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Marketing in a Digital World While Connecting With Local Community

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As a local business, the digital world seems extensively overwhelming. It's hard to think about competing with behemoth companies such as Amazon. However, if you understand the needs of your local community and can implement strategies in this digital age, then you can be successful. It's all about finding the balance and middle ground between the digital world and the local community. Both can be accomplished together and provide a variety of benefits for your company. You can attend local events, collaborate with other local businesses, and offer special local digital promotions on social media. In return, you'll have better engagement, receive higher traffic, and gain long-lasting customers.


Tips for Connecting With Local Community

Attend and Sponsor Local Events

One great tip for marketing your company in the local community is by connecting with other local companies and helping with their events. You might be able to provide some free product giveaways. Depending on your industry, you might also consider hosting your own event and inviting other local businesses to join you. Whatever you choose, make sure to post everything on social media! Post information about the event, how you're helping out at the event, where you'll be, and the date and time. Post pictures of the fliers the event. Post pictures of your company at the event with the other local businesses or people that you're sponsoring. Even posting pictures afterward with information about the success of the event is a great idea. Even though you're physically attending an event, you can still market it and your business digitally. Use engagement strategies by asking people to tag others that might be interested in the event or offer a special giveaway to someone who likes your pictures and attends the event. If the locals see that your business is interested and involved in their community, it will spark their interest and they will be more likely to seek you out in the future. When a need comes up that you can fix, they will remember your name and involvement.

Collaborate with Other Local Businesses


This also goes along with attending local events but it is more digitally driven. It involves reaching out to other local businesses, bloggers, or newspapers. Send them information about your company and the products and/or services that you provide. You might even consider sending them some freebies to physically handle and experience themselves. Ask them to review your products online or in their newspaper. Offer something in exchange for a feature on their blog. There are many options when collaborating with other local businesses. Be creative. Show your relevance to the local market. It will help get your name out in the community.

Offer Special Digital Promotions for Local Customers

You might consider offering a promotion or discount for local customers. Some companies offer free shipping for customers in a certain zip code or city. Some provide discount codes for those who refer someone to your business. As mentioned earlier, you can hand out free products or discounted pricing at local events for those who participate and attend. People love free and discounted things. It can be a great way to please current customers as well as gain new followers.

Benefits of Connecting With Local Community

Better Engagement

If you engage with your local community members, they will engage with you. It's as simple as that. They will recognize the unique qualities that you contribute to their community and want to be involved with your business. According to Inc., Matthew Nickols, the founder and CEO of MarketSnare, says, "Consumers want to buy from people that are local and will engage with them rather than buying from some large corporate entity." You will gain trust and support of the locals if you take the time to engage with their community.

Higher Traffic


Most people will search for products or services while they are on-the-go using their smartphone. They will be searching for something located in a certain distance from them. If you're exercising the tips listed above, you will have a lot more exposure on the internet, and especially the local internet. They will see articles and blogs written about your company story as well as the events you've attended in the community and all of the positive reviews people have left for you. The more and more information like this that customers see, the more likely they will be to choose your company and refer it to others in the area.

Long-Lasting Customers

According to Score,

People value the history of their neighborhoods – and in this fast-paced age, history happens quicker than it used to. Make sure to share your milestone moments, such as your first year in business or being recognized by local media as a "best of" prominently throughout your digital presence. These moments aren’t just for you. They’re telling your friends and neighbors that there’s something special about their community – your business!

All of these tips put together will generate long-lasting, loyal customers in your local community. Navigating your local business in the digital world within your community doesn't have to be daunting. It can be done by attending local events, collaborating with other local companies, and offering special promotions to your local customers. If you do these things, you will experience better engagement, higher traffic, and longer-lasting customers.

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