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Onlyfans Is the Social Media Site of the Future

I am the owner of the OnlyFans Promotion and Marketing Company known as SEO Bounty. I am also the Host of the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast.

OnlyFans Secrets

OnlyFans Secrets

It’s easy for those who doubt the platform OnlyFans to think of it as a passing fad. Many Social Media websites are not history with only those old enough to remember them still bringing them up as the butt of a bad joke (think MySpace). So will OnlyFans, the fastest growing Social Media site during the pandemic meet the same fate?

Faith in the Site is High

The Owner of SEO Bounty doesn’t think so. He is putting his long 20 years of Marketing experience behind the platform in hopes of making it legit. “I was shocked by what I found when I came into this community. A lot of scams directed at creators who most up until the moment they came onto OnlyFans hadn’t given Marketing and Promotion much thought”. It is true that the site created hundreds of thousands of new Online Marketers overnight with almost zero knowledge of the field. Richard decided to do something about it by creating the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast, a course on Udemy and a Blog for OnlyFans Marketers. He says though that still isn’t enough.

“I was hoping that most people would want to do a lot of the heavy marketing lifting themselves, but it turns out most are still in dire need of assistance and for a company or consultant to do the work for them”. He is correct, most OnlyFans creators utilize the site as part time income and still have a full time job or daily responsibilities that don’t allow them the freedom to take a lot of time to do Marketing. Right now SEO Bounty is building out a Directory of services for creators to prevent scams. This is a good start because it will allow creators to review services and warn others about those dangers.

“I’m doing all I can to shed light on bad actors, bad companies and opportunists” Richard says. Here’s hoping that he succeeds in his goals to clean up the OnlyFans Promotion and service landscape.

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Scams Starting to be Called Out

So far the OnlyFans Secrets Podcast has ended predatory promotions, exposed con artists, ripoffs and other hazards that OnlyFans creators have had to deal with. Since the industry is so new it is ripe with those kind of people. If no one is around to let Content Creators know they are being hustled they will end up blaming themselves for the failure of their campaigns. You can imagine this will lead to depression and upset at what is perceived to be their fault or their failures. Many new Marketers and business people end up blaming themselves when a new venture doesn't succeed as fast as they had hoped. This can cause a person to give up prematurely on a dream or a goal. The OnlyFans Secrets Podcast and SEO Bounty itself is trying to prevent that kind of thing from happening. There is now a blog on the SEO Bounty website that exposes scams along with the Podcast. This makes it easier for content creators to see what is happening and what scams are coming at them in real time. Since not every creator is a Podcast listener having these kind of resources on the Internet itself and in search results on Google will make it less likely that the scammers will be able to succeed. It is obviously the goal of the Podcast to eliminate these kind of characters completely from the industry.

OnlyFans Popularity Continues to Rise

The popularity of OnlyFans only seems to be growing as it now has over 120 Million users and is one of the most popular sites according to Alexa in the United States. The pandemic certainly helped move OnlyFans into the mainstream conversation as many people were left with a lot free time at home to both create content and consume it on the website. Many people are also becoming more isolated inside with so much access to entertainment on streaming services and smartphones so people are more likely to be open to connecting to people online whom they would once consider strangers and even paying for the ability to do so on a monthly basis.

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