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My opinion and the best advice to start a business?

I have done one hundred and six eBooks, six books and thirty-eight online courses; accounts, business, self-care, and affiliate marketing


All that I write here is my opinion and do not include anybody else's advice. I will write in the order of priority. So here are my 10 crucial tips; if you want more, you can contact me; I am ready to help.

1. Passion for the business

The most important thing to start with is your passion because if you do not have the power, you will leave that halfway down the line. What do I mean by power? I mean your intuition to run a business that does not mean that you will stay with any company you start. Another critical factor here is it depends on the kind of business that you select.

I will tell you my experience some years ago I had a friend who was having a shop. They looked okay, with that made me conclude that I will also start something like that for my partner as my partner kept losing jobs all the time, and my reason to suppose that was my partner will not work for others, so there is no chance of losing the employment.

In the end, it came to a situation where I had to leave my job and help in that business, and I wouldn't say I liked it. So, I quickly decided to hand it over to someone ready to take over but never received any money from them. The loss I incurred there almost made me bankrupt.

So, passion for business has two things to consider one is the niches for you to select and then whether you like to be an entrepreneur

2. Plan

Failing to have a solid plan will lead to a severe downfall, and soon you will come to a stage where you will be exhausted with all types of problems around your business. Therefore, start to write your plan that should include operational, marketing, and financial systems and ensure that you will enforce into business even before you start your business. So, begin writing your business plan at least for the first year and register for another two years. If you are confident with your ideas, you will not find it challenging to write that out. Remember, you always have a written document so that you will not lose anything.

Regarding the financial plan, you need to have a budget, cash flow, and sales forecast; consult a professional if you cannot do that. Do not ever start your business without these documents, and there is no point if you hire someone to write and put away without even learning that and following that daily as a start-up. If you do not follow these documents frequently to check the financial health of your business, you could face severe problems like going into debt without even realizing the consequences. In the end, you have a money problem, cannot keep up payments, and then face lousy credit, so you become unable to go for any more borrowing.


3. Capital

You will need money that depends on your niche, so you need to have money to start and also should be able to raise in need of extra funds. People begin to run the business with some money, and they do not realize that if they cannot sell the product or service, they will run out of working capital. In that case, they become desperate and borrow money from anywhere at a high rate that puts them in a situation where they cannot repay the loan.

Therefore, you need to have enough capital or plan to borrow the money from somewhere that will not cost you a lot and keep within limits.

4. Keep learning

An entrepreneur has to learn daily to attend to the new issues in any business, which is not unusual in business. You might have already done lots of researches learned a lot about your business. Still, you need to be aware that you are capable enough to sort out any new problems, or if the project is not doing well, be ready to make other developments to improve your business.

5. Money management

Many of us are not good at managing money; we make mistakes and get in trouble as time passes. Then we take a long time to sort out our money problem and sometimes the adverse effect of that will be with us for a long time. Everything is different with entrepreneurs as far the money is concerned; if you make mistakes with money, you will go into severe problems with debts and lose the credit rating, so you will not be able to get future funding for your business. You will lose your confidence maybe your family might leave you. So, if you want to keep everything to live a happy life, managing money is a critical aspect of any business.

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6. Customer relationships

An entrepreneur has to maintain the customer relationships well; if not, they will leave you at any time. When they visit, you have to treat them well, do not show any arrogance, be transparent and if they have any issues with your product or services, take immediate action to give them a solution. Also, train your staff on how to deal with your customers have to offer them more so that they will stay with you, for example, if your customer is asking you questions not directly related to your business. Still, it might have some connection with your industry so try to help them with your answers. When you treat your customers well, they recommend you to their friends and relatives.

7. Collaboration

If an entrepreneur tries to wear too many hats, it makes many mistakes and is bound to fail. Also, you will not be in a position to grow the business. A business needs ideas, so an owner has to create a team to run the company due to many reasons. Collaboration brings more productivity, and you become motivated when your collaborator shows you practical ways to solve your problems. If you have someone, you could share ideas and innovations that give you more chances to advance your business as collaboration triggers your creativity and ability to see things from a different perspective. It is one of the best ways to grow your business.

Then you will find it easy to grow your business as you have help in the production, getting new ideas, and making your life as an entrepreneur easy. You will be able to relax and do not have to spend long hours working on your own.

8. Working with investors

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8. Working with investors

If you are on the lookout for investors, they will want many details from you also will be interested in your team. So having collaborators assist you in many ways, the feeling of loneliness will not be there when meeting with investors in particular. Investors are smart people; you might find it challenging to make them feel happy with your ideas. If you go along with someone you trust, you will feel more confident in meeting with the investor and more accessible for you to go into conversations.

9. Transparency

A business owner needs to deal with your team, customers, suppliers, funders, and accountants. Creating trust in business is vital; if not everyone will start to leave you because they need their safety. Therefore, transparency is essential for people to understand you and your business well before they join you in any form.

10. Finances

Implementing a suitable finance system and monitoring your finance saves you from losing your business and helps grow your business. You need to know the financial health of your business to stop losing the business, prevent fraud, and make crucial financial decisions to grow your business. If there is no proper finance system, you put yourself in a big mess and find it challenging to come out of it and you might have to leave your business for good.

You have implemented all the above and start to follow, then set your goal to achieve that for your future.


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Final words

I hope you will use my tips to set and run the business; I use these tips all the time while working on my business.

Please do not ignore your wins and leave that without celebrating them, but I am sure you know how to keep your limits.

Last but not least, you need to take care of yourself and your health to have a happy and successful life in the long run.

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