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How to Target Your Audience and Maximize Client Satisfaction

  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • LinkedIn.
  • YouTube.
  • Twitter.
  • TikTok.
  • Snapchat.

Social media is basically a technology through which people can share their thoughts, ideas, news and other kinds of information on a virtual platform. It can be accessed on any device such as :

  • mobiles,
  • laptops
  • PC.

You can learn more about your target audience, not only by their comments but also by studying visitor analytics.

To some people social media is primarily a tool to connect them to other people from across the globe. Networking ideas, services and products from various nations.

  • It can also be a platform for businesses to create a relationship with their clients and customers.
  • It is a means by which business seek and connect with other businesses for collaboration of ideas and knowledge sharing.
  • Social Media is a platform where individuals find ways of becoming entrepreneurs
  • It enables you to reconnect with old school friends on face book
  • Social media also offers a vast front of entertainment, and many tune in for relaxation purposes.

12 Benefits of Social Media To Grow Your Business Faster - (Source- social media college)

Social media is an excellent platform to

  • make relations.
  • meet new people
  • connect with friends and family
  • form group of people with same interests
  • Improve and form healthy trustworthy relationships

A platform like Facebook is widely used for

  • Social networking in the world.

Facebook is a platform that provides :

  • information about people which helps you to find people with similar likes and interests.

Facebook is a platform where people can share

  • Their every activity with Facebook friends.
  • Thoughts and mood expressed by the status and feeling update on Facebook.

LinkedIn is a professional platform which is used for

  • professional purposes.
  • LinkedIn platform enables people to connect with people from similar industries
  • Platforms like LinkedIn help in finding jobs opportunities. A significant advantage of social media for youth.

Do you know how Justine Bieber Got his first break ?

His mom posted videos of him singing on You Tube, and it soon caught the eye of record Executive Scooter Braun

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Bieber and R&B singer Usher attend the Kids' Choice Awards in March 2009. Bieber auditioned for Usher in 2008 and soon got a record deal


Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Your Business Expanded Brand Awareness.

Social media creates your presence which is the essential but most relevant benefit of social media.

Big budget, high tech websites can create a presence on the internet because they have the budget which the general mass do not have . Social Media is a benefit to those who do not have the budget required.

Presence on social media has its profits and it:

  • Helps people know more about you without meeting you personally.
  • Helps people to contact you.
  • helps Showcase yourself on the internet

This Can help build Client’s trust when you are available on all social sites.

Many social media platforms help in making :

  • online events
  • forums
  • polls.

People are more enthusiast to participate and encourage these events, forums, and polls. All these help in generating awareness, discussion and sharing an opinion.

Many social topics, issues have a very low spotlight on them. It is important that people should be aware of it. This awareness helps many NGO’s to collect funding

Social Media Management for Beginners- (The freelance Friday Club)

You can Reach Your Ideal Customer through social Media Marketing Platforms

  • It helps advertising you and your brand
  • Most economical way to get in touch with someone
  • Easy to get different opinions on things like surveys
  • A tool to express an individual’s emotions
  • Social media sites help employers find employees and job seekers find work
  • For actors, musicians or writers it is the best tool to promote their work
  • Many sites allow users to create special pages for bands or theatre companies
  • Social media sites are expanding from general interest to more specific uses that benefit society. For example, sites have been created for medical purposes such as dealing with life altering diseases, alcoholism, drug addiction and weight loss.
  • Law enforcement uses social networking sites to catch and prosecute criminals.
  • Social media helps empower business women
  • Social networking sites increase voter participation.
  • Social networking sites gives people the opportunity to interact with the artists they admire

On a site like Facebook or MySpace, you can challenge your friend to a game of trivia

-- even if she's on the other side of the world!

You can learn how to improve your products and services. By encouraging open communication through public comments, you can learn what you can do to make your products and pitch more palatable.

You can learn more about your target audience, not only by their comments but also by studying visitor analytics.

These sites allow you to send and receive messages, upload photos, and videos.

The Impact and Power of social Media

"But there are people who can recognize the true talent in any person and social media can spread that talent to the world at large.

A video of Ranu Mondal(who earned her living by singing songs at Ranaghat station) singing at Ranaghat railway station had recently gone viral

In an incident that illustrates the power of social media, a woman whose video went viral for her melodious voice has now received a makeover, along with offers to appear on singing shows. The woman, identified as Ranu Mondal, mesmerised millions with her soulful rendition of Lata Mangeshkar classic Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai. Her video, shot at the Ranaghat railway station at West Bengal, went viral last week. It has been viewed over 4 million times on Facebook, where it was shared by a page called 'BarpetaTown The place of peace'.

On Thursday, the page shared an update on the incident, informing their followers that Ms Mondal had received a makeover after the viral video. She has also received multiple offers to appear on singing and talent hunt shows, the owner of the page, Krishaan Das Zubu, told NDTV."

source--Vijaya Lakshmi Retired Finance manager at Coal India Limited


It increases students' participation :- With the advent of different social media platforms,

  • It has become possible for students to connect with their classmates, friends and even lecturers thereby increasing collaboration. This helps in building a stronger network.
  • It makes it easy for students to reach the faculty personally:- A good number of students are naturally shy in person and may not speak up in an open environment. But this is not the case on social media. Students actively participate on social media thereby sharing valuable information and views with other students too.
  • It's an easy way to communicate with a team during team projects:- Team projects and meetings can be scheduled and shared with everyone without having to go through any inconveniences. .
  • It makes sharing information easy and simple:- Valuable documents, videos, files, links,

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