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Making Your Website Into an Income Stream


We are living in the digital era and ATMs are slowly becoming obsolete, with the help of online banking and cloud storage. Online banking has become a beehive for entrepreneurs and has gained stardom in the 21st century. Your computer can be your personal ATM.

Now, the question that everyone is asking is HOW? How to turn your website into a gradual and passive income stream? The answer is quite simple and that is to immerse yourself in the world of internet marketing. An internet marketing business is not only profitable but it can be started quickly and inexpensively.


What is the first thing you need to do to start an internet marketing business? You need to build a website that will reach millions of potential customers around the world.

There are hundreds of programs, companies, and offers. If you are not familiar with the internet infrastructure, it can be difficult to find a suitable company to host your website. It's very easy to choose a hosting service and domain name, below I will explain in detail the procedure to do so.


First and foremost, you will need a domain name. A domain name is a text that users enter into the Internet to access a website. Think carefully about your domain name so that it relates to your product or service. If you have a domain name, you need to make sure it hasn't been used. You can type it into your internet browser and see what appears. However, we recommend that you check this with a recommended domain provider.


Now, I'm not here to give you certain names of host providers or domain services, but I can give you the method on how to acquire the best services possible for your target audiences.

When searching for a domain or web hosting service, do research on the reviews and testimonials of other people who have used their services, and then compare and see if it fits your business model. Also please keep in mind before venturing into the internet marketing world, it would be wise to use the basic web hosting service and slowly upgrade when you need to.

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When buying a domain name, make sure you only buy the domain name which has no extras. a lot of companies that supply domains have a tendency to inflate the prices of these services when you can find much cheaper ones on different sites.

Buying a domain and naming it according to your business niche is very important. I can't stress this enough as it can be a very tedious task to change your domain name once you have your business up and running.


Now we will come to the subject of emails. It is very important to have a unique IP address so that your email is not blocked by spammers with the same IP address. Many top-ranked web services also offer excellent customer support over the phone and some of them even have 24/7 online chat support.

Some web services also offer an "email tracker" feature that allows you to track your emails, but beware as most of these services are usually placed in the premium section of the packages.

You will need analytical services that will provide information about the deliverability of all the emails you have sent. This information will help you coordinate your marketing efforts.

Next, you will need to set up a "smart answering machine". A smart autoresponder automatically sends emails or forms to users to obtain their personal information. Make sure your answering machine captures information such as first name, last name, email address, timestamp, and date.

An effective intelligent answering machine is called "Auto Responder Plus" and can be found at many third-party services online for cheap. Auto Responder Plus is a software that you can download to your web hosting account.

Once you have these tools, you are ready to build your website. Just a quick reminder that this is just the beginning of the how to start up and implement an online business. There are many avenues to online marketing. A few examples are selling products online on a well-known platform, like Amazon or eBay. Selling your services as a virtual assistant or a security consultant etc...

I will try my best to follow up on this article in the near future, so I can further go into detail and clarify the road map for people who are interested in the subject.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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