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Organizing Function of Management

Organising in Management

Organising is the process of defining and grouping activities and establishing authority relationships among them to attain organizational objectives. See under in the words of Louis A.Allen, what is Organising in management.

Don't agonize. Organize.

Don't agonize. Organize.

Organising Definition

"Organisation is the process of identifying and grouping of the works to be performed, defining and delegating responsibility and authority and establishing relationships for the purpose of enabling people to work most efficiently".

- Louis A. Allen

Importance of Organising

  • Organising helps Organisations to reap the benefit of specialization.
  • Organising provides for Optimum utilization of resources.
  • Organising helps in Effective administration.
  • Organising channels for Expansion and growth.
  • Organising achieves co-ordination among different departments.
  • Organising creates scope for new change.

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Organising Process

Division of work: The first process of Organising includes identification and division of work which shall be done in accordance with the plans that are determined previously. 

Departmentation: once the work of identifying and dividing the work has been done those are similar are to be grouped.

Linking departments: When the process of departmentation was completed, linking of departments has to be done so that those departments operate in a co-ordinated manner which gives a shape to overall organisation structure. 

Assigning Duties: On completion of departmentation process assigning duties i.e. defining authority and responsibilty to the employees on the basis of their skills and capabilities has to be done, which in consequence magnifies efficiency with regard to their work. 

Defining hierarchal structure: Each employee should also know from whom he has to take orders and to whom he is accountable/responsible.

Also See:

  • Principles of Organizing
    Principles of Organizing; Organizing can be effective only if managers follow some guiding principles in order to make important decisions and act upon them.

Organisation Structure

Organisation structure is the pattern of relationships among various components or parts of the organisation which prescribes the relations among various activities and positions. An effective structure will result in increased profitability of the enterprise. whenever an enterprise grows in size or complexity it needs an adequate organisation structure.

Line Organisation Structure: Hierarchy derived from a scalar process. Organisation is quite simple in understanding and implementation. this does not offer scope for specialization.

Line and Staff Organisation Structure: Staff personnel generally specialists in their fields advice line managers to perform their duties. Staff personnel have right to recommend, but have no authority.

Functional Organisation: Grouping of activities on the basis of functions required for the achievement of ultimate objectives.

Divisional Organisation Structure: Several fairly self-contained autonomous units were created. Each unit was headed by a manager and is directly accountable to the organisation.

Also See:

  • The Five Functions of Management
    Functions of Management. Koontz and O’Donnel explained five functions of management. They are; Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling.

Principles of Management

  • Principles of Planning
    Principles of Planning : Planning is a dynamic process, it is very essential for every organisation to achieve their ultimate goals, but, there are certain principles which are essential to be followed so as to formulate a sound plan.
  • Principles of Directing
    Direction is always a complicated task as it involves dealing with employees of different kind. A manager can become successful in the skill of efficient direction by learning and practicing the basics of direction.
  • Principles of Organizing
    Principles of Organizing; Organizing can be effective only if managers follow some guiding principles in order to make important decisions and act upon them.
  • Principles of Staffing
    Principles of Staffing; Staffing process of management assists in obtaining the right talent and also nurturing it. Staffing principles which are universally accepted are not present.
  • Principles of Controlling
    Principles of controlling; Controlling is a procedure of ensuring that satisfactory progress has been made in accordance with the plans and noting down the experience benefited for achieving forth coming goals.

Functions of Management:


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