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Project Management Critical Success Factors

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Project Management

Superior Project Management

Superior Project Management

Mega Project of Gulf Countries

Project Management

The Market Opportunity of Project Management in GCC

They Sectors Driving Project Management Business in Gulf

  1. Oil and Gas
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Real Estate

Some of Biggest Oil and Gas Sector Projects in Gulf Countries

  1. Aramco is world’s biggest Oil Producer is increasing it capacity and developing new downstream projects.
  2. Abu Dhabi is another OPEC Member and key producer of Oil and gas is working on new discovery development.
  3. Qatar – The world’s second biggest gas producer is doubling its capacity and will be ready by 2024 the first Project and 2030 it is ready with full Project.

Infrastructure Project

  1. Free Zone Logistic Park and Port – Qatar
  2. Kuwait Logistics Park a Port Development
  3. Saudi Arabia – Huge Development of Industrial City

Real Estate Project

  1. NEOM Project Saudi Arabia – It is one of world’s biggest development which will create millions of Jobs and new developments.
  2. Silk City Kuwait and New Kuwait Project – Mutla City Development, 43,000 Housing Units, Saad Abdullah 10,000 Housing Units and Labor City. Huge development in real estate is planed under New Kuwait 2035 Vision.
  3. Qatar is Preparing huge new development in Real Estate which will make in self-sufficient in Industry and Development. The development is clearly fueled by long term vision and sustainable growth.

These Projects are work more than 2 Trillion US Dollar and are under development.

The success of project is solely depending upon Project Management

Importance of Project Management

Project Management is all about successfully implementing the Project.

Project Management is about managing expectations of all stake holders. It is about coordinating all stakeholders to deliver the project on time within defined parameters.

Project Management is managing resources, proper utilization of resources and time is key to successfully completing project successfully.

There are different tools used to manage Project Management, now best options are Web Base project management solutions which can be used by all the stakeholders at the same time.

If Project Management Team is good in managing relations and coordination with stake holders, then only Project Can be completed without any overrun.

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Formula For Success

Road Map To Success

Road Map To Success

Critical Success Factor

Critical Success Factors for all Projects

Ownership of Project

Project owner must have clear vision about what he wants to achieve and how it is going to manage all stakeholders.

Superior Project Management has two Components

  • Right People
  • Right Processes

Success has Two Component.

Their Success Strategy is Working Smart

  • Efficient
  • Effective

Big Factors

  • Financial Management
  • Time Management
  • Information Management

Great People

Those Who Are Trained to Succeed Perform Consistently Well.

  • Follow-up is a key to success.
  • Simplicity Is speed.
  • Measurement is facts and verifies results.

Critical Success Factors for Projects

  1. Ownership
  2. Culture
  3. Vision
  4. Business Need
  5. Match Changes

Why Project Fails

  1. Half-Baked Ideas
  2. Unrealistic Project Deadlines
  3. Under Skilled Project Managers
  4. Weak Leadership
  5. Step by Step Guide
  6. Define Process
  7. KPI’s and Milestone

Defining Success

Success is all about Right People and Right Process. When a work on continuous improvement of Process and People, the Success is guaranteed.

  1. Financial Management
  2. Schedule Management
  3. Sharing of Enough Information in Transparent Manner with each stake holder.
  4. Follow and Connecting all dotted line for successful delivery of Project
  5. Simplicity means speed.
  6. Measurement is facts and verifies results.

Ownership Role

Project Manager Roles

  1. Vision
  2. Project plan
  3. Charter
  4. Guide
  5. Funding
  6. Communications
  7. Scope
  8. Reporting
  9. Acceptance of "product"

10. Risk management

11. Owns requirements

12. Conflict management

Organizational Culture Supports Project Management
Culture is second most important factor for success. The organization which adopts process and procedure which can repeated and convert this into Knowledge and learning will be most successful.

Define Deliverables

Defining KPI and deliverable, they must be made into small achievement, simple and easy to understand.

Correction and Changes

Every Project needs midway correction. When midway corrections are defined then we can update Vison and deliverable.

How to Build Project Management Skills?

Project Management is critical skill. It is all about Managing Team, sharing of information, on timely and transparent manner so that Project can be delivered on Time, every time.

Software and Applications play very important role in success of project. But what is more important is managing resources, skills and proper utilization of resources. This is critical to the success of project.

Financial Resources

Time Management

Human Resources

Material and Equipment


Project Manager must know latest tools of successful project execution. Technology updates, latest equipment, and Materials. Timely procurement of material and solution is important in timely delivery of project.

Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Factors

Great Achievers

Great Achievers

USA Infrastructure Development Bill

America’s Biggest Ever Infrastructure Development

American Senate and Congress has passed biggest ever infrastructure development plan. This after long wait. This is said to biggest even spending in USA after second world war. USA has stopped investing in infrastructure long time ago. This has resulted into Developed Countries Worst Infrastructure. The roads, airports, ports, healthcare and schools. Everything needs investment and new infrastructure to that USA can be again called world class, Country or can compete with other developed countries.

Presently America is almost at 10th spot when we talk about Quality of its Infrastructure.

The effect of new Investment in Infrastructure.

  1. It will improve Quality of existing Infrastructure.
  2. It will create Employment
  3. It will create commodities boom
  4. It will create New Infrastructure
  5. It will reduce poverty
  6. The economy will grow in fastest ever pace
  7. This is boom time to USA

Opportunities Unlimited

This Infrastructure Spending will create huge opportunities of major Construction companies of USA. They have huge projects after long time. It will create opportunities for Global Construction Companies to enter USA and be part of New Development. This will positively impact global economy.

Project Management

These are complex projects, needs global expertise in Project Management. This will create one of biggest ever opportunity in Project Management. Timely execution is key to success and we need Resources who do understand the challenges and prepare to deliver.

Project Management is one of biggest opportunity of the coming decade.

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Project Management Solution

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its alll a matter of clear plan of a project and all will work well.

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More Critical Success Factors In Program Management

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Good hub with plenty of food for thought

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Good points on addressing essentials to success of a project...Have to see every aspect of the plan and be careful in every detail...Nice hub.

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mcjohan25 on March 29, 2010:

Successful project are due to good plans, great project manager and a group of amazing teams...Good article.

mcjohan25 on March 29, 2010:

Successful project are due to good plans, great project manager and a group of amazing teams...Good article.

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Good job! This hubs is really helpful..i am studying also on project management and i found your hubs that is very informative and i've learned a lot from it..thanks for sharing.

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