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Mick Meaney the Guru and Our Conversation

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Just a living person with stories beyond belief and more than willing to share. By the way, I have TBI so I think differentlyandproud of it!


The truth

So I subscribed to this gentlemans email list and got tired of him sending me stuff to buy, so I emailed him saying that I am unsubcribing from his list actually here is what I said "im sorry sir but i am not going to waste my time, with time being the ONLY thing in this world that we may never get back. I am going to unsubscribe from your emails, as I am tired of you only trying to sell shit. If you want to actually have a conversation than you, yourself email me. Take care". You know what his response was "Typical loser.". Now from a personal standpoint, which at first is how I took it, well, that would be a typical loser response but from a professional stand point, which is how and why I chose to join his email list, that kind of response was not professional at all. Well, it got under my skin and we had a little email argument which taught me something.

The lessons

The lessons that I learned from this, even though it is business, "GURU's" like this guy, who are working from home and making his money from people like you and me are COCKY as f*ck. Unfortunately, it is what it is, probably hence his name. But because of our little conversation, he will never have me think twice about going to him for help or promoting him. Now this is promoting him in a way but I don't think bad promotion is good promotion.

Being the Bigger Man

A little time I went by and I realized this gentleman made my morning, he got under my skin and got my blood running! So I thanked him for it and now it seems as if we are having a casual, not defensive conversation. That right there is an example of being the bigger man and the results of it. Lesson of life in action!


Conclusion to the Morning Blood Boiling Lesson

Personally, if I were in his shoes, I would have approached that differently. This made me aware of how others might think of this. I understand the internet is world -wide but, I would rather be kind. If he had a kind response, I would have looked more into buying his products but, because of his dick response, when he dies I just have another grave to go piss on. “Be nice people”, it’s so simple. Well, thank you all for reading and, take care! Until next time, stay beautiful and, of course, stay blessed!

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