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Mindset Changes Due to the Pandemic

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There have been many things that have changed since the Covid-19 virus outbreak, ranging from how to interact with other people, how to travel, to live the day, to work.

If working is usually synonymous with office space, a presentation in a meeting room attended by many people or an appointment with a client at a cafe, now this habit is almost rarely seen. You may be busier with virtual meeting agendas, and other virtual events.

Stay and work at home during the Covid-19 pandemic

Stay and work at home during the Covid-19 pandemic

This pandemic may also be the cause of your layoffs or the cause of your ' changing the face' work from being an office to farming. Whichever part it is, the Covid-19 pandemic might be a way for you to rethink the importance of work and what work you really need.

In the past, workers might look for jobs that provide job status certainty and career guarantees, now it seems that workers no longer demand these two things in the first position.

"There is a shift in demands, desires, and ways of working during the Covid-19 pandemic."

Guaranteed good relationship with colleagues and boss.

A survey in 2020 showed that many workers are looking for jobs that ensure good relationships with coworkers. In the second rank, workers look for jobs that guarantee good relations with superiors. Meanwhile, career security, which is usually the top priority for job seekers, dropped to number three.

"It turns out that many feel that relationships are important, maybe this is because, during the pandemic, many interactions are far apart, so a good relationship makes the work atmosphere comfortable."

In some countries, the mindset of workers globally has also changed. According to the same survey, workers around the world today want jobs that provide time for personal life. This means that there is a balance between work and personal life that workers might never have thought of before the Covid-19 pandemic.

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"Globally, we also see that workers are now asking for work that can provide a work-life balance, perhaps because now they feel that the pandemic has made work harder and harder."

Combination of WFH and WFO

In addition, people's work preferences have also changed in line with the Covid-19 pandemic. In the 2018 survey, only 4 percent of workers worked from home, while 68 percent worked in the office or went directly to the field (WFO), and the remaining 28 percent a combination of working in the field or office and at home.

In December 2020, there was a significant change in the way we work during the pandemic. As many as 13 percent of workers do WFH work, 46 percent work in an office completely, and 41 percent work a combination of home and office.

Then the survey was conducted directly to workers, as many as 68 percent prefer to do work with a combination system between working at home and in the office, 23 percent fully want to work WFH, and only 9 percent want to return to the office.

"This may also be affected if you work in the office for a long time, but you can't always work at home."

The policy of working at home is an alternative action that is inevitably taken by several industrial sectors to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. After entering a sloping curve and the spread rate began to decline, working from home became a new alternative way of working. But then the question becomes, will the method of working at home always be effective and efficient?

The general assumption that working from home is not an effective and efficient thing has been around for a long time. This pandemic period seems to be a time of proof for the professional industry of the essence of working at-home methods. Some have proven that working from home is something that is both productive and serious, some are honest that they actually don't really like working from home and choose to work directly in their respective fields or offices.

To be fair, we need to examine the advantages or disadvantages of working from home methods together. It is also important to know the level of effectiveness and efficiency of this method for the workers. Regardless of what type of work each individual does, right? First of all, we must know that there are many kinds of people who work from home, you know!

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