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Negotiating - Working With the Unreasonable Situations

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Negotiating - Working With The Unreasonable Situations

“Every No, get’s you closer to a Yes” - Johnny Q, Coffee Is For Closer’s

In sales you will always come across many situations where the people are being really hard with you to the point where they are unreasonable. You might want to sell a Product for a certain price and your prospect is un willing to move from their stance. Hopefully this sounds very familiar to everyone. Working with unreasonable situations such as can’t do request, low ball offers, unimaginable price / payments request and so on. For a Sales professional it’s a very awkward situation that your counterpart is placing you in. For most of my time in sales I’ve notice that here is where a lot of the deals are being lost. Simply for the stated believe that if we as sales professionals do not accomplish this request from our prospects or counterpart we will loose the deal. So a staggering 87% of deal are lost, simply for the reason that the sales professional gives up and let’s the customer walk. No one win’s.

We are always fall to victims of Unreasonable Situations and always struggle to figure out how to handle a negotiation with awkward request. We as sales professionals need to understand with some practice and duplicating we will be able to overcome every Unreasonable Situations with some practice. By working with objections handling and knowing what to do will help you get to the close every time and more often of the time. Keep in mind that every negotiation has a win / win outcome. When a customer, potential buyer or a counterpart says “no” is simply a beginning to start negotiating to a healthy deal. If you focus on selective hearing you will be able to understand what is really the request of your counter part that is in front of you. It’s important to open your ears and listen to what request they are making and determine if it’s a real objection or can they live without it.

Today we will learn how you can over come any “unreasonable situation” in a negotiating stage of your deal. We will work together to overcome any objection your counterpart throws at you. So when it’s lights, camera, action, you will be able to overcome any negotiation objection with confident. Nothing closes a deal faster than confidence in a negotiating stage of a deal. Get ready to learn how top sales closers, negotiations and business leaders always get what they want in a deal time and time again. We will start with identifying and avoiding the reality of a unreasonable situation. Learn the secrets to overcome any negotiating problems and finally how to close the deal. Let’s get started.

Recognize and Identify An Unreasonable Situation

Being able to recognize an unreasonable situation will save you time and money in your selling career. Begin with a key sense of identifying these types of prospects. Knowing how to identify a prospect that will place you in an awkward situation can result in a deal closing faster or it can be a lost deal. Usually, you can feel and spot this type of prospects very easy. To identify, they will become very hard to work with and will set up time deadlines, unrealistic terms, low ball offers and their requests are out of this world. These are the most common traits that they have, if you focus on proactive positive solutions you will be able to get to the close all the time. Always keep in mind that these are smoke and mirrors for what they really want.

I have personally had customers come in and request a 2 door Jeep Wrangler, “Anything but black”, they stated. They repeated to my selling team that they will not purchase anything if it was black. Just to find out they purchased a 2 door Jeep Wrangler and the color, You guess it Black. Let me ask you how many times have a customer stated they don't want to purchase something and they purchase the exact item they sought out not to buy. It happens very often to our sales team. The request was smoke and mirrors to get down to negotiations and really get what want “A good 2 door Jeep” to start enjoying life.

When you are starting to work with them find out what’s real and what’s smoke, let me explain this. I always like to list all the bad things about buying your product or services. What’s going to happen if they do business with you? Will the product or services be in the prospect budget? How will the prospect be without purchase of the product or services? Counter this with what’s positive about all the good things about purchasing your product. State this to your prospect: Is the customer going to be set up to prosper? If it fits in their budget, will the customer be happy with the product? How will the product will enrich their lives?

Don’t start by telling them “They should buy your product or services” because it will save them money or answer their problem the seek to solve. Instead, start by showing them the fear of not owning your product. You can start by telling them “Don’t buy our product and lose the opportunity to own it in your terms and conditions.” “Would you agree with me when I say time is money? Don’t buy our product and loose money every time you wait longer and longer, remember time is money”

See when people miss out on an opportunity they kick themselves in the butt. Even if they don't have the chance they think “what if”, what if I would purchase bitcoin. What had happened if would not waited and invested in more homes? See the decision trigger is when the prospect realizes the surprising fear of losing. Once they experience the fear of losing that triggers them to do something about the situation. This will shift them into agreeing with your terms and conditions that are set in front of them.

Being Fair Will Become a Win/Win

Once you start negotiating with these kinds of people that love to make a simple exchange into a unreasonable situation. You must remember that the prospect must at all times feel that they are being treated fair. The fastest way to loose a deal is to make your prospect feel you are not being fair with them. The prospect will preferred to walk away losing and not doing a deal if they feel you are not being fair with them. It pisses people off all the time.

The way to close these kind of people is to make them feel you are being fair with them. Tell them with the proposal in front of them does it makes sense and do they thinks is fair deal. Ask them like the following example:

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“Hey Mike, we are here working hard because longterm business relationships are important to us, with these numbers we strongly believe we are fair and can earn your business today. Can we earn your business now?”

Doing it this way strikes a prospect with fairness and longterm relationship. It’s solid and if there is any issues we can address them right away. They will close all the time when you used the outline method. Be straight forward and if they rebuttal ask where in the proposal in front of them can we work on together.

To get across from any rebuttal your prospect tells you fire back with proof you are not being fair. Usually they cant come up with any excuse and they will know that they have nothing. Take this to catapult yourself into the closing line. The prospect will see you as humble person and wanting to help them to close the deal. You can use the following for examples:

“Mike, I would love to learn how Im not being fair with you. Can you express more and tell me what area Im not being fair with you?”

“Mike, can we visit the sales proposal and please explain how I'm not being fair with you?”

You will find out that the rebuttals usually are smoke and mirrors. The will never exist most of the time is the customer confuse or working you for something extra they can get from you. They give out this rebuttal, however it means: “we want to do business with you and how can you help me to accomplish this now?” look for this tell. The prospect is ready to close the deal now. You will just simply ask for the close and get the business completed.

Closing The “Unreasonable Situations”

Using statements about their rebuttals or objections is the way they to close these customers. Like I stated earlier, the rebuttals and objections are smoke and mirrors they have only to play that hand. I always tell my sales team “We do this for a living and the prospect only does it every 3 to 6 years, How can they be better than us?” It’s not like they wake up and say ‘Hey let’s practice our rebuttals and objections to throw off the next sales person we met”. It drives me crazy to see sales professionals get creamed by a prospect, especially when the prospect does not know what they are doing.

Follow the following statements to close your prospects in the moments following the advice discussed earlier.

“It seems you want to get this purchase completed in a timely matter, let’s complete the paperwork and get you enjoying your new Product or services”

“It seems to me that you really enjoy our time together, now it’s important to make a long term relationship with our customers can we wrap this up and earn your business now?”

“A lot of my customers enjoy our time together while selecting your Product /Services, it seems to me you are enjoying it as well, Can we get everything together to wrap this purchase for you?”

Your closes should be in the lines of this. Don't be afraid to look for key references to actively look for clues to jump in to close. Every step here is design to help you get the process started and most cases in regards to rebuttals and objections. These are bullshit and a flag for you to focus on how to close the deal. Focus on solutions and not the bullshit excuses they are going to come up with. Most people across the board are amazing in creating excuses, rebuttals and objections and sales professionals fear them. When you hear this at this stage in the selling process it means “Im ready to do business with you, how can you help me accomplish this purchase?”

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