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Marketing and Your Career Opportunity

Benazir Marjan intends to use her business knowledge in the practical field through this article.


Marketing and Your Career Opportunity

This twenty first century has been blessed us with cosmic lucky chances in every aspect of our lives. Business world has been flourished, providing enormous opportunities for business graduates. In the consequence, a marketing degree will open many ways for you in your career as it is constitutive and in demand job for most of the companies. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing will be highly beneficial all over the world. Having a marking degree will specialize you in skills and techniques in relevant field which will help you to achieve higher positions in certain domain over the time.

Some precise explanation regarding marketing career opportunities are given bellow:

First, we know that any kind of need creates the opportunity for interested group of people. Then, how the marketing is a need for the companies? The answer is straight, it is 100% major issue for any kind of business (small or big), service organizations, enterprises, banks, other financial institutions, educational institutions (school, colleges and universities), hospitals, shopping malls, corporations, companies; therefore,all kinds of private, government and semi government institutions as well. Marketing informs customers about the products or services they are offering to them. Customers will be able to know about the value of their products, their usage and other related information through marketing. This is how it depicts the essential of this department for any kind of business. There is no alternative to let people know about the products and services of any particular business, which will increase sales, therefore helps to generate profit. Without profit, no business can sustain and continue for long run. Marketing is directly related to all of these aspects. As it is a vital unit, thus it needs the quality marketing graduates and experts to conduct its functions properly. This is how it creates massive job opportunities for respective degree holders with time.

Second, there are job options as marketing manager, brand manager, asset manager, corporate sales manager, media planner, media strategist, media manager, product manager, marketing promotion specialist, marketing specialist, marketing assistant, marketing associate, marketing performance analyst, marketing data base analyst, promotion director, public relations director, advertising manager and so on. Thus, marketing graduates can select their career option according to their interest and specific major background.

Third, the supreme identification, the marketing creates that is brand awareness. Brand awareness is the degree of consumer recognition of a product by its name. The process of creating brand awareness is a crucial concept and it needs huge promotion and campaign. Marketing experts and personnel are highly demanded to pursue these activities. Here, it makes a need for marketing graduates having adequate knowledge and smartness in the related field.

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Fourth, as this is the age of business and e-commerce, thus now-a-days there are lots of entrepreneurs who are trying their best to be successful in their own business. Along with investment and attractive business plan if they are marketing degree holders, there is no doubt, their knowledge will help them in their own product’s or service’s promotional activities. It will be facile for them to create brand awareness as well as making brand loyal customers. Brand loyal customers are always assets for a company. Marketing knowledgeable young entrepreneurs will come up with better marketing strategy which will keep the business profitable for long run. Once their firms will be established, they will hire more respective graduates which will be creating job opportunities for other marketing graduates with time.

Fifth, they can also pursue their career in teaching profession. Interested graduates can join in colleges or universities as faculties in marketing related subjects. It will give them a new horizon of their life. Passionate and dedicated teachers always have the ability to gift a better generation for a country.

Sixth, (last but not the least), well educated marketing graduates can start personal blogging where they can share their knowledge relating to practical field. They can come up with their unique ideas as a marketing article writer. They can encourage teenagers about why to choose marketing for their future path. This is how they can be also writers, having genuine wisdom in the related field.

Career is the part of our life where we spend time on working for income and our livelihood. Sometimes, people also continue their career only for their affection. No matter what the reason is, I believe, above six described facts are “Marketing and Your Career Opportunity”!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Benazir Marjan

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