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Make Money Online With Clipclaps


I am a student who tries different ways to make money online during this pandemic.

Clipclaps: Earn Money Watching Videos


Where can I get Clipclap app?

ClipClaps can be downloaded via playstore by searching "ClipClaps - Reward For Laughs". Additionally, you can use a code to earn an extra 0.02 USD on sign up. You can use a friend's code or if you don't have anyone who uses the app, you can use mine which I will place here: 8243951305.

How to earn using ClipClaps?

First, we should discuss ClapCoins which is the currency used in the application. When you earn ClapCoins you can exchange them for cash and the exchange rate is 100,000 ClapCoins = 1 USD. Aside from using ClapCoins, you can also earn raffle tickets to participate in a raffle for different rewards depending on which ticket you use. There are several ways to earn ClapCoins and raffle tickets using the app. The first is, watch videos uploaded by other users. Watching videos for a specific amount of time gives out a chest that you can open to earn ClapCoins and also raffle entries. Video watching rewards have a limit per day so you need to rely on the other methods to earn chests. Aside from watching, you can also be the one to upload videos that will undergo a review before it can earn claps depending on how many claps you get.

Watching Video


There is also a lucky spin that you can spin daily to get ClapCoins, chest, or even cash. Additionally, there is also a mega spin that can be used once per week and guarantees a cash reward. Additional spins can be obtained when sharing the app with other people.

Lucky Spins


Aside from watching videos, there are also games that you can play to earn more ClapCoins. However, there are only two games I recommend that you play which are: the Coin Cat and Aquarium because it takes less time to play and earn.

Earn More Playing Games


In Coin Cat, you just fuse two cats of the same level and you get a higher-level one. This game gives ClapCoins when you get a cat of higher level for the first time and also when you manage to collect the rare cats from the list. There is also some daily task that gives ClapCoins on the game, such as buying cats and logging in the game.

In Aquarium, all you need to do is buy some fishes using pearls and raise them. Afterwards, fishes can be sold to earn ClapCoins. Aside from that, there is a free golden fish which is given by the game when you start playing. This golden fish can be sold to earn cash in USD directly when selling it. The prices of the fishes sold will be depending on its kind and its level. Aside from selling the fishes, you will also earn while feeding them since they drop pearls and ClapCoins when they level up.

Bounty Task


There are also bounty tasks that you can do to earn more ClapCoins. Bounty task will ask you to download apps and finish a specific level on the application and you will gain the ClapCoins specified. You can pick whichever is convenient for your time and also what app would you like to try.

Financial Plan


Lastly, I want to introduce to you the financial plans which is what I used to earn more ClapCoins. This method is an investment of ClapCoins where you will give a specific amount of ClapCoins and it will return more to you after a specified amount of time. All you need to do here is place your ClapCoins on the financial plan and wait until the countdown is over. The interest of the financial plan varies depending on how long it is, the longer the wait the better amount you get.

Proof of Withdrawal


Is ClipClaps legit?

I have withdrawn from ClipClaps twice already. First is the free 0.1 USD that you will get after downloading and using the app and another 10 USD which I have earned while using their application. There are different options that you can use when you want to withdraw your money. But, I will discuss methods available in the Philippines where I use this application.

1. PayPal (minimum cashout: $15). I used Paypal on the free $0.1 withdrawal. The transaction was smooth and fast. Got the money in my PayPal after a day.

2. Mobile Recharge (minimum cashout: Php 500.00 or $10.93). Since my registered number is from the Philippines, the system automatically shows the minimum withdrawal in Philippine Peso.

3. Gcash (minimum cashout: $15). Right now it shows a $15 minimum cashout, but in my first cashout, I managed to withdraw $10. I will send a message to app developers to ask about it and will update you in the comments. My first withdraw in this method was a smooth transaction. I got the money 2 days after my withdrawal request.

4. Paymaya (minimum cashout: $15). It is also an application similar to Gcash but I haven't tested this method so I cannot give feedback on this method.


ClipClaps is legit way to earn money online during your free time, especially during the pandemic that we are facing right now. It can earn you some money but it will depend on how much time you spend on the application. Also patience is required since it won't give you a lot of money right after using the app. Of course it would take more time to gain ClapCoins and convert it to dollars that you can cashout. If you have anymore questions hit me up in the comment section.

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Dont want to be named on January 21, 2021:

I started using this app and it is also available in app store. The financial plan as well as the games are what I enjoy the most. Hoping to get $10 soon so I can also cashout. Anyway, thank you for this info.

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