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My Affiliate Marketing Journey


This is my Author Bio. Not a whole lot to say. I'm doing this as a short article on my experience thus far in becoming an affiliate marketer

Just Me :-)

Just Me :-)

How does a newbie become an Affiliate Marketer?

I have no experience in this business but wanting and willing to learn on how to become an affiliate marketer. So I thought I would write a very very short article on my journey thus far.


Have you ever seen all those ads on Facebook, YouTube, etc.? Ever wonder who is making money on these ads and how do they do it? Well with COVID-19 hitting big time this year, I watched as my income took a massive hit and my wife lost her 6 figure income job. I knew there had to be someone out there that was making lots of money no matter where the economy was at. In addition, I know that e-commerce and shopping online was now BIGGER than ever before. I had to find out more.


Thus my search for info began. With so many Guru's out there claiming their system is the best, its very hard to figure out who is actually legit and who isn't. Not to mention what particular niche would be the right fit for you. My best recommendation is to find out the name of the program or system you are interested in or considering. Also find out the name of the owner or Guru. Do a scam review and you'll find lots of reviews of people who will definitely tell you if the system & guru are legit or not. Believe me, it can save you a lot of time, money, headaches and regret. And I also had to realize that I needed to spend some investment money to both find out more details once inside the free video presentations and initial entry cost. Once I found one, use that money for a start up, education, and tools for my new business. Also keep in mind every one of these programs will try to upsell you on something big or small. So what I'm saying Is that you need to be prepared for investing in this. Much like investing in education to get a degree. Only difference is that you can make a whole lot more money and be your own boss or entreprenuer in this industry. And really, who wants to have a career nowadays where you are tied down to trading dollars for hours and have no job security? COVID-19 showed the country this realization all to well in 2020. Unless of course you really don't mind being a typical employee and be told on when to work and or when to take a break or vacation. After paying minimal amounts for 3 different Guru's systems out there and being bombarded my many others, I think I finally found the right fit. Affiliate Marketing. It made the best sense and right fit for my personality.


Work from home, sell others people's products, get paid commissions and have no traditional brick & mortar business headaches like overhead, physical products, shipping cost, employees, etc. There are so many companies and businesses out there that are starting to have more affiliate programs available. Big names like Amazon & Wal-Mart but so many others as well. I think they see the value of referals and are willing to pay for them. Its also fascinating just to learn the Ins & outs of how to launch ads and generate traffic by learning and using new terms to me such as funnels, affiliate links, Opt In pages and more, lol! The way I figure it, the internet and shopping online (via computer, smartphones, or tablet) are not going anywhere but getting more popular and bigger than ever. You can easily look up the facts and figures online on how this massive industry is growing exponentially every year. So why not get in on some of the pie?


So far its been an enjoyable ride. I have learned a ton of tech info and on marketing strategies and tools. Just that in itself can be huge. And I know some will say just watch YouTube. But YouTube can only teach you so much. Hopefully before long I will be generating some great income. Start off small and keep progressing and you too can get there to your goals. Not to mention learn some mad computer skills few are even aware of. Best of luck to you in this endeavor. If you are interested in seeing which program I found to be the best, then be sure to check out the link on this article. Thank you for reading.

What I found to be the Best.


Dale Anderson from The High Seas on October 04, 2020:

I'm glad affiliate marketing is working out for you so far. You hear lots of horror stories about it but then I have heard success stories too so i wish you all the best on your journey forward. Please keep us informed how it's going for you as you progress.

Kalpana Iyer from India on September 28, 2020:

Yes I agree that YouTube can only teach you so much. Bringing your thoughts into action and learning from them (even if mistakes are made along the way) is the best practice.

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