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Every business is a part of its community.

A prospering neighborhood Mom & Pop business

A prospering neighborhood Mom & Pop business

A top selller and something extra.

A top selller and something extra.

Drawing customers is the challenge every business has, no matter how large or how small the business is.

Drawing customers is the challenge every business has, no matter how large or how small the business is.

Something new that serves multiple purposes....

A letter arrived last week along with new ideas for improving our business and our outreach into our community.

Interestingly my oldest twin son and I, along with one of my grandsons, had seriously entertained the advantages of a community newsletter to promote not only our own business, but to also promote community prosperity by promoting all local businesses. (The local Chamber of Commerce was certain to love us!)

It must have been the season for such ideas. First the city opted to publish a classy city newsletter. Then that letter arrived, and we realized that someone had a broader version than we or the city had. was the sponsor of the letter, and is sponsoring an apparently nationwide, free application to draw communities closer together while also promoting local businesses, and community services.

The letter we received was one of as many as 150 free (yes, free!) letters a neighbor had initiated to: "...share local business recommendations, reunite with lost pets, sell outgrown bikes, organize virtual book clubs and so much more."

It continued: "It's also a great way to connect neighbors in need with those who can help. It's 100% free and just for our neighbors."

What followed was the link I just provided and a code to join within the next seven days. The letter was signed by a neighbor on our street, and a postscript that said there were already 800 posts, as well as community news, etc.

We joined.

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Then we discovered we could also invite 150 neighbors with such a letter at no cost. We could enter our own profile of up to 160 characters (spaces count) and select from a wide variety of ways we might like to use the site including as a local business.

I whittled down our Mom & Pop profile, made a free offer of our own with samples one of our suppliers would provide together with a brochure about the product with our business name, address, and phone number. (The second photo above.)

I also posted information on a poorly publicized, free service the local county health department provides. (See: Becoming a Senior Companion on a Stipend - ToughNickel)

Our own developing concept and research had been outdone by the Nextdoor folks fashioning a program likely to be nationwide, if it isn't already so.

How do they do it?

It appears that area businesses can pay for ad space, although everything I had just done was free. What, if anything, local, county, state and federal offices might pay for this messaging vehicle remains unclear at this time, but with enough households and businesses joining the Nextdoor program, I can see its growing value to such offices.

Now satisfy your own curiosity about your community, and Nextdoor, by going to their link above and seeing what it has to offer you, your business, and your own household.


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