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Make Money by Writing: Be Paid to Write a Book Review on 7 Magazines and Websites in 2021


Are you a book aficionado? If so, this article will appeal to you because it allows you to read hundreds of books for free while also earning money. Many websites and magazines provide book reviews, but they rarely hire and compensate new reviewers. Here are seven magazines and websites that will pay up to $60 to write a book review in 2021, so don't miss out on this chance to do what you love while also getting paid for it.

Magazines and Websites Pay for Writing a Book Review in 2021

1. BookPage

BookPage is a monthly book review publication given to 400,000 readers through subscribing to public libraries and bookstores. It provides a comprehensive overview of the greatest new books published each month.

If you're interested in reviewing for them, fill out the form on their website's contact page.


The Book Report is a network that aims to provide readers with thoughtful book reviews, compelling features, excerpts of the hottest new releases, in-depth author profiles and interviews, contests, and more.

If you're interested in working as a reviewer, is a great place to start. All you have to do is fill out a form on their website that includes one or two sample reviews of a book you've enjoyed reading. Their reviews are typically 500-750 words long, with a summary of the book followed by your opinion about themes, characters, settings, and so on.

If they are interested in your request, they will contact you; otherwise, you will not hear from them.

3. New Letters

New Letters is one of America's oldest literary publications, continuing to publish award-winning poetry and fiction. Photographs, drawings, paintings, and even, at times, photographs of three-dimensional work are published in this literature and art magazine.

New Letters is generally, but not entirely, concerned with reviewing excellent books (as well as films and visual art) that might otherwise go unnoticed by the national press. They also like books that have something important to say about culture, politics, aesthetics, or any kind of art; that includes scholarly, critical, or biographical books that could find a non-specialized readership.

A single-book review is usually 500 to 900 words lengthy, but essay reviews of groups are longer. Negative reviews can be included in reviews, but they prefer to ignore the book if the review is especially negative.

Pay rate: Payment for a book review is usually $25; however, payment is not guaranteed and is made as their resources allow.

4. has been a free site for readers for over ten years.

They urge everyone who appreciates reading to become a book reviewer on their site. To do so, you must first register, after which you must choose one of their available books to read and review. Keep in mind that they will not pay you for this review, and they will award you points and determine your level based on it, so read the review guidelines carefully before submitting your review.

Your level is important since you can review books for big pay if you have a high level. You may earn additional points and level up by participating in their activities and engaging with them on social media.

Pay rate: $5-$60 for each book, plus a daily giveaway of $20 for two lucky winners.

5. Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly, or PW, is a weekly news magazine focused on the book publishing business. It offers news and feature pieces on many parts of the book business, including bestseller lists and industry statistics, but its most well-known service is pre-publication book reviews.

If you're interested in reviewing for PW, send an email to

6. Readers' Favorite

Readers' Favorite is a website run by and for authors. Their staff, as well as nearly all of their 1,000+ reviewers, are all authors who have banded together to create a great set of resources to help other authors thrive.

They provide quality reviews that give authors the feedback they need. Professional proofreading, editing, and critiquing services are also available to them. They also offer hundreds of free articles to help authors navigate today's often challenging and changing literary landscape.

They're looking for book reviewers with good writing abilities, so if you're interested; fill out the form on their website. You must submit a 1-2 paragraph biography about yourself, along with a sample review of at least 250 words, as well as a reason for wanting to be a reviewer. It can be about any book you've read, but it can't be a review you've already written and placed online. The review must be divided into two paragraphs, the first of which should contain a summary of the book and the second of which should contain your opinions of the story.

Pay rate: Because they consider this position to be essentially a volunteer role, they pay a modest amount for each review and a little more for Express reviews. In addition, they award $100 to a lucky reviewer who wins a raffle-style giveaway once a month.

7. Reedsy discovery

Reedsy Discovery is an online platform that connects authors with readers and reviewers. It allows authors to get a write-up from an experienced reviewer and be directly promoted to fans of their genre on Reedsy's ever-growing list of keen readers.

If you want to work as a reviewer for Discovery, you must fill out a form on their website, where you must include a brief profile and explain why you are a good fit for this platform. You should also provide links to the sites where you publish your reviews, as well as a link to your favorite review.

Pay rate: It depends on how much readers appreciate your work; if they do, they can send you $1, $3, or $5. Keep in mind that they use Stripe to process payments, which isn't available in every country.

How to Write a Successful Review

If you aren't a professional writer, you might benefit from the following tips:

1- Read reviews published on the magazine or website you wish to submit to and try to write in their style.

2- Use Grammarly or any other tool you like to double-check your spelling and grammar before submitting your review.

3- Check for plagiarism in your review using Grammarly, and if you need to paraphrase some parts of your review, use Quillbot.

Finally, best of luck to everyone.

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