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Onlyfans: the rise of the SIMPS

Over the past few years Onlyfans has become a rather profitable platform for models that want to get paid to sell photos and videos to people online. During the shutdowns brought on by Covid and the current economical situation, it isn't surprising that so many people felt the desire to do this. But the fact that it has gotten to the level that it has really surprises me. I'm not referring to the amount of people willing to put pictures of themselves online for sale, it's the fact that there are so many people out there buying them. You can't have a product without a consumer, and that in itself is the problem. As of the time of this article, there are over a 160 million users on that platform, with around 1 million "content creators." Of course not all of those on Onlyfans provide adult content, but they do make up the vast majority of those on that website.

I don't use Facebook, but I do have an Instagram, and every day "models" are promoted to me. If we're being honest, most of them I would pay to keep their clothes on, but that's not the point. I started looking at their profiles and trying to get an idea of how many people actually pay these women based upon their "likes. If the information at is to be believed, the average model on there makes less than a 150 US dollars a month. But some have been incredibly successful making millions of dollars a year. What is causing this phenomenon?

I just didn't get it; why would anyone pay 15-20 dollars a month to look at nude photos of one woman? And some of the women don't even get nude at all, they simply take high quality lingerie and bikini photos and still make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

There is tons of free adult content on the internet (which I would argue that you also shouldn't watch,) but wasting hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year to look at photos of women who don’t know you and that you will never even meet is really sad. And of course a lot of these girls have Amazon wish lists too; so if you really are desperate you can buy them gifts that they also won't acknowledge you for. Even crazier though is this thing I have seen being offered lately; these models are willing to rate male genitals for a small fee. Do you feel so inadequate that you have to pay a model to tell you what you want to hear about the size of your junk? Will paying 40 dollars to thicckween69 to tell you that your penis is adequate really benefit you?

Then it started to make sense to me; some of these guys actually think they can get with these e-girls if they pay them enough. I happened to click on one of the Instagram stories of one model and she was ranting about this, and it all clicked in my head. She went into how she's sick of men trying to ask her out; she had to reinforce that she is a model (and also married) and isn't going to date any of them. She made it abundantly clear that she is there to take their money, and yet they still happily give it up to her every month while getting nothing in return except photos. I'm not saying I'm the brightest light bulb in the box, but I have never thought that I could get a model to like me if I pay them every month to look at them. Not that I have ever tried, but the thought seems completely absurd to me.

Pornography teaches men to be bystanders in life; to simply sit back and live vicariously through some other guy who is getting laid instead of having sex yourself. But in the case of Onlyfans you're paying to worship some woman as if she is some divine figure. She's just a person, and you're only seeing a very small side of her, which is carefully manicured to look perfect. She will take your money and laugh at people like you while she's out buying new Coach purses.

If you're a man and you're paying girls on Onlyfans you have to ask yourself why you're doing this. Have you lost all self esteem to where you think you can't get a woman (or at least a decent looking one?) Are you too fat? Go to the gym and stop eating so much processed junk food so you can develop a more attractive physique. Do you have a boring personality? Read a few books so you have something interesting to talk about. Are you broke with a substandard career? Well then put some time into learning new skills so you can find better employment opportunities. Seriously, the bar is set so low for men these days that anyone who puts in the most basic of efforts to improve themselves will be far beyond the average guy.

I really can't blame these women for taking your money. After all, you're dumb enough to give it to them. So maybe it would be better to spend the money and time that you would waste on e-girls on developing yourself as a man. If you make yourself worthy of a beautiful woman you won't have trouble attracting one. Or you can continue to sit back and simp over women you will never even meet while watching everything pass you bye. You get one life, and I would rather spend mine actually participating in it than cheering on others from the sidelines and being a mere spectator.

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