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Next Day Glasses are the New Normal

I am Harsh, a laboratory technician and eyewear expert with more than 23 years of experience in the eyeglasses industry.


In this digital age, it has become easier for us to go online and choose glasses from a vast range of eyewear collections. Breaking the geographical boundaries and creating an open arena for the customers to go with the trends along with eye health. There is no bar to have access to the glasses collection, and one can easily place an order within a few clicks.

Everything has been made extremely convenient for better customer service, and who doesn’t like to order a pair of glasses by sitting on their comfortable chair at home sipping coffee. You can get your order at your doorstep, how easy and rewarding life has become.

Now let’s get real! How long does it usually take to get your glasses after placing an order? Usually, it takes a few days until you get your final product in your hands. Why is this delay? Will the customers be comfortable waiting more than a week to use their prescribed glasses?

Let’s move on from the old and lethargic process of waiting for your beloved glasses. Specscart has made us an offer we couldn’t refuse! “Same Day Glasses”. So, now let’s see what is this hype about, Specscart brings the fastest turnaround, which is 24hr dispatch. Still confused? Well, the organisation aims to unite you and your glasses the very next day after placing an order, aiming for 24hr delivery in the UK.

How does it work?

Of course, it is a catch! Specscart has been delivering in and across the borders of the UK. The main question arises, how do they make it possible? Let’s fasten our seat belts for this one; it has been possible with the state-of-the-art in-house laboratory in Manchester and advanced manufacturing standards. At Specscart, all the glasses are crafted in-house in the UK, yes, at their lab with the help of advanced technology and technicians who have more than twenty years of experience makes sure that the glasses go through 3-point checks ensuring the quality while maintaining the manufacturing speed at the same time for the next day delivery.

The orders are dispatched via Royal Mail 1st Class as standard in the UK, aiming for 24hr delivery. While in international orders, it takes 7‐10 days from the dispatch date, depending upon your country.

Not many have mastered this art of same-day glasses, and let me tell you that ensuring quality and speed at the same time is not a cakewalk. It requires years of experience in the industry to abide by the flow of work and deliver the utmost quality.

Same-day prescription glasses

Same-day glasses being in trend, many of us use them as prescribed by our optometrist. One must require their glasses sooner than many of the spectacle companies promise to. It might be required for their reading needs or blue lens glasses, which are very important in day-to-day activities, especially for the people who are actively engaged in screen time.

As the wait for prescribed glasses is over, Specscart ensures same-day prescription glasses as well. One can order glasses prescribed by their optometrist on Specscart and can enjoy 24hr delivery service.

It is also one of the important features as well, imagine a situation where you grew old, and you have to wait to get your glasses delivered so that you can do usual activities. After 40, our crystalline lens starts to lose its elasticity and turns stiff as we age. It becomes difficult for us to focus on close-up objects or small prints. It can also lead to headaches and pain in the eyes while trying to focus on small details. In this situation, one must require prescribed reading glasses

Apart from this situation, imagine yourself sitting in front of the computer and working for long stretches. The blue light from the screen will strain your eyes and even cause blur visions and headaches. One must preferably want to switch to blue lens glasses for their screen life.

These are some situations that require instant solutions, and one cannot wait for a week or more to get their glasses and start their daily routine. Therefore, the same-day prescription glasses are a boon to the eye health industry, and now your wait is over. Now, get your prescription straight to Specscart and just wait for 24hrs.

Non-prescription glasses are taking over the world

We don’t need any excuses to use the glasses anymore. That’s right, apart from being optical tools, glasses have also adapted themselves to be a style statement.

People carry glasses to enhance their overall look. We know that adding glasses to one’s outfit gives a sophisticated look altogether. Moreover, it is not just confined to having a single pair of glasses. People are going with multiple pairs of non-prescribed glasses, or we can say plain glasses.

They are largely used for pairing with stylish clothes on different occasions. For example, wearing a pair of sophisticated titanium glasses to an interview, or thick acetate frames to a wedding. The possibilities are endless!

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