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Online Scam How to Protect

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Money Scam

Money Scam

How to Protect from Online Fraud and Scams

How to Protect from Online Fraud and Scams

Everyone is always on, connected with internet and exposed to millions more, whom he knows and may not know. This put us very risky position. Everyone is always to side effect and risk on being connected.

Today everyone is connected to mobile and social media, almost everyone using internet. Present Penetration of some countries is 187%, this means. At least every person has two Phones. All this comes with risk. It is important to manage the associated risk.

There are two types of Risk

  1. Phishing, cheating and fraud
  2. Hacking, spam, data theft

These two are completely different problems and needs different solutions.

What is Phishing, Cheating and Fraud

Basically when someone misrepresent or when you are made into believing fake messages, or they coined you into believing their fake identity or fake plan.

Phishing is a cybercrime in which a target or targets are contacted by email, telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and passwords.

They contact you and when you click, they get all your data.




Fake Links

Fake Degree

Fake Degrees

Fake Degrees

Fake Degree Scams and Cheating

Scams and Cheating

This is what I wanted to talk today.

Universities, Colleges, Degree and Training Program

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Earn Big Money Online

Basically these are two biggest types of Frauds happening today. When income is going doing, there is no jobs, peoples are falling for such scams increasing.

What is Fake/Scams


  • They are Fake Degrees of Real Universities.
  • Fake Universities

Education is matter of livelihood and development. Everyone want to invest in their future prospect. At the same time, most of people do not want to put enough efforts to get degrees. Finding easy way out is Human Tendency. So they fall prey to such tricks.

Online Courses and Degrees and Training Program

When they say get your MBA in 6 months.

Enroll and get Degree

How to Find Out Truth if they are Fake

Quick Degree

Short Duration

No Scrutiny

These are some of Points to check if they are for real.

In 2015 a Fake Degree Scandal is busted. It is one of the best managed and organized scandals we can. They created Learning Materials which looks like or similar to big University names, enrolled the people and started examples. Everything looks like real. They distributed thousands of degrees all over the Gulf Countries.

They made millions of Dollars in the process.

Kuwait has thousands of Fake Degree holders and scrutiny is going on.

People buy Fake degrees to enhance their career.

The Fake does not come into existence on its own, but there is huge demand for it. Every year thousands of people buy fake degrees.

Fake Universities – These are thousands of Fake Universities who prey on unsuspecting students and enroll them for courses. These universities provide you everything but not legal and most of time not real also. These degrees are not worth anything.

Specially the degrees or courses of 3 days, 5 days and months are most Fake. Never join courses which does not add value to your CV.

How to Protect from Fake Degrees and Universities

  1. Please do your due diligence
  2. Find out website and their clones
  3. Please check email and correspondence are from same account.
  4. Check for Recognition and Legal details given
  5. Check Government Directory of Recognized Institutes.
  6. Check if Courses Are Recognized and valid by local Government and Employers.
  7. Check value addition it is doing for your career.
  8. Always go for Second verification and due diligence


Scam Job

Scam Job

Scams Online

Fake Jobs Migration

Fake Job Offers, Recruitment and Migration

This is another biggest online scam. This is biggest scam also and reported rarely. Unsuspecting and distressed Unemployed apply for the job.

Usually these are job offers with immigration options which looks like real. They start with asking few question.

Ask you to fill forms with all details.

Then they say you are qualified for job.

Please pay small amount, then they start extracting money from you. Most of time they give you travel visa which is really not employment contract and dump you there. But most of time nothing comes.

Remember always verify details with government agencies and embassies. The recruiting Consultant must of license.

Destination where maximum Frauds Happens

  1. Malaysia
  2. Australia
  3. Canada
  4. USA
  5. UK
  6. Europe

There is another Category of Frauds Happens in Gulf where Offers does not represent what is actually on Ground. It is very important to verify everything.

  1. Recruitment License of Recruiter
  2. Visa Type and Category
  3. Employment Contract
  4. Get Employment Contract Stamp and Signed from Embassy.

More than 80% employment contract or job are not what they are recruited for. There is no easy recourse ones you are caught.

Keep Eyes Open and Verify Everything.

Never pay any cash to Recruiting Agent, pay in check or bank transfer, take receipt for everything. Do not show your desperation to go.

It is very important, Visa Trading, Human Trafficking is one of biggest business in Gulf. Scammers are usually known persons or your own close friends.

Remember do not go without confirm and written verified job offer. It must be stamped by Embassy. Always follow regulation and steps mentioned in legal system.

Money Scam

Make Quick Money

Make Quick Money

Make Money Online Scam

Make Money Online

Some of interesting misleading advertisements talks about how easily people are making money online. How working from home has changed their life.

These are traps nothing else. Some on interesting regular traps are.

  1. Work from Home – Data entry jobs, register, pay and start earning. Bring your friend and earn more. These are nothing but scams. Always keep in mind to to enough due diligence before you start doing anything or paying money. These are typical tricks of scammers. These are just taking your money.
  2. Forex Trading Online Trading - This is another scam, only the trading platforms make money, only the companies who take charges and developed such platforms make money, no one else. Initially offers expires soon then they start charging you and you keep on paying, may very small amount still you are exposed to very big risk. Never go for online money making. Forex Trading, Commodity Trading, stay safe, stay away from gambling. There is nothing called quick money.
  3. Crypto Currency and Bitcoin Trading - This is latest trend, this is casino. Please stay away from this.
  4. Invest in Amazon Advertising is basically to promote investment in Online Trading Platform. Remember only promoter makes money, not you.

Remember all these are gimmicks of scams and Frauds. They make you pay small but when thousands of innocents pay, it becomes huge amount for them.

Always find out due diligence, search similar scams online and see the truth. No one can save you from scam except yourself.

There is no quick money. The market is full of scams. Only way to protect and stay safe is precaution. Always do enough due diligence, see what are they promising, anyone who promise moon in hand, anyone who promise high return and quick money. Make sure, take double precaution to protect your money.

Never trust anything without verifying details, and due diligence.

Online Immigration Scam

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