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I had an argument with my parents. I recently started a new job, about three weeks ago, in a summer camp program for elementary students. My goal has always been to earn a living as a writer. August 13th is my last day of work. My mom suggested that I keep working at my current place of employment. I said:

“I’m not going to need to keep working there; I’m done after that date.” My dad said:

“What are you going to do if your mom and I die?” My first thought was:

“You don’t believe in me. You’re an asshole.”

I watched a Gary Vaynerchuh video and I realized something; who cares. They supported me through college. By the way, I was a terrible student. I thought I was special because I played football. It was a dumb farce that I thought my dad would be proud of me because I played college football. I realized it did not mean a thing because first I got put on academic suspension and then went to a community college. I did get to go back to Wittenberg. I was a piss poor student and it took me twelve years to graduate. The math classes were too hard for me. I finally passed my business math class and I graduated in 2017.

I realize now that I owe my parents gratitude for supporting me. I had a short-sighted perspective. My mindset was simple.

“When my writing takes off, we’ll all be living high on the hog.” This was all well and good but my parents were never people of means. I think they thought:

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“My kid’s a freeloader. When is he getting a job and he’s ungrateful.”

“Fuck my dad; he’s bitter and angry,” I initially thought. He doesn’t believe in me.” He is viewing the world through his lens.

I am working a job I hate for a paycheck. I am also writing, working toward my dream! I changed my mindset. Why get mad? I have learned that to be happy you have to stop being a people pleaser. Your parents, friends, and coworkers' opinions should not dictate your life. You have to live according to how you want to live. You also have to live according to your beliefs and desires.

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