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Most Common Problems of a Car Detailing Business

Mohammad Khan Yusufzai is Masters in Management, specializing in Economics, Finance and Marketing, with corporate & lectureship exp.


Car detailing business owners face a unique set of problems. Without any strict barriers to entry, the industry has tooth-and-nail competition for every single customer. Thus the owners have very little time to promote or grow their business. Custom online solutions for car detailers such as can help you to tackle all the payment and accounting part of your business seamlessly, thereby giving you more time to focus on growth of your Car Detailing.

However, car detailing is also one of the most stable businesses. With over 90% of American households having access to at least one vehicle, you can be sure that car detailing services are not going anywhere.

Let’s get into details of what problems a typical car detailing owner faces and how to overcome them:

Car Detailing is Highly Localized Business


Most of your clientele are people from nearby localities, offices and businesses. There’s a reason for that. People don’t prefer to drive to far places to get their car washed and cleaned. A majority of them usually drop their car to the detailing business which is either en route to their work or just nearby their home. Anybody looking for car detailing services would generally type ‘Car detailing near me’.

What it means for your business is that number of car owners in your area is the greatest factor in determining your revenue.

What you can do about it?

Make sure your existing customers stay loyal. Give services with a touch of personalization. Make your customers feel good about themselves and their cars. Give occasional smart rewards such as Cash Back or discounts to repeat customers.

Increasing Revenue is like Boiling the Ocean


There are a certain number of cars in your area. Thus your revenue is going to remain more or less same throughout the year. Having a highly localized business means less scope for getting new customers.

Car detailing is also dependent on various cyclical factors. There’s little to no traffic on workdays. Most of the revenue generated is on weekends. Moreover, customers don’t prefer to get their car washed and detailed before bad weather. You can reasonably predict when you will have busy days and when you will have relatively ‘dry-days’.

What you can do about it?

You can try to shift your most loyal customer to dry days with attractive offers. And you can attract new customers with special busy day offers. Run a referral program where your existing customers get some added benefits if they successfully refer a new customer to your business.

You can also cater to corporate clients such as cab or car rental services that will need your services throughout the year. They will bring much needed volume to your car detailing unit.

Car Detailing is one of The Most Competitive Industry


Car detailing business is pretty easy to open. The barriers to entry and overhead costs are low, which means a lot of people enter into this business. There aren’t even a lot of technical skills that you need to learn. If you know how to operate an air compressor, hand grinder for drying/polishing and other basic hardware tools, you are ready to open a car detailing service.

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However, it is still recommended that you get some hands-on experience before actually working on someone’s expensive car. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials also available with in-depth explaining the car detailing process.

Differentiate Your Business

Your car detailing business needs to be the best car detailing service of the area. Give complementary car detailing vacuum to regular customer occasionally. Provide small car detailing kits as a festival offer.

Additionally, you should try to make your business look as professional as possible. Giving standard invoices and custom checks with your business name and logo through are a great way to tell your clients that your business is a professional, well- reputed brand.

No Time for Business Promotion


Car detailing business operates on three fronts simultaneously. First they operate as a retail unit, catering to the individual needs of consumers. Second, they operate as a service unit, since what they offer is basically a service through a team of interdependent employees. Third, a manufacturing unit, because car detailing is a step-by-step process and it does sometimes involves use of heavy machinery. Altogether, this means little to zero time for business owners to promote their business or strategize growth.

By investing in a high quality automation software can solve this problem. Automation is the latest game-changer for businesses, big or small alike. And this is more a technical truth rather than an idea for your organization. You cannot be present everywhere and do everything for your business.

OnlineCheckWriter is the ultimate payment management software specifically designed for your car detailing services. It has all the features that your business needs, such as unlimited check printing, ACH payments, Accounts receivable management, Invoicing, Payroll Processing, automatic bill payment, and a lot more.

Insanely High Customer Expectations


With such a high competition, car detailers are offering more and more lucrative offers to attract customers. On top of that, car still is a valuable asset for most Americans. They are ever looking for what extra benefits a car service center can offer to them. To survive in such cut-throat competition, you need to have a proper strategy. Make it a habit paying close attention to detail.

For starters have a mobile friendly website for your car detailing. You can go step further get an app for your business. You can inform customers about latest offers and deals through push notifications.

You can also have a YouTube channel where you give tips and how-to videos about DIY car detailing.

Always ask feedback from your customers. See if they are satisfied from your services. Offer them a discount for positive review over internet. Give complementary services if you are not having a busy day.

Lastly, always add a personal touch. A short thank-you note, birthday & festival wishes can easily be done through app. But they still mean a lot for your customers.

Wrap up

Machines and internet cannot replace the personal servicing of cars. And people will never stop wanting their cars to look clean and shiny. If you love cars and have the vision to provide outstanding service, that’s all you need in the long run to upscale your car detailing business.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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