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My Business Mind


It is a desire I have had for the last 39 years, and I always wanted to do something beyond my capabilities at that time. For example, I wanted to buy houses, start an accounting business but never worked; no, I bought a house about 37 years ago and lost that in 2000. The loss of my first house was due to the encouragement I received from my close one because I owed a little money to them; they were frightened that I would not get that back from me. I have too many regrets like this in my life. I will show them one by one as I write. I made many mistakes, but that did not stop my aspiration to own a business, become famous also help people around me.

But that said, I was continuously self-employed and worked hard for all of us; I was self-employed and working for many charities. In the end, I finally lost my job in 2014 due to a lack of funding for that particular charity. So, I did not have any work or business in 2014, but I kept sending applications to lots of charities, and I was in a position that I could not attend the interview even due to the problems that I had in my family. I still remember that I got the invitation for an interview, and I | eager to attend the interview, but I could not as my partner was ill needed support all the time. So, I asked one of my family members to look after him for a few hours to attend the interview, but she told me to ask the charity to schedule my consultation for another time. So, I missed that.

I think it was why I was either looking for a job or establishing a business for me? I never even considered for a minute to give up always tried something. Then I thought of doing a math degree in 2014. I tried that for a while, and I got that idea because I used to teach math to school kids at a young age; that was before I started studying accountancy. Then I changed my mind and began to look for a job. I could not go into any position as I was looking after my partner, so I concluded that I had to work from home.

I learned from YouTube videos.

Then I started watching lots of YouTube videos every night. I came across a video about affiliate marketing that included web development as well. It was a free course for a month; I liked it and enjoyed learning something entirely new for me. So, from that day, I started to create a few websites and realized they were not good enough, so I got some virtual assistants to help make it look professional. Then I had to write posts for my blogs, but I did not know where to start and write the posts.


Started writing.

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I managed to write a bit, but I had lots of help from freelancers at Fiverr, people per hour to write the articles and the posts for me. So, at that time, I did not know about Grammarly, and I could not afford the help from the freelancers for too long, so I started writing and posted them on my blog; of course, there were so many mistakes. It is what will happen to anyone when you start to work on your own with no help. It made me lose the creditability of my work, and one of the carers who came to look after my partner told me about Grammarly, so I paid and joined them in 2018, and up to now, I have written more than three million words according to their records. So as at present, I will never give up writing eBooks, Books and creating my online courses. I have to say that I have not entirely lost everything, but I get some income from my digital products.

Affiliate marketing.

In addition to blogging, I became interested in affiliate marketing, so I started with Amazon promoting their products and could not write the product reviews. Then again, I got help from freelancers. I continued that for a while, then I came across Click bank; I liked it and promoted their digital products. I needed support from freelancers all the time, and I spent some money to learn all that, but fortunately, I did not need any help from them that said it is always nice to have support from experts in a particular line of work. I have done affiliate marketing, and I have not seen any success; now I know why not succeed. There could be a couple of reasons first, maybe the product reviews were not impressive, and second, there always needs to be paid advertising to promote your product. So, I did not want to spend any money on advertising without learning the marketing plan properly, so I gave up an affiliate for a few years, and now I have started to do it again. Hopefully, I will see some success now.

I worked as an accountant for a long time in the UK, but now I work from home with a few clients that pay me and keep me going. But unfortunately, my interest in accounting has gone down, and I am passionate about all the other things that I do at present. I am a very hard-working person, always aiming for better things to do. I want to reach the highest potential and be prepared to work as hard as possible until I get that. My children are happy with what I do, and they think that I am spending too much time on these things. So, I will not disagree with that, but my desire to spend my time is worth it and become helpful to others with what I accomplish in my life.

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