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Online Businesses Are the Way Forward for Single Mothers

Abena is a writer and entrepreneur. In 2016, she took the plunge and moved from the UK to Ghana, West Africa.

Online Businesses for Single Mothers


If you're a single mother who wants to start her own online business, then you've probably heard horror stories about how hard it is to get started.

You might even think that starting an online business is impossible because you don't have the skills or resources to do it.

But there's a way out of this situation. If you want to start your own online business, you don't need to be a tech genius or have loads of money. All you need is a computer, a reliable Internet connection and a bit of determination.

In this article, we'll be discussing why online businesses are the way forward for single mothers

Why Online Businesses?


Online businesses are great for single mothers because they can provide you with extra income while still allowing you to spend time with your children. This model also allows women to work from home, which means they won't miss any important events in their kids' lives.

The best thing about working as an online entrepreneur is that you can set up your schedule so you can choose when you go to work each day. An online business gives you more flexibility than if someone hired you.

The Pros and Cons of Starting an Online Business


There are advantages and disadvantages to working online as a single mother. Here are some pros and cons:


  • You can earn additional income without having to leave your house.
  • It doesn't matter where you live - whether you're living on a farm in rural Australia or Sydney CBD.
  • There are no office politics involved.
  • Working online means that you can take care of all aspects of running your business yourself.


  • The most significant disadvantage of being self-employed is that you will not receive regular paychecks as employees would
  • Your friends and family may not understand what you do at first.
  • You could lose clients due to bad reviews or negative comments posted online.
  • You must learn new ways of doing things every day.

How to Start Your Own Online Business

Starting an online business isn't easy, but it certainly isn't impossible either. Many successful entrepreneurs began their careers as stay-at-home moms before eventually becoming full-time entrepreneurs themselves.

Here are three steps that you should follow if you want to become an online entrepreneur:

#1- Decide What Type Of Product Or Service Do You Want To Sell

Before deciding what product or service you want to sell, make sure you know what kind of customer base you want to attract. For example, if you plan to offer health products, you'd better target people looking for healthy food options.

On the other hand, if you plan to sell makeup, you'd better focus on customers interested in beauty tips.

#2- Create A Website or Social Media Page That Will Attract Customers

Create a website or social media page that attracts potential buyers once you've decided what type of product or services you want to sell.

Make sure that your site has clear navigation buttons and good content.

Also, include contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers.

#3- Promote Your Site Through Social Media

Once you've created a professional-looking website, promote it through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. These websites allow users to share links to interesting articles, videos, and photos.

By promoting your site using these platforms, you increase its visibility among potential customers.

These tips are not the end all be all; however, they provide an excellent foundation you can build upon. Once you've got a solid understanding of the basics, you can move onto more advanced steps.


Conclusion: is it Possible to Make Money from Home as a Single Mother?

Yes! Starting your own online business is possible. However, it takes time and effort. But once you succeed, you won't regret deciding to go into entrepreneurship.

The best part of working online is that you can work whenever you feel like it.

This allows you to balance your personal life with your career. Plus, you can set your hours, so you never miss any important events in your children's lives. You can find some online business ideas for single mothers with a bit of research.

So whether you're a single mom who wants to earn extra income while caring for your kids or just someone who loves having their own space, starting an online business is worth considering.

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