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My 1st Month Earning at Medium

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I am an artist and writer looking to improve my life financially and emotionally



I will start with earnings because that is the most fun.

I made $4.64 my first month on Medium. I had no "viral" articles. I wrote almost 200 articles by the time I made these earnings, although I only started getting paid after a month and a half.

Most paid little or nothing. The highest paid .34 cents.

I have been experimenting with topics, titles, length, and other aspects of writing articles.

Overall, I believe I am doing quite poorly for the effort I've put in. But I am learning from my mistakes.

I have implemented a new system for Medium, which I have just begun to put into place. I have very good vibes that this will work for me.

We will have to see.

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Right now I am making about .20 cents a day. My mini goal is to bump that up to a dollar a day for now. Then, of course, higher and higher amounts.

Still doing a lot better than HubPages. Although recently HubPages earnings have improved,and I haven't even been writing.

Views and Stats

Views don't really mean much on Medium. It is Member reading time that counts. So when I got 1000 views on an article and only made 8 cents, it was because these were almost all external views.

I have several such articles.

Huge Potential

Some people claim thousands of dollars per month at Medium. I believe them. I really trust this site. I want to be one of these people making thousands. I want to be financially independent for the first time in my life.

I have been working hard, now I am working smart. I am slowing down. I am taking the time to figure out how the site works, and what I should be doing.

They do pay, and I recommend Medium to anyone who wants to write online.

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