do not serve you well, think of helpful thoughts to replace them with. Repeat often, and you'll begin to see positive changes in your thoughts and in your ability to overcome all obstacles.

Do you have more ideas on how to create more success in your life? Please share any tips and tricks you've used to overcome obstacles, especially the ones that come from within.

Overcome Obstacles By Facing Resistance

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