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My daily life story(An indian pharmacist)


A day in medical or with medicine

An pharmacist's life start with medicine and end with medicine, from 8.00 am to 11.00 pm they involve in medicine. They not involve in any kind of entertainment or festival or not get any kind of holidays to roam family- friends or girlfriend. If any medical emergency occurs that time, they not get any holidays like in CORONA emergency lockdown situation occurs other than medical all services are closed now all that shopkeeper enjoy their life with family. But pharmacist's have to provide their best service in these emergency like an corona warrior. If they take holiday permission from owner than owner not give permission from different- different reasons or cut their salary. Pharmacist's life not have any enjoyment, they give 100% of their life, in medicine. Come sharp 8.00 am at medical, first clean shop adjust the item, handle customer, check the purchase stock come from distributors than, stick barcode on respecting medicine, than put medicine according to their place, all day utilises in all these things.


Suresh choudhary (author) from Mumbai on April 25, 2021:

Thanks for reading my article & giving suggestion

Mallika Lotus from Hyderabad, India on April 23, 2021:

An insight into the life of a pharmacist!.Short article but a good one. Thank you for describing that daily life and I agree and understand it.

But with some changes and proper planning, you can enjoy and relax your day to day life like:

1. Taking some small intervals,

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2. Negotiating with the owner and explaining to him that a human being has some limits and he is also a human being just like the owner.

3. Whenever you don't have any customers, you can use that time for self productivity like reading a good book or increasing your knowledge in your current industry and developing further in the future.

4. Taking care of your health.

One suggestion, I would like to give you as a fellow writer is that try to write in points or small paragraphs rather than big and continuous paragraph like in this article. Points are easy to read for readers and understand as well.

I wish you a happy life and all the best. Keep up your good work and thank you for your service to society.

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