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Why is donkey milk soap becoming popular and how are people using it?


Milk is a combination of nutrients and has always been used to strengthen bones, the benefits of milk are well known, but the most popular milk these days is donkey milk. Soaps are becoming very popular in the market.

Time to gain body power

Emad Donations

People who started this business tell them the name Emad Donations says it was my mother Salma al-Zubai's idea because she knew that donkey's milk was extremely useful. The mother had earlier said that we would make these soaps only for bathing or hand washing, not for face application, but as their popularity increased and research was done, it was found that this milk because of its vitamins and minerals. So it retains skin moisture, antioxidants, sunburned skin, and protects against the effects of aging, so this soap will also help eliminate these diseases as well as rejuvenate skin cells. It also helps in the production and treatment of eczema.

Make Your Work Easy

How to make soap?
Olive, almond, and coconut oil are mixed with donkey's milk and heated and frozen at room temperature. A bar of soap costs 14 dollor. In addition to soap, creams and lotions will also be made which will provide employment to the people and increase business

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