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Master the Basics of Marketing

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The Basics

I remember first hearing of content marketing. It is the type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material. The first thing I said to myself was "since I write, it is easy for me to do" but studying it has proven that it isn't. You must understand the basics of it. Just as well as I learned that, I want to help others to do the same. In this article, I will explain the basics that any marketer needs. The basics will help you to remain focused and the result will be business growth. Additionally, it will make things a lot easier. Master the basics, and you will see great results.

Basic 1: Attract

Along with training your mind, brainstorm. This is often when marketers find the strategy. The marketers just create the right content the first time. From the start they Attract the audience they are aiming for. They gain clients, and they save time. The Business marketers have documented plans to invest more into it. Overtime, they have attracted 71% of the consumers trust companies. The companies provide useful information without trying to sell anything. The content should be for all stages of the buyers journey. A simple example is you being a business owner. No matter what your business is, you could create a blog post that supports it. Make sure that your blog caters to your audience. Many customers will prefer to consume information through the posts on the blog. Your job as the owner is to figure it all out for the audience. Delivery attracts not talent.

Basic 2: Awareness

When a product becomes available there will be higher sales that you will be able to enjoy. They will come because people will be familiar with the product. That's what Brand Awareness is supposed to do. Doing this is very challenging but that is a part of marketing. Growth is a process that all marketers have agreed to be a part of. No one in history became great at what they do without a challenge. They just studied and overcame it, and that is a marketers job. Find ways to increase the awareness.

Remember These Basics

You didn't see much ex presidents do what the outlets did for the biden campaign

You didn't see much ex presidents do what the outlets did for the biden campaign

Basics 3: Acquire

To do this you must set right goals, but if you do not the consequences maybe harsh. It will be really hard to create a solid campaign. Goals are a part of every business. The family that founded Walmart started with them. No matter what they did not have they stayed focused on their goal. The same beginnings are for other retail giants. These companies made sure to Acquire what was necessary during the time, and it all paid off. Do the same for your business. Help your customers. If they see you do it, they will join you.

Basics 4: Generate Leads

My experience Generating Leads were not easy, but I do not regret the process. It is hard work finding them and it takes dedication. I think it was hard for me the most because I did not show the dedication to begin with. I did not take advantage like I should. Things are greatly different right now, and with it I would like to assist other future marketers. Neil Patel, co-founder at Neil Patel Digital, said it best. Leads will help your business be successful. Once you get that audience you will get the leads easily. After that you will be able to market each product. You will also be able to market each service.

Basic 5: Engage

Engagement is important when you conduct business no matter what you do. You love to hear what a customer think, but do you wonder love it or not? This is where engagement comes in to solve the problem. You must engage with your audience by listening, and reading what they say to you about your brand. A simple post from you about your business on Facebook is engagement. You replying to each comment is engagement. Sometimes it is hurtful but take the criticism, and turn it into better. Engagement takes a lot of patience creativity, consistency, and a great effort. On a team it needs a unified effort but the same thing.

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Basic 6: Reduce Cost

Enterprises are aware of the expenses needed, and they have it ready. They have invested in their vision for years and love doing it now. They also know that times have changed, and that things are not easy. Small and semi big businesses are hurting. They are settling for low quality products because they cannot afford the good ones. Since they cannot, some just feel it is right to just give up. Luckily, there are enterprises that will reveal how to Reduce Costs, so businesses could grow. Brafton, a content marketing agency in the U. S, has revealed a few important stats about content marketing. Great content could reduce the cost per lead by as much as 63%. Not writing great content is very costly.



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Peter Drucker was German. He was born on November 19, 1909. On November 11, 2005 he passed away. He was an Australian born American Management consultant, educator, and author. His writings often contributed to the modern business corporation. He was a great model around the world. Over the years he has won awards that proved his worth. He passed away in California. Before passing, he left marketers a statement that they should always live by. He simply said "IF YOU CAN MEASURE IT, YOU CAN IMPROVE IT". Improving your ads is what any marketer must do. To do that you must track your conversions. Attribute them back to your ads. Everyone needs growth and marketers need it for sure.

There are many success stories discussing how facebook marketing has help many. There are also many that think it is a waste of time. Dr.Edward, the Healing Vet, is one of those people. He tried it and did not have success. Despite this fact, he had success in treating animals. He has developed this method for over 20 years. he gave up trying but he did not stop pushing the product. I agree, it is a challenge but life alone is. You have to continue living right? Continue trying. Do not give up and if you do, be like Dr.Edwards and find ways to promote your product. Make your ad better the next time. One thing that I have learned is that the failure is not failing itself. it is staying down after it. Those who have chosen to stick with it were determined to make it better. Eventually, they mastered it. Dr. Edwards did not master it but he mastered something else. If you're going to give up on facebook ads for your product do give up on the product itself.


The basics must be considered before starting but it goes a lot further. They make marketing a lot easier. The road to having a successful career in marketing takes a lot of work. You must create simple content that all of your readers understand, and you will also want to go deeper. Jodi Harris, Journalist, published an article that echoed similar. That proper way should be the goal of any marketer. Each goal has a metric assigned to it so that you could track the progress of it overtime. This goal is guaranteed to result in any measurable benefit for your business. The basics of content marketing are pretty easy to understand. As you see above there basics are easily defined. That is actually the way that I wanted it to be, it is so simple that a lot of content is not needed so you understand the message. The Basics make things a lot easier.

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