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Meaning and Importance of Promotion in Marketing


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Promotion is Persuasive Communication

Persuasion is another goal of promotion. In other words, the promotion is persuasive communication.

Persuasion is another goal of promotion. In other words, the promotion is persuasive communication.

Meaning and Importance of Promotion

Communication performs a significant role in marketing. Communication performs the function of informing the target customer about the nature and type of the firm's product and services, their unique benefits, uses, and features as well as the price and place at which these products can be purchased. The nature of marketing communication is persuasive since it aims at influencing consumer behavior in favor of the firm's offering. These persuasive communications are commonly called, "Promotion". In the context of marketing, promotion refers to the applied communication used by marketers to exchange persuasive messages and information between the firm and its various prospective customers and the general public.

Marketing communication is an essential element of the promotion function of marketing. Effective marketing depends on the effective management of its promotion function. The effective promotion comes through effective communication. The success of products like the Hot-shot camera, Maggie 2-minute noodles, Usha fans, and UTIs scheme purely depends on the promotion function played by the respective marketing firms. Some products are failed due to the lack of effective promotion.

With the growing competition in the marketplace as well as the customers becoming better informed and more choosy, it is critical now that marketing communications of the right kind only are made to the right group of target buyers. Giving below the purpose of Promotion.

Communicating Information

The job of marketing is to identify consumers' wants and then satisfy these wants with the right kind of products, at the right place, and at the right price. The purpose of promotion in the marketing function is to convey to customers about the features of the product and how it will satisfy consumers wants or any other relevant information needed by consumers to affect sales. For example, if a refrigerator manufacturer is planning to offer an off-season discount, it is essential to communicate to potential customers about the extent of the discount, the period during which the discount is available, the name of the stores where it is available, etc. If all such information is not communicated to potential customers, lowering prices will not be beneficial to either the consumer or the manufacturer. Promotion is, thus, an essential part of the marketing function as it is essentially communication.

Promotion is Persuasive Communication: In any free enterprise system where firms develop and offer a wide range of new and better products, there are full of messages and distractions of all sorts. The consumer frequently has to select the products from a broad range of competing products. As consumers do not possess time and energy to compare the competing products physically, they turn to advertisements for product information. The present business environment is exceptionally competitive, each firm wants the customers to purchase its brand. Thus, persuasion is another goal of promotion. In other words, the promotion is persuasive communication.

Promotion Serves as a Reminder: Consider a customer who regularly buys Colgate Toothpaste or Lux Soap. Do marketers of Colgate Toothpaste, or Lux Soap advertise to appeal to such customers? The answer is yes, because even the most loyal customers must be reminded that the product has served them well over the years and about the features that make the product attractive. This is more so in an environment where competitors consistently attempt to attract the customers of competing brands with their own informative and persuasive message. Thus, in addition to informing and persuading, another significant purpose of promotion is to remind customers. This is why even when the manufactures of well-established products like Colgate, Lux, Surf, Nescafé, Lifebuoy, etc. also advertise quite extensively to sustain customer's preference for these products.

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Promotion and self-selling can be a matter of survival in the modern context. Life Coaches are doing well in this sphere nowadays, helping people to achieve their ambitions by setting goals and making lists. I see life as a kind of ladder, and the trick is to work our way up it through hard work and not darn handouts. Promotion is life-affirming to someone like me. In all aspects of life too. Great hub, well written.

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