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Enterpreneurial Options for Homely Women In India

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Enterpreneurial Options for Homely Women In India

Most of the corporate jobs are hectic in nature. In general, women are multitaskers as they have to take care of household chores as well as their professional lives. But due to Covid-19, most of the businesses had a major economic setback and people around the world have lost their jobs. This is the reason millions of people are working from home. Sitting at home and leading a luxurious life was something that was happening in the past. Now you have a lot of competition due to a storm of people are rushing towards work from home options. This has created a lot of competition. Nonetheless, in this gig economy, most people prefer home-based jobs. According to Economic Times, 15 million people in India are reportedly working as self-employed individuals and are running one- person businesses.

Enterpreneurial Options for Homely Women In India


Enterpreneurial Options for Homely Women In India

So let us share 16 options to start working from home as a freelance entrepreneur:

  • Graphic designing: If you are artistic in nature and have a flair for drawing, then you can opt for this venture. For this, you will need to get training to become well versed with graphic designing tools and concepts. As in almost every industry there is a scope for creating visual concepts to convey information through artwork and photos, the role of graphic designers comes into the picture. With this skill in your hand, you can get freelance work from magazines, advertising firms and marketing agencies.
  • Data Entry: Typing is the only skill required for this venture. You need to train your staff by having them undergo typing drills online to increase their speed and accuracy. In data entry, the simple task is to input information from manual to digital forms using the data processing software.The work can be typing ebooks, form filling , conversion jobs etc.After learning thouroughly you can start up as your own venture.
  • Translation: If you know different languages, you can opt for opening a translation agency. With the help of various translation tools, we can translate any text or message into another language. Google Translate is one such free tool. But do you think it is accurate? Mostly people will say no to this and this is the reason why organizations are looking for manual translators.
  • Search engine optimization: Search engine optimization (SEO) was very popular a decade ago. Now the trend the changed and even SEO agencies are focusing more on content. So if you are someone who is well versed in both long-form writing and SEO then you have a good chance to get paid handsomely from this work from home option.
  • Online tutoring: If you want to become an online tutor, the first thing is to do complete research of chosen niche or subject. If you are already an offline tutor and you have a database of students then that is a plus point. But if you are just starting off, there are various things to be considered ranging from becoming confident of camera and in front of students to knowing your stuff properly. You need to learn about the demand of your students and should be constantly in touch with them taking their queries. If you will create an online tutoring platform you need to provide a lot of value to your students to gain their trust.
  • Customer support -This kind of work is very much suited for all women who want to work from the convinience of home. In this kind of work one interects with her clients online on behalf of an organization. These people do various types of tasks such as selling products and services, give information, take orders, response to customer complaints. This type of communication can be done through email, chat process and even voicemail.
  • Virtual assistantance -If you are good at office management skills, then you can be a virtual assistant. Anyone who does this kind of work provides administrative work to his clients like digital marketing, scheduling appointments and managing events.
  • Proofreading-If you are good at grammer in any language, then you can opt for this skill. A proofreader is one who marks correction in any document with the help of various symbols.
  • Content writing- It you have a creative bent of mind, with knowledge of grammer and fast typing skills and you like to impart your knowledge and write your heart out to your audience, then you can opt for this skill. You can make money by writing blogs, articles etc in your spare time.
  • Selling products online- We women are skilled and crafted with innumerable traits such as one can be a good baker and start an online confectionary business and sell products online. Apart from this, if you are good at making jwellery, choclates at home or even do emboidery work you can sell your work online and make money.
  • Be a You tuber - Every lady is blessed with some skill or the other. For example if you are good at cooking, you can prepare recipes and share the same with your audience on you tube and can make money out of it. The more number of subscribers and views you have on your channel you the more money you make.
  • Home based travel agent : Corporates prefer home based travel agents who can help them save money and time as well as manage their headaches. You will get good pay if you go for a certain niche such as luxury travel or destination wedding.
  • Home cooked Tiffin service/ Baker : Other than cooking at home, you can hone and use these skills to enhance it into a more profitable business .Now a days many people either come to stay and work from some where else. They either don't find time to cook or are tired of buying food which is expensive and unhealthy both. Here you can make a small menu and offer it on a subscription for those who all are interested in your service. There are so many food apps now a days with whom you can start your venture such as zomato,swiggy etc.
  • Mushroom farming/ gardening : If you like farming or gardening and have small / big space in your house, then you can learn mushroom farming and start up your own business with it. In similar fashion if you like gardening , then you can plant small shrubs are sell them online making it a profitable business for yourself.
  • HR Recruiter - Corporates or start up companies are on a look out for human workforce and hence the need for HR recruiters won't end.All you need to do is collaborate with big start ups, build a brand for yourself , gain some recruitment knowledge and hire a pool of talented individuals and present it to the companies.

Right now is a great time to start an online business. It might take some time to build your client base, but once you’re established, you’ll have a wonderful career ahead of you.

Think about which one of the above ideas suits you best and get your business started.

Hope readers you like all the options I have given here and you can use your time and talent wisely and make a career out of it. If I have left out on anything that you may know of please mention in the comments below:

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