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NSO Birth Certificate Philippines | Get them Fast



Everyone can now get their NSO birth certificate at SM Business Centers. For only P160, you can avoid long lines in the NSO office, or avoid calling the hotline to get it. This is much more convenient. After 4 days, I got mine. SM business centers also serve SSS and Philhealth payment of contributions. Wow.


Getting authenticated NSO birth certificate in the Philippines has never been faster than ever. This time, you can get your certificates even without going to the National Statistics Office near you.

In this hub, I’m gonna direct you how to get your NSO birth certificate easy, quick and fast. I know you’re looking for the requirements, the fees to pay and the options for the online application. I have also answered some queries from people who had negative records from the NSO data base…what to do, how and where to go.

Authenticated birth certificate is just one of the most important personal documents we always must keep because we always need it in every official circumstance. So we must always have extra birth certificate copies. It’s always a requirement document whenever. There are two ways to get your authenticated birth certificate from the NSO office. The first option is faster though the second is more convenient.

Get it in one day. Of course yes, you can get your birth certificate after five minutes, ten minutes or so in a day. Well, it depends on the number of people on the line of course. And it may help a lot if you have a friend who works inside the NSO office. I hate to say it, but we all know it’s true. Anyway, all you have to do is go to the NSO office nearest you and fill out the application forms, pay for the fees and receive your birth certificate. The payment for the NSO birth certificate at present amounts to 125 pesos per piece. The requirements are: application form (fill this out with your correct data) and just the fees. No IDs, no other documents, just your accurate data like your full name and birthdate, birth place, parents’ full names and their birth place. Plus of course the money for the processing and you’re done.

NSO birth certificate online and delivery. Get it 3 – 4 days. Well, you can apply in advance wherever you are in the Philippines. This is much convenient and easier coz you won’t have to drive your car and go to the NSO, fall in line and wait, and be tempted to dine in your fave resto after an exhausting day, right? Get your NSO birth certificate online in a click or in a phone call. After three days, they will deliver your document at your doorstep. The official partner of NSO with this online service is Teleserv. You can pay thru credit card, atm and over the counter banking transactions. By the way, the mentioned company also processes passport, marriage certificate, death certificate, CENOMAR online. We can now obtain our certificates easier.

What to do with NSO negative birth certificate result?

Lots of people aren’t that successful in obtaining their authenticated birth certificate. Many go home with negative results from the NSO. It simply means, there’s no document stored in the NSO. Usual reasons from this misfortune are: some people, especially the elders, lived in the era without such technology to store their birth certificates in the NSO data base and lots of offices before were wrecked by the world war. Anyway, don’t worry. We can always fix this problem. The first thing to do is go to your hometown. Yup, go to the municipal place where you were born and go to the Local Civil Registrar’s office and bring the negative NSO birth certificate result with you. Submit this to the registrar. Certainly, they know what to do. They will make an endorsement letter together with your birth certificate derived from the Local Civil Registrar and you’re gonna send these docs by mail to the NSO office main (Vibal Building Times Street Corner EDSA West Triangle Quezon City). They’re gonna store your birth certificate then to the system data base. Take note, this may take weeks before you receive your authenticated birth certificate. So to those who are in a rush, you better have discovered this error sooner. You can expedite the processing of endorsement by making a follow up from your local municipal or go directly in person at the NSO main in Manila. The office is next to the MRT Quezon Ave. Station.


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Luis G Asuncion from City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines on November 16, 2019:

Yes... Great to know about this. Thanks for the info.

gilbert sorian on September 20, 2018:

possible to get birthcertificate sameday and deliver

Linda on November 02, 2017:

how long is the processing time of a newborn baby's certified birth certificate? We can only stay for two months after his birth and we have to fly back from manila. I need to process the baby's passport within that period to be able to fly. Hope you can help. Thanks.

cheska on October 27, 2015:

hello po ...can i ask? i just register today in city hall of birth certificate of my daughter and its late registered because i give birth her dec, 18 2011 so how long can i get the authenticated BC?

lady mara agorilla on September 23, 2015:


i'm lady mara agorilla..and i have a problem in my birth certificate,

in my last name..

in my nso birth certificate it was AGORRILLA while im using since birth is AGORILLA and im filling it to the local civil registrar last sept.21,2015

what should i do to make it fast to release'???

jayson dayandante on June 29, 2015:

sir/mam just wanna ask if how long will it take to forward the death certificate of my mother from lcr to nso. we need urgent copies from nso to claim benefits from gsis. my mother died last june 6, what iz the best we can do

Riz mendez on April 01, 2015:

Hi I was looking for a solution for my mom's nso problem and I saw this page..anyways my concern is this, my mom is going to apply for a passport it's her first time so gathered necessary documents for passport application and then we got to nso and they said that it was negative bc. My question is how come it became negative since my mom already has an nso before for my dad's retirement application. Please help we dont want to go through again lcr and endorsing bcoz it will take too long she needs her passport asap

Roze on March 30, 2015:

... So I actually went to the NSO place cos its right around the corner to my work place but I spent most of my afternoon there instead of resting for my next shift only to be told to return to collect my cenomar a few days later... Worst part is I've lost the receipt that proves I spent all the time and effort (and the money) getting it.... What can I do now? Is all lost? Is it just better to start all over again? Online is a problem for me as I have no current permanent address... Please help! I need this done within the month!

rahul on February 24, 2015:

hi sir

I got a very serios mother was a phillippina and my father was a Pakistani national,after my mother give my birth than my father tooke me away to Pakistan,i study and grow up there.i just know my mother name and province only as my father never tell me a lot coz he was scare that I might will left him to go and be with with my mother,after my father passed away I travel to phillippines to find my mother but no more,i don't want to go back to my father place Pakistan and want to stay here in phillippines,how I will do late registration as I don't have any documents and don't know my mother family.what I need to do sir ,please help me

brendaly on February 13, 2015:

were i can get day to day processing of marriage in now na

Nikolaj Winther on February 05, 2015:

Thank you for your advise, twentyfive.

I looked into some legislation, and first-names are corrected by default (almost)

But place of birth and last name - no.

I won't be able to accompany her to the NSO. But I don't really care anymore. She will come visit me and we will take care of it all afterwards.

Thanks again.

twentyfive (author) on February 04, 2015:

Hi, she has the same situation with my brother. My brother got NSO BC and all details were correct and he was able to get passport years ago. For first time applicants of passport, they really get the original NSO BC.

Then this year, my brother had to get new NSO BC for his visa application. But when he got his NSO BC, it turned out his first name bears different spelling. The details in the NSO BC are cursive while the one he got years ago that has all correct details are all type-written. The NSO explained he had 2 BC stored on NSO database and the NSO recently had a system clean-up. Apparently, they removed similar copies of each BC. The only wrong thing they done is they never verify the correct BC to remove from their system. That is why many people are now having same issues.

My brother went to the Local Civil Registrar to correct and make adjustment for his wrong spelled name and they forwarded the request to NSO main via courier. Luckily, we know the LCR lady who forwarded the request and she told us they would do everything to expedite the release of the correct NSO BC. As of now we're still waiting. It has been a week so far.

12,000 fee you mentioned here seems too expensive. I don't think you ever need to pay that amount for an error like this.

At least she now has a passport. For speedy solution, her BC must follow what was stored on her passport record from the DFA. So, I suggest, use that one that she submitted from at the DFA. Again, I don't think you need to pay 12K for that request. If you ever do need to, make sure they issue you authentic Official Receipt bearing the NSO seal. If you have time, verify if the transaction is legal by going to NSO main office.

Nikolaj on February 04, 2015:


My girlfriend is visiting, and she applies for a passport. The passport office needs her NSO BC original, and she gets it and gives it to the passport office. She is told that she won't have the original returned (for some reason).

She then realize that she has to have another NSO BC to the embassy for visa application. So she visits the NSO again to get another BC original.

However, now she gets a BC with a different Last Name and place of birth!!!

It turns out, that her mother (with whom she's been estranged for 7 years or so), some time after my GF's birth, married a man and obtained a new (I suppose forged) BC with the new husbands last name and his province (Leyte) as place of birth.

In the process, she even changes her first and middle name (slightly).

My GF never knew of this, and has everything - bank accounts, ID, School diplomas etc. - and now passport - in a supposedly fake name (and in regards to the passport, a different place of birth).

Coming to visit me, she will need to provide the embassy with her passport and birth certificate (of which her current original does not correspond to the information in the passport).

So she goes to the NSO again to ask if they can help, and the lady there tells her that it's the new (original) BC that is valid, and that her old (the mother's) is invalid. However, she can get an original of the invalid one for 12,000 php before it is "locked" The lady even suggests she gets two originals (12,000*2) so she has a spare!!!

Being from a country with virtually no corruption, this enrages me greatly!

My solution to the problem is that she gets one "original" that is in accordance with her passport, visit me, and then after she returns, we begin having her documents - her identity! - corrected so we won't have any problems like this in the future.

Do any of you have any suggestions as to how you would approach this?

Leny on January 29, 2015:

Hi I'm Leny, I've already ask and process at NSO local to block my 2nd registry last dec.12, 2014 but until now hindi pa rin na block ang 2nd registry ko..please help reply how many days or months will take effect the cancellation of my 2nd birth certificate...pls..pls..I need it for my passport processing

rinela on January 27, 2015:

hello i want to apply pasport soon to get a fiancée visa where i can follow up my birth certificate-may mali quasi sa birth ko at pianos kona nun november first until now wala pa i need your help!!! thank you

jiw a on January 27, 2015:

Hi! Im glad i found ur site. Would like to see if you can help with this. I have this problem kasi my nso bc does not clearly show my first name (naka type sya just above the word first name). But my local copy of my live birth maayos naman nababasa lahat ng details.what do you think I should do about it po? Thanks sa reply.

michelle on January 26, 2015:

H. Ask ko lng ung about sa birthcertificate. Kc po ung sa lokal bc ko ay tama po lhat ng identification na nkasulat dun pero nung kumuha po ako ng nso bc ay meron pong eror i think po nso error po ang nangyari,..kc ung apelyido ko po sa local bc ko ay cabarles and un po ang tama...pero pagdting po sa nso bc ko ung lumabas po ay carbales..and sa mga mother and father ko na nman o ay tama ang apelyido nla cabarles nman po ang nkalagay dun sa nso bc ko..paanu po un

elsa on January 23, 2015:

hello..ask lng po..

last may 29 2014 nag file po ako ng aking middle name clerical error in davao but until now i always follow up pero wala pa raw.. so i ask some advised para mas mapadali ang pagdating she told me to money order in lbc so i pay another

500 something pero sya po yung pinadalhan ko nang money para sya ang mag pa lbc..kasi nandito po ako sa cagayan de oro..ask lng po ilang buwan ba talaga mag process nang clerical error?or pwede po bang mag e-mail nlng there in nso manila to ask ang kaso ma entertain po i need some of your advise plss help me.. kasi kailangan ko na po ang passport as soon as possible

Anjo Abaratigue on January 23, 2015:

Good day!

I have a problem with my BC. My name doesn't appear on my NSO BC. I already went to LCR an now I just want to ask if the endorsement letter coming from the LCR expires?

Coz I haven't follow up it to the main office for 2 years, and now I want to have a copy of my NSO . Should I re-apply for another endorsement from LCR or should I go now to NSO main office?

Your quick response is highly appreciated. Thanks so much. God bless!

angel david on January 21, 2015:

Good Day!

Kukuha po kami mag-asawa pati ang anak ko ng passport mga 1st quarter this year. Ang concern ko po ay yong NAME ng mother ko sa Birth Certificate ko ay ibang spelling sa spelling ng name nya na nakalagay sa marriage contract ko. Iba din spelling ng name nya sa birth cert ko sa birth cert niya since she have her name already corrected sa birth cert niya.

Need ko pa rin ba ipa correct ang name ng mother ko sa BC ko? O pwede po kaya na e-submit ko din ang BC ng mother ko as supporting document para makakuha ng passport?

mhai on January 19, 2015:

hello po, sa NSO BC po my surame po ako, kya lng po no name po, inayos ko na po sa LCR kung saan po ako pinanganak, makukuha ko po sa Jan.23, iaacept po ba ng dfa yung nso ko na noong 2004 ko pa po nakuha surname lng po, at no name po, at yung galing sa LCR na may name na po, sana po masagot nio po, thnks po

mhai on January 19, 2015:

may expiration date po ba yung nso birth certificate kz po kinuha ko pa po xia nung 2004, pag dinala ko po ng dfa tatanggapin pa po ba?

Joan on January 16, 2015:

Hello po I need help gusto ko mag apply ng work, but nag kamali ang birth and date ko sa NSO paano mapadali mapaayos po. I need answer thanks..

kate on January 12, 2015:

I got my registered birth certificate last dec.27, i just want to ask if i can already go sa nso office to get my authenticated birth certificated cos i need it for my graduation...thank you

Mae on January 11, 2015:

Hi I need to know if corrected surname of birth certificate is a late registered or not

Please I really need answer thank you

maricel on January 02, 2015:

hello po,help po ninyo ako tungkol po s BC ko dhil subrang lito ko n po,,nka graduate po ako ng high school s probinsiya nmin n hinde ko po alm kung may BC po akong nagamit,,dhil noong nag aaral po ako ng grade 1 ay dala ko pong surname ay s tunay kung ama..nang ilipat po ako ng nanay ko s lugar ng step father ay pinalitan po nila ang surname ko,,kya dala ko po hangang ngaun ang apelyedo ng step father ko...nabuhay po ako halos dku kasama both parents ko,,kya po humihinge po ako ng tulong or advice kung anu po dpat kung gawin,,pwde po ba ako mag pagawa ng late BC ko..anu pong mga requirements ang kakailangan pra mag process po,,mraming salamat...

delskie on December 11, 2014:

Hello po tanong ko lang gusto ko sanang kumuha ng passport kaso may clerical error sa BC ko, napaayos ko na sya sa local registrar pero sa data base ng NSO hindi parin, as in mali padin spelling ng last name ko, pwede kaya akong makakuha ng passport pag ipapakita ko lng yong documents na galing mismo sa NSO na naifile ko na at naayos na ng local registrar?

noel on December 11, 2014:

Hi, i just want to ask about my wife cousin they were three brothers and don't have BC..there both parents are already deceased.mother late 90' and father early 00'.due to lack of knowlegde and education they'll never have chance to register their siblings until both the three brothers wanted to have their own BC for there local employment purposes.i help them to have an affidavit cortesy of our family Attorney on my side..then some advise that it can file to the nearest NSO satellite branches to file their late registration..and no need to go the municipal were they born..( the first sibling born in Quezon City, the two remaining siblings are in pangasinan) and living for 14years in san pedro laguna... now they do still need to go to their municipal were they born to file there late registration of BC??they can actually file to nearest NSO Alabang, Muntinlupa if possible?

May Espineli on December 06, 2014:

Hi, just want to ask if how much will be paid for the nso authenticated birth certificate if delivered door-to-door?

Luzviminda E. Yusa on November 18, 2014:

Attention: E-Census

I ordered my parents Birth Certificates and paid at BDO-Daet, Cam. Norte. When it came, entries in my mother's birth certificates were correct just as i had stated in the application form online, but to my father, PASCUAL AGSAMOSAM YU entries in his parent's names was INCORRECT, instead of my grandparents name, your encoders placed the name of my father, as his father, and the name of mother as his mother? Correct entries for my father's mother is MAXIMINA AGSAMOSAM and to my father's father, correct entry is PABLO YU. I send complaint ONLINE since eve of Nov. 12, 2014 but up to this time no response yet? Batch Request No. is 0542-1008-6600-0108

twentyfive (author) on November 09, 2014:

Bring your mom at the LCR (Local Civil Registrar) office where she was born and tell this problem. They may issue endorsement for the correction of it and it may take few weeks for the correct info to be adjusted finally at NSO database. But at least it will be solved and info of her and yours will be consistent :)

Rea on November 06, 2014:

Hi Sir, I need your help please. what will I do with this. My mothers maiden name ON MY birth certificate is "Loida Perez Lopez". However, what appears on HER OWN certificate is "Loida Torres Lopez". Torres is the Middle name of her Mothers' Name. Anong process po ang gagawin ko? I'm planning to apply a passport and I think this will be my problem - Discrepancies on my certificate. :( please help me. thank you.

susan on November 03, 2014:

Hi po, gusto ko pong kumuha ng passport ang problima ko po sa NSO ko ang name po ng father ko zosimo. Ang totoo po yang spelling sosimo. At iba din po ung name nya sa local felisimo. Anu po dapat kung gawin. Sss id lang po merun ako at nbi.

genny on October 26, 2014:

kumuha po ako nag NSO, tapos pagdating po negative siya, din pumunta ako sa Civil Registrar process again, pagdating sa NSO ko negative pa din.. tapus process again at the last time, positive piru nagkamali mali na, Yong Female Naging Male na, Tapos yong sa parents ko lahat mali na yong spelling. paano ba yan, sa CB ko tama lahat, pagdating sa NSO, Nagkamali na lahat.

tatZ on October 20, 2014:

kkuha po sna aq ng new birth certificate n may correction na, dhl may error s middle name q, naaus q n po d2 s provnce..mga ilang days po b bago q mkuha ung new bcert q..mag aaus po kasi aq ng passport..

pyts on September 17, 2014:

Hi good day,

I just want to ask if ok lang ba na d ko na nilagay ang father's name sa BC ng anak ko. Tapos ngayon po plano ko po na pa puntahin cxa dito sa ibang bansa. Paano po om ba un? Na ngayon po mag process na sana kami ng passport nya. Am I allowed po ba na maka process ng Passport? Ung ama ng anak ko ay wala na kami simula ng pinaganak ko cxa. At hindi cxa pinoy shrilankan po cxa at may pamilya na rin ang tatay ng anak ko. Pls I need your advice.

Jennifer on July 08, 2014:

Good day!

We made An error on My son's birth certificate, my mother had ask a copy of his birth certificate but it says that my son was not registered while I was in Dubai I let my mother handle the situation and she was adviced to do the late registration so we actually did and registered him by then my son is using this late registered birth certificate until now but then recently we tried to get a copy of his BC in NSO unfortunately two birth certificate came out with the almost the same information which is actually his first registered BC, so now the NSO had blocked both birth certificate. Please I would like to know on how I'm going to fix my son's BC. All his school records & passport was bases in The late registered birth certificatie that My Mother had Applied, his using this already 7 years now even going in & out of The country with The paspoort bases on The late rigestered birth certificate. I would really really appreciatie of you can help me & advice me on how to undo or to unblocked the BC his using now. Please thank you hope to hear from you soon.

emac show on June 02, 2014:

Hello Po kukuha po ako ngayon ng NSO ko poh..San po pwede kumuha mga SM po Meron po ba DUn o CIty hall ng Manila...? Sana PO Maguide nyo po ako kung saan MAs MAlapit na NSo salamat po..caloocan PO ako nakatira ..Nagwowork po ako manila..salamat po ulit

Jo on May 05, 2014:

Hi i would like to know if possible p mabawi ng asawa ko un finile nya na affidavit of admission of paternity recently march 13,2014. Napilitan lang syang gawin un. Salamat po. Napilit lang sya nun babaeng tumukso sa knya. Salamat p0

cindy on April 03, 2014:

hello po..ask ko lng po sana f pwde my mother ko kukuha jn sa officenyu ng marriage contract at birthcerticate ng anak ko ngttrabaho po kc ako s ibang bansa.kailngan po ba ng authirization letter? thanks po

anne on March 19, 2014:

hello po, ask ko lang po kung ano yung pweden gawin with my prob, about my birthcertifiate, before every time na kukuha ako ng bc, the nso here in subic always released my bc with October 21st 1987 as my birthdate and Maite Hermosa Bataan, my birthplace.. which is the one i used eversince, last 2010 nagpapassport po ako,isa po sa requirements nun ung nso birthcertificate so I gave them the copy of my bc wth the date of October 21st 1987, then nagrequest po ulit ako ng copy mga October or November 2010, then nung makita ko yung bc ko April 21st 1988 na po at San Mariano Isabela yung birthplace kaya nagulat ako bakit ganun,, lahat po ng documents ko is October 21 1987 yung birthdate ko, then last year Janaury 2013 nagrequest nanaman po ako yung isang birthcertificate na naman po yung binigay nila, yung oct. 21 1987, very confusing po, then yesterday march 19 2014, nagrequest po ulit ako ng bc and gusto ko po sana yung nirelease nila before na ginagamit sa mga documents Id's ko like passport, voters Id, sss pero yung nirelease nila April 21 1988 nanaman po,, kaya tinanong ko yung girl sa nso bakit every year iba iba yung nererelease nila.. ang kailangan at gigamit ko from the start e yung October 21 1987.. kailangan ko po kasi para sa US Embassy

Esteban A. Marcelo on March 16, 2014:

ask ko lang po kung may mas mabilis po na processo para sa clerical error. mali po kasi yung nakalagay na middle name ko eh. thanks po

Rean on March 12, 2014:

Hi.. Ask ko lng kung mgkano kumuha ng nso birthcertificate s sm business center. Thanks

isaiah on January 23, 2014:

hi good day to you!! inquire ko lang po, sa private hospital po kasi ako nanganak, at di ko natanong na kung kelangan pa iparegister ang ibinigay nilang BC ng anak ko sa munisipyo, late ko na po kasi naalala dahil may nagtanong at halos mag 1 year na rin po.. at marahil po, dahil may nakita na po akong signatures dun sa baba na nakalagay ang mga pirma ng municipal civil registrar at admin officer with registry number, enough na po ba un o kelangan pa pumunta ng munisipyo, sobrang bother lang po ako..hehe.. salamat po in advance.

Archieta on January 22, 2014:

Hello,I just want to ask if i can use my approved petition for correction of clerical error of my birth certificate from Local Registrar as a supporting document for renewing my passport.

Gerard on January 18, 2014:

Ok lang po ba kahit hindi ko alam unf birthplace ng parents ko? Ayun lang kulang ko na info sa mga sinabi niyo. Pero alam ko na po lahat. TIA!

jonah on January 15, 2014:

hello po.. ask ko lang po kase ngapply ako ng nso birthcertificate ng baby q.. ngreply na sakin ang nso na within 2-3days ang delivery.. kaya lng wala po akong atm o credit card to payment via card.. pwde po ba ako magbayad ng cash at saan? slamat po.. plsssss.. help me...

nhico on November 29, 2013:

Ask ko lang po yung sister ko po kasi aft college kinailangan po ng nso copy ng birth cert para sa pagkuha nya ng tor.nung pumunta po kami dun naissuehan po kami kya lang po male ang gender nya sa nso copy.mula ng magaral po siya female.sabi po kasi ng father ko nung nirehistro nya sister ko dahil magaaral na ito ng grade 1 wala daw record yung sister ko sa cityhall,so since walang record sa cityhall pinarehistro nya yung sister ko kya eversince magaral xia yung rehistro na yun ginamit nya.tanung ko lang po panu po nangyari na male sya sa gender nya sa nso copy ibig sabihin po may record na nagkamali ang lcr at iyun ang naipatala sa nso?bakit din po sinabi sa lcr nung ipinarehistro po yung sister ko ng father ko na walang record na merun naman kaya lang male gender kya nung sinabi na walang record sa lcr nirehistro po ulit siya na yun naman ang ginamit nya hanggang nagkolehiyo.pahelp naman po kasi di po siya makapagapply ng work dahil wala po siya tor at need po niya ng birth certificte na katunayang female naman po siya.merun po ba amendment sa ganitong case or correction/affidavit na pagpapatunay yung copy na nirehistro ng father ko at yung nasa nso copy iisa lang po at di po male instead female.

Paulo on November 21, 2013:

Hello, pano ako makaka kuha ng kopya ng birth certificate ng Lola ko ipinanganak sya kasi sa Hawaii. Japanese yung mother nya at Filipino ang father nya. Salamat

christine on November 17, 2013:

Hi,tanong ko lang po kasi magkaiba yung date of marriage ng ate ko sa BC nmin,ano po pweding gawin dahil mgpapass po kmi ng BC sa embassy for proof na mgkapatid kami.

ARNARN on October 04, 2013:

ask ko lang po qng panu ipa change ung name ng mother ko sa BC q po kci nkalagay "ANALYN" na dapat po ay "ANALEEN" so panu q po ito eppachange i need to get a passport po ei asap .... tnx sa reply :)))

Carles on October 03, 2013:

hi! itatanong ko lang po mga ilang days po bah ang pag process po sah clerical error nang BC? Gender po yung mali sah BC ko tapos sa manila po ako nkaregister but dito na po kami sa cebu ngayon nkatira... pwede po bang dito sa cebu ko na lang po ipa process yung mali sa gender nang BC ko kahit sah manila po ako nka regsiter?

jane on October 03, 2013:

hi can i ask how to change last name my daughter cuz i register her bc as my father surname ''then i just aply my bc now as late register ''then i find out i can't use my father surmane cuz my parent not married ''in he died already 'so he can sign at the back of my bc 'so my bc now register as my mother surename '' we need or passport

please help me

god bless in thank u so much

eirhok on August 28, 2013:

good day ask ko lang po ung requirements sa out of town late registration ng birth certificate? tnx

aiza on August 28, 2013:

hello!!! can i get the birth certificate of my sister?

roel on July 23, 2013:

im seeking help.... i have only 2 and half months left at mag papagawa palang ako ng late registration ngayun i have to habol for filing for board exam on october 25 do u think makakahabol pa po ako sa makati city..??? makaka release ba agad ang nso ng copy? how many weeks ang hihintayin ko po? thanks

habib on July 08, 2013:

hi, my child sent already her petition in main office of NSO. then how can i get it faster if im not going in manila the main office of the NSO becouse im here in mindanao and i don't no manila i don't no wear im going.

stressmom on June 27, 2013:

hi I would like to ask,kasi naka register yung first child ko under my name pero pero ni recognized naman ng daddy nya kasi nag sign naman sa likod ng birthcert nya yung father,nag hiwalay kami ng guy then i got a new bf and we had a new baby,my present bf dont want to register our baby as my 2nd child,gusto nya ilagay sa birthcert ng baby namin as 1st child namin kasi di nya naman daw anak yung first kid and to protect rin daw his reputation, pwede po ba yun?will nso allow it?i need immediate response po sana.thanks

mary jane nance on June 06, 2013:

hi.... i just want to know if my child Keisa Lynn B. Nance is registered in the philippine coz i gave birth here in kuwait a nd i already have a Philippine psort for her.

JR on June 01, 2013:


Pano po makakapagrequest ng death certificate kung hindi po alam ang date of death? We (me and my mother) were abandoned by my dad for more than 10 years and we assume that he may be dead. We are his legal family. We need to get death cert (if there is) for legal transactions involving real estate properties.


rica on May 27, 2013:

Hi po..pls help me, nd ko alam kung double register b ako, meron po akong 2 birth certificate, ang isa gamit ang surname ng nanay ko ang isa naman po sa tatay ko,nd kc cla kinasal agad, mag first yr college po ako need ng birth cert. from elementary to high skul surname ng father ko ang gamit ko pero ng kumuha aq ng birth crt. sa NSO surname po ng mother ko ang nakaregister, nagpunta ako sa civil registrar nmin binigyan lang po aq ng authenticated birth cert. ang nakalagay surname ng father ko, nu po gagwin ko,db po NSO ang tinatanggap

julie on May 20, 2013:

hello po ask ko lang po at kailangan ko po ng tulong asap po!

important lang paano po ba kumuha ng certificate to proof that in not married??

at ano po mga kailangan?

i need some help po please help me thanks!

ay and how long po??

Ana on May 04, 2013:

I have a son born on 2006 but still don't have birth certificate.. Where is nso office? After I go there then I will go to LCR? I will put his name under mine. The child is my own and the Japanese father abandoned us.. Im residing at makati but i gave birth at a hospital in sampaloc manila. In getting birth certificate do i have to look for the doctors who assisted the delivery of my baby? or do i have to go back to hospital and ask for some documents certifying that i gave birth there? After I get the late registered birth certificate I would ask an attorney to put my son's surname under my boyfriend's surname under adoption. Is it ok even we are not yet married? If the adoption went well does the new birth certificate is going to state that he is adopted?

Nica on April 30, 2013:

Hello. I made an online application at for my birth certificate and cenomar. My name has an MA. (with a period). Previous birth certificates issued by nso also has this so this is what im using. At, they do not allow dots or periods on names upon typing, so i ended up with MA instead of MA. Will this have a bearing on my requested documents? Thank you very much.

me-an on April 24, 2013:

can i apply for passport even if meron akong petition for correction of entry sa birth certificate ko? yun middle name ko kasi mali yun spelling. thank you.

mizna on April 22, 2013:


May i know how can i.get a copy of my.Birth certificate if i am here in other country?Thank you.

jb28 on April 18, 2013:

can i request and get my brothers birth certificate in sm malls???

gie on April 13, 2013:

hi.. i already submitted my endorsement for the ligitimacy of my child.. we sent it tru LBC last May , 2o12 .. but until now manila still not forwarded the data in Lipa,and my youngest child doest not have Birthcertificate but my eldest have it already.We sent our request in same date..can i use again the copy of my endorsement if they need another request.tnx

Alessej on April 13, 2013:

hi I need your help.I want to apply a passport but I have a problem.Mali kc ung middle name ng Dad ko sa BC ko.Panu po ba ppChange un?help me nman po.

daniel on April 11, 2013:

helo po kailangan ko ng tulong ninyo kc po kukuha po ako ng passport kso po ung bc ko d po clear ung apelyido kc po kukuha po ako ng passport.

alou on April 10, 2013:

helo po..ask q lng po nagpacorrect po kc aq ng birth certificate namin ng anak q, pinadala po un sa manila last november 2012, ngaun po need q na makuha ung nso bc namin mag ina para makakuha na kmi ng passport kea lng po wla pa daw sa database nila..need q na po tlga makakuha un..anu po gagawin q?

dave on December 30, 2012:

in payment option,how do i know my 10 digit reference number,and how my application is accepted in online application?

twentyfive (author) on December 16, 2012:

You can make a follow up about it at NSO Main Office. When they tell you it's released, you can then get it to any NSO nationwide

liezl on December 15, 2012:

gud pm po sir query ko lang gaano po ba katagal ang pagkuha ng panibagong nso dahil nagkaproblema sis q s dfa, ang nso nya birthday nov 19, 1970, sa lcr ang BC nya ay nov 19, 1969 at nov 19, 1969 po tlaga cia...nag aplay na po cia ng panibago ang wish po sana namin ay makuha po agad ngaung dec din.slamat po....

twentyfive (author) on November 14, 2012:

You are welcome always :)

reyda on November 13, 2012:

Thank you so much! God Bless you:').

twentyfive (author) on November 12, 2012:

You must fill out the passport application form according to the info from your BC. DFA always follows what is written in the BC. Don't put any other info not listed in the BC you are submitting. DFA will get your BC at your first passport application

reyda on November 08, 2012:

Hi thanks for your reply, so if I'm gonna be using my moms surname do I still need to put my fathers name in the passport application form?

Will it not complicate things if I did or can I just leave it blank since I declared illegitimacy.?

twentyfive (author) on October 22, 2012:

@Reyda you have 2 options here: 1 is to use the surname that is on your NSO BC now and change all your records at school following that name. It will be easy for you to get passport using that BC then. Or 2 hire a lawyer to re-file the necessary affidavits and notes for changing your surname according to your dad’s. Then endorse it again to NSO Main and wait for another 3 months or more before it will be entered in the NSO and changed to your surname now.

@red To be consistent, ask an attorney for additional notes to your BC regarding your parents middle name. Fix that now or have problems in the future.

red design on October 19, 2012:

hi..can i ask an advice about my birth certificate which is i have a lacking information about my parents specifically their middle name. currently im about to apply for my board exam in PRC .. is it valid? or i need to file for an additional information? what will i do regarding this matter? thank u

reyda on October 18, 2012:

Hi, I'm having an issue with my BC. I am an illegitimate child so from birth i was using my mothers's maiden surname, until I was in high school my father decided to change it to his name, so that was 2005 when I started using it up to now. He already filed the affidavits of acknowledgement and all needed req. to LCR....but now when I applied for NSO BC online they sent me my old records, the one with me using my mothers surname. I badly need help how I can settle this issue since I need my BC for passport application, I cannot make my career wait just for this. This has greatly caused me big frustration:'(...

Kindly please advise!

twentyfive (author) on October 17, 2012:

@April you can try to request your LCR (Local Civil Registrar) in Cebu to register your son. They would endorse his BC then to the NSO Main. It will be mailed via courier. I think it takes 3 months or more when you will see a positive result as to when the BC is entered in the database. If you know someone in the NSO, it could be expedited.

@Jhen yes you can get a copy anytime from the NSO anytime you need it.

jhen on October 17, 2012:

hi po maam good day hope you can help me my question is can i get my birth certificate in nso after one month since im registered?

april on October 14, 2012:

Thank you for responding. We are now in Cebu, can we just register him here ni NSO Cebu? or really have to go to NSO Manila Office?

twentyfive (author) on October 14, 2012:

Yes I think you must register him again so that this time his BC will be entered in the NSO database. That way, whenever you get one, it will no longer negative. Since you registered him in Riyadh, it will be better if you register it now at the NSO main office

april on October 13, 2012:

Hi po,

My baby was born in Yemen last year and we had him registered in Phil. Embassy Riyadh on Oct. 01, 2011. Until now negative record pa rin sya sa NSO. What if missing na yong record niya? Pwede bang mag-file ako ng delayed registration gamit ang original report of birth niya?

twentyfive (author) on October 08, 2012:

Red Ribbon for NSO BC I think it's P100 per document

@Bert I think they will charge you for falsification of documents. Submitting personal documents to any government offices require genuine and real documents and members usually sign under oath that the documents they submitted are real.

bert on October 07, 2012:

what will happen if i submitted fake birth certificate to SSS?

ivysumajit on October 07, 2012:

hi! magkano po ba ang processing fee pag sa LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRAR ko po ipapadala ang papers ko NSO for REd RIBBOn?

twentyfive (author) on October 03, 2012:

usually 3 months from experiences I heard

lovely on October 03, 2012:

hi I just question how many months did it take the processing of Clerical errors and middle name because I do nagkabaliktad a letter with your name went on the middle name (vice versa) if processed from tacloban to NSO QC?

twentyfive (author) on October 02, 2012:

Since your child had negative BC it means you need to go to the LCR in the Municipal's Office (the place where you child was born) so the registrar will indorse it. Once you are at the LCR office, they will gladly help you in your problem. Authenticated BC is a major requirement in getting a passport so you really must fix this thing or your child can't travel abroad.

TO EVERYONE: I can only accept comments posted in English from now on. I am required to. Thank you. :)

jc on October 01, 2012:

hi, i just want to know lang if how to obtain a CTC authenticated by NSO na BC kasi my son had a negative record pa from NSO. the thing is he needs to apply for a passport asap kasi he's booked for a flight by the end of the month na. i dont know what to do anymore as im only asking relatives to do all of this for me. they're also lost. ang nakalagay kasi sa website ng dfa is a CTC ng bc issued by the local civil registry auth by NSO. ano ba yun? is this the one from te hospital din but stamped by NSO? please let me know asap thank you in advance

twentyfive (author) on September 24, 2012:

yeah usually after 6 months before the authenticated birth certificate will be released from the NSO database. You can request to expedite it at NSO main maybe

mj joveres on September 24, 2012:

hi po ^_^

maitanung ko lang po kung maari ko na po bang makuha ang birth certificate ng anak ko she just 2months old

nakaregister na po kaya sya sa NSO?

coz they say after 6months pa daw pwede ko na daw itong makuha from NSO

but we're rushing coz we need her birth certificate from NSO

coz we need it to report of birth

could any one help me?please

thak u in advance

twentyfive (author) on September 23, 2012:

@Marian yes SM Business Centers now serve NSO services like getting birth certificate, CENOMAR and the like. You can get one to any SM and NSO nationwide.

@Apolonia sad to say, no website to process change of names and other matters about changing and adjusting NSO records currently. You need to do this personally. It is really time and money consuming.

apolonia on September 19, 2012:

Hi! .....paano ko po papalitan yun name ko sa NSO? kasi po yun birth certificate ko po ay iba ang name ko, may affidavit po ako ...ang problema ko po outside the country po ako meron po ba sa website ng NSO para magpalit ng name ko at ano po ang requirement? Thanks

mariankrish on September 18, 2012:

hello po ...late register po ang baby ko, ngayon pinapakuha ako sa NSO ng no record, pwdi po ba ako kumuha sa NSO sm city clark kahit hindi na direct sa NSO san fernando? tnx po in advance

twentyfive (author) on September 15, 2012:

@Haa yes you can get your NSO birth certificate by going to any NSO centers nationwide

@robby Please read the article above. I have discussed the ways what to do when you had negative birth certificate. It is discussed at the last part. :)

Robby on September 13, 2012:

can anyone help me? my father encountered a problem about his NSO . we only receive his Negative Birth record and he is scheduled this coming september 27, 2012 at DFA to apply for his passport but according to DFA he needs his Birth Certificate authenticated by NSO !! what should i do guys please help me... i need your help as soon as possible thank you in advance .....

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