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Make Money by Writing: Be Paid to Write About Pets and Animals on 15 Magazines and Websites in 2021-Part 2


This is part 2 of the article “Make Money by Writing: Be Paid to Write About Pets and Animals on 15 Magazines and Websites in 2021," which lists 15 magazines and websites that will pay up to $600 to writers or anybody interested in writing about pets and animals in 2021.

Magazines and Websites Pay for Writing About Pets and Animals in 2021

9. American Falconry

American Falconry is a quarterly magazine published by practicing falconers, that is dedicated solely to the sport of falconry. The latest techniques in training, captive breeding, and dog handling are all covered in American Falconry's informative publications. Additional pieces include humor, adventure, personal viewpoints, and information for both the expert and beginner.

If you're interested in writing for them, send your story to

Pay rate: Payment for articles starts at $100. The exact amount will depend on length, photos included, amount of editing needed, and notoriety of the author.

10. Hoof Beats magazine

Hoof Beats, a monthly harness racing magazine, is one of the most widely read in the world. Each issue of Hoof Beats is jam-packed with full-color photographs, in-depth features, essays, and stories about the Standardbred industry.

If you're interested in writing for them, you should be aware that first–time freelance writers should submit a typed or emailed (preferred) query letter explaining the proposed story idea as well as writing samples. Submissions may be sent to Hoof Beats 6130 S. Sunbury Rd., Westerville, OH 43081-9309 [or email ] and must include the author’s name, address and phone number.

Pay rate: Payment is made upon publication and ranges from $100 (departments) to $500 (features). Photo fees are negotiated. They purchase first North American Rights and non-exclusive electronic rights.

11. CORAL AND AMAZONAS magazines

CORAL is the world's leading marine aquarium magazine, with over 100 nations reading it in English, whereas AMAZONAS is the world's leading freshwater-only aquarium magazine. Both magazines are issued six times a year, bi-monthly by REEF to RAINFOREST, and are accessible in high-quality print and digital editions.

If you're interested in contributing to their publications, prepare a query to the editor outlining your suggestion for an article or series of articles in brief. Include your qualifications for writing the article in your cover letter. A modest selection of your low-resolution photographs available to accompany the article; an introduction to the proposed piece; samples of your published work are all possible additions to a query.

Only original content should be sent to James Lawrence, Editor & Publisher, at If you haven't heard back from them after four weeks, send a reminder email.

Pay rate: Payments vary between $100 and $600 for each article, based on length, intricacy, the author's experience, and whether or not images are included with the text. For an article with photographs, first-time contributors can expect to get paid $300 to $350. Full features with photographs from known, recurrent contributors are priced at $500-$600.

12. The Chronicle of the Horse magazine

The Chronicle of the Horse is a magazine that covers topics like horse care, sporting events, breeds, and equestrian athletes, both animal & human, and provides news coverage of national and international sport horse competitions. It includes everything from competition results to compelling features and thought-provoking commentary.

If you want to write for them, you can do so in one of the categories below:

1. News stories: Before covering any competition, make sure you clear the assignment with them. They won't accept news items unless they've been cleared in advance by an editor (, so you'll need to contact them ahead of time.

2.Feature Articles: Profiles are the most common type of feature article. The topic is a rider, trainer, or other individual participating in the horse world, and the writer explores the subject's accomplishments, personality, and motivation in one unified article. Before going on an interview for them, they suggest writing a query letter. Send articles and queries to

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Pay rate: News stories with approx.1,500 words are paid $165-$220 and feature articles with approx. 1,500-2,500 words are paid $150-$400.

13. Just Labs magazine

Just Labs is a dog magazine dedicated to the family Labrador Retriever, whether black, yellow or chocolate. Every issue has articles on health, training, dog accessories, and equipment, as well as stories about Labs and their owners.

Breeding/genetics; puppy issues; Labs as service dogs; caring, feeding and health; history; legal issues; photo essays of Labs being Labs are among the key topics covered in feature stories (600-1000 words) for their website. If you want to write for them, send your work to Jillian LaCross, Web Editor, at

Pay rate: $0.10/word upon posting on the website.

14. Horse Network

Horse Network is a digital publishing platform for horse enthusiasts where they can learn from the pros, keep up with the latest news, ask questions, and contribute to making the horse world a more connected and open place.

Horse Network attempts to cover all aspects of the horse community, big and small. However, they usually fall into one of these categories:

News: Up-to-date news in the world of horses.

Sports: Current equestrian issues, athlete profiles, and in-depth interviews.

Health: Expert advice, news, stories, tips, and techniques.

Lifestyle: For the equestrian enthusiast, fashion, trends, home décor, and more.

Laugh: Jokes, parodies, and humorous posts.

Learn: Field training tips, advice, and experiences.

Opinion: Personal thoughts on current and contentious equestrian issues.

They welcome submissions from everyone, even if your topic isn't listed in their categories. In any case, send your story to, and they'll find a spot for it.

15. Modern farmer

Modern Farmer is a digital publication that covers all aspects of farming that are of interest to farmers, wannabe farmers, chefs, and passionate home cooks.

Modern Farmer is continuously on the lookout for dynamic, global, and surprising journalism about food and lifestyle, people, politics, plants, animals, and agricultural technology. If you are interested in writing for them, send your story ideas to

Before you pitch, familiarize yourself with the style of these publications and carefully read their guidelines. Some of them ask you to submit a bio and links to past works, so make sure you meet all of the requirements and best of luck to everyone.

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