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Mud Logging Companies

Mud Logging Companies

For a current list of mud logging companies, feel free to reference the following page. Most companies are looking for new employees so they can keep up with today’s high levels of demand. In truth, all oil rig jobs are experiencing a boom so be sure to check each career path that’s available. And don’t rule out other higher paying jobs, like Mud Engineer or MWD. (Disclaimer: The list of mudlogging companies below was created for mudloggers trying to find employers in the U.S. drilling industry. It is meant to be an impartial compilation with updated contact information. If you wish for your company to be added to the list, please leave a request at the bottom of this page.)

Mud Engineer Jobs –

Want a high paying job in the oil industry? Become a Mud Engineer. Since mud engineer jobs are now in demand it is a great time to get into the specialty. Click on the link above and see what it takes to become a top earning Mud Hand in the field.

-Mud Logging Companies (In Alphabetical Order)-

Advanced Reservoir Technologies

Advanced Reservoir Technologies is a drilling service company that is based out of Addison, TX. They specialize in imaging oil and gas reservoirs for the geotechnical and petroleum industries. To image each reservoir they use Seismic Borehole Technology which is one of the most innovative approaches in the field. More can be found out about careers with Advanced Reservoir Technologies by visiting their website at or by calling them at 972-418-0992.

Alpha Oil Field Services

Alpha Oil Field Services has been active in mud logging ever since the year 1976. Recently they have expanded their area of operation to include several Texas shale plays, one of which is the Barnett. They pride themselves on supplying their clients with top quality data by using the latest logging technology to generate accurate reports. To contact them about job opportunities, call them at (940) 466-9676 or get in touch through their website at

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes is one of the largest drilling companies in the industry and they are widely respected for their quality logging services. They specialize in providing clients with advanced services and technology to assist in every major part of the dynamic drilling process. To find out more about mud logging careers with Baker Hughes, visit their website at or call their Houston office at (713) 625-4200.

Camco Logging Service

Camco Logging Service is a growing company that operates out of La Marque, Texas. Although founded as recently as 1998, their fleet of mudlogging units now totals nine. They focus on creating quality customer relationships to ensure client’s satisfaction and encourage repeat business. To apply for a job with Camco Logging Service, visit their website here; or call them at (409) 925-1274.

Cardinal Surveys

Cardinal Surveys is a mid-sized logging company operating out of Odessa, Texas. They are known to provide some of the best customer support in the field, offering a wide range of services to meet each client’s needs. To check out their company, go to their website at or call their Odessa office at (432) 580-8061. As they say, “The value of our services far exceeds the cost,” so start your career with Cardinal Surveys today.

CL Consultants

CL Consultants (a division of Continental Laboratories) has logged over 20 years of experience in the industry. CL Consultants is based in Calgary, Alberta and is one of Canada’s larger drilling service companies. Their specialty is supplying clients with cost effective solutions while meeting the highest standards for both quality and service. Learn more about their company by checking out their website at or by calling them at (403) 250-3982.

Columbine Logging

Columbine Logging provides a number of geological services for drilling operations located in the majestic Rocky Mountains. They have been in operation since late 1980, serving many of the largest companies in today’s drilling industry. For more information about careers with Columbine Logging, you can visit their careers webpage at or call them at (303) 289-7764.

Crosco Integrated Drilling and Well Services

Crosco Integrated Drilling and Well Services is a Croatian based company that provides top quality well logging. It has been in business since 1952 and has operated in 34 countries all around the world. Crosco also owns the Hungarian Rotary Drilling Company, which is heading a number of new projects near the Mediterranean Sea. They can be contacted through their website at or called at their Croatian Headquarters by dialing 385-1-3652-333.

Diversified Well Logging

Diversified Well Logging is a family owned business that has offered mud logging services since 1958. The average employee at DWL has over 10 years of experience, which is more than most other companies in the industry. Although they are small, they are extremely efficient and attend to each of their clients’ special needs in the field. To find out more about careers with Diversified Well Logging, go to their website at or call them at (800) 280-2096.


Empirica has recently grown thanks to its strategic acquisition of The Mudlogging Company. They have over 35 years of experience in Asia, Africa, and the United States. Empirica operates over 60 mudlogging units in the U.S. that provide top quality mudlogging services wherever they are needed. Call them at (713) 466-7400 or visit their website for more information here;

Epoch Well Services

Epoch Well Services is one of the world’s fastest growing suppliers of drilling instrumentation systems. They operate mostly in California and Alaska but still handle certain jobs in Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. Their specialty software is known as DML (Digital Mudlog), which they state is the best logging program currently available in the market.

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Geolog Surface Logging

Geolog Surface Logging has been around since 1982 and it was recently reorganized in 2009. While smaller than some of the larger surface logging companies, Geolog manages to operate in over 25 different countries. They focus on reducing costs and overall drilling times by quickly identifying new oil and gas reservoirs. Check out some of the career paths offered at Geolog by visiting to their website at or by calling them at (713) 808-9431.


Geoservices (another division of industry giant Schlumberger) has more than 5,000 employees operating in over 50 different countries. They are currently engaged in a variety of cutting-edge projects, hoping to corner the deepwater drilling market all around the world. Geoservices can be visited at, which links to the career page of their website with more in-depth information.

Horizon Well Logging

Horizon Well Logging takes prides in supplying its clients with accurate and in-depth data analysis. In fact, their geologists often have a Master’s Degree and close to 20 years of field experience. Since 1992, Horizon has logged over 1600 wells, 99% of which were for satisfied repeat customers. To learn more about employment options with Horizon Well Logging, visit their website at or give them a call at (805) 733-0972.

Mudlogger Salary –

Click the link above and read another HubPage that details the average mudlogger salary. Entry level pay rates are continuing to climb, so it is a great time to get started in the field. If you would like your company to be added to this list, leave a comment at the bottom of the page. This hub will be updated about four times per year to refresh each company’s contact information.

NorAm Wellsite Services

NorAm Wellsite Services is a fast growing company that specializes in mudlogging and geological consulting. It was founded in 1995 by 5 central partners that accumulated over 125 years of combined field experience. To find out more about career opportunities at NorAm Wellsite Services go to their website at or call their Montana branch at (406) 652-3922.

Petro Log International

Petro Log International provides some of the best logging services available and has been in operation since 1958. They are often a top choice of operators in the industry and have serviced over 8,000 wells both on land and offshore. To get in touch with Petro Log International about employment opportunities, call them in Houston at (281) 494-2522 or visit their website online at It really is a great time to get started in a new mudlogging career.

Precision Well Logging

Precision Well Logging is a Houston based company that was founded in 1953. Most of their employees have been with them for 15+ years, meaning that they have a wealth of experience in the field. They now have 22 mudlogging units in the Gulf of Mexico alone, and are working toward deploying even more. To learn more about Precision Well Logging and current job openings, visit their website here; or call them at (713) 681-3435.


Stratagraph specializes in supplying their clients with complete mud logging and pressure detection services. They were established in 1961, and have grown into one of the most successful independent mudlogging companies in the industry. To learn more about employment options with Stratagraph go to their website at or call them toll free at (800) 256-1147.


Weatherford is one of the largest mud logging companies in the world with over 1,500 skilled employees. Their modular approach lets them offer a range of special services so that they can provide effective solutions for each of their clients. To explore career opportunities with Weatherford or to find out more about them, call their offices at (713) 693-4000 or visit their careers webpage at

For a comparable listing of drilling fluids companies, try clicking on the link below. Many Mud Loggers have become first rate Mud Engineers after getting trained to enter the field.

Drilling Fluids Companies –

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Mud Logging Companies

Mud Logging Companies

Mud Logging Companies

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