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Organizational environment and human development

Organizational environment and human development

It all begins when the Colombian government in the late eighties early nineties, where the concept and liberal thought began to emerge, this after the fall of the socialist scheme in the Soviet Union. This liberal thought proposing at an economic level efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, among other things. Thanks to this, an economic revolution began, since this liberal scheme disrupted several aspects and protections that they had had in previous years. This was called neoliberalism, which together with globalization came to revolutionize the economy, politics and the social aspect.

Globalization sought to create opportunities at the national level by communicating at a global level, while neoliberalism was based on supply and demand, and the accentuated concentration on economic monopoly, seeking freedom in this matter. It is there where the disagreements of this new ideology begin that politicians, businessmen, the church were in favor of it, however it brought too many controversies mainly because of limiting the equal opportunities for the whole society. Without leaving aside that neoliberalism has allowed well-known people like Carlos Slim to exploit their fortune through private investment, without the government being present. Thanks to this concept, several global macroeconomic policies emerged, internalization emerged and along with it bankruptcy, unemployment, clearly impacting the most vulnerable and needy.

Later after these disagreements, stabilization arises; where, as its name says, the aim was to stabilize the economy and then start to grow. Which has been going on for a long time since the modernization process towards competitiveness was unfortunately taking place. Causing a disaster in the economy because unfortunately with the variety of offers, goods, brands and prices, people's habits changed and the economy stagnated, causing companies to stagnate, have debts, could not compete, while others trying to look for better quality and price they replaced labor for machinery.

This globalization and neoliberalism forces traditional companies to transcend, they begin to implement industrial plants, new products, standards, management, structure, etc. Being more effective companies, it accelerated the introduction of new forms of organization and production; differing in terms of technical capabilities and consequently new quality requirements. These companies today face a new challenge, the well-being, development and evolution of the worker. New companies and organizations have shown their interest and concern for talent and human well-being, being aware that this will make the company grow.

To achieve success in companies it is necessary to have productivity and quality, a mission impossible to achieve without the participation of a hard-working, responsible, loyal, committed man. And to achieve this, not only the economic part is needed, but also that the person feels that they belong, that they feel commitment, job satisfaction and for this it is sought to implement mechanisms of communication, motivation and identification with the organization; this generating an increase in productivity and competitiveness.

Human well-being must be considered the most important asset of companies, which each company must commit to seeing in a deeper way the talent of each employee, investing time in communication, optimizing their potential personal and professional possibilities, making them feel accepted. It must be understood that each person possesses and contributes to their work their individuality; This is continuously transformed as the person accumulates new knowledge and experiences, therefore each of the employees is necessary and extremely important.

The organization must be a healthy environment for the development of people both on a personal and professional level, this creating an environment of growth and success. Being a person satisfied with himself, motivated, communicated, it is proven that the results are not only on a personal level but also on a professional level, this causing companies to achieve their goals in an easier, faster and more effective way. The best investment that a company can make is to dedicate time to making each of the people who make up a company feel good and as a whole to be able to grow. A company depends one hundred percent on the importance given to human talent.

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