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Make Money by Writing: Be Paid to Write About Food on 15 Magazines and Websites in 2021-Part 2


This is part 2 of the article “Make Money by Writing: Be Paid to Write About Food on 15 Magazines and Websites in 2021," which lists 15 magazines and websites that will pay up to $300 to writers or anybody interested in food and cooking to write articles about food-related themes in 2021.

Magazines and Websites Pay for Writing About Food in 2021

8. Kitchen Work

Kitchen Work is a quarterly journal about what we eat and drink and how we do it. They're interested in stories about fine dining as well as stories about your mother's corned beef or a 14-year-old’s impressions of her school lunches. Any submissions relevant to kitchen work are, of course, quite welcome.

If you are interested in writing for them, send your pitches to

Pay rate: Writers of accepted submissions are paid $0.10 per word and illustrators are paid $100 per accepted illustration.

9. Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer is a digital publication that covers all aspects of farming that are of interest to farmers, wannabe farmers, chefs, and passionate home cooks.

Modern Farmer is continuously on the lookout for dynamic, global, and surprising journalism about food and lifestyle, people, politics, plants, animals, and agricultural technology.

If you are interested in writing for them, send your story ideas to

10. Munchies Food by Vice

Munchies, the food platform of Vice magazine, covers everything from kitchen technology to recipes to sustainability.

Because most Vice Digital editors want to work with you on shaping the story, they don't encourage delivering finished drafts.

Instead, write an email with a brief pitch and send it to for culture, music, entertainment, and food pitches, for science, technology, and gaming pitches, for lifestyle pitches, and for photo essays.

11. San Antonio Current

San Antonio Current is a free weekly alternative online newspaper. Investigative journalism, political commentary, and critical coverage of local, music, food, and culture are the main emphases of this publication.

San Antonio Current is looking for talented and qualified freelancers. If you're interested in freelancing for them, contact Lea Thompson, food and nightlife editor, with a brief cover letter, CV, two relevant writing examples, and at least one article pitch.

For new writers, they might assign an article on ''Spec,'' which implies you must submit a completed article. They will publish it and pay you if they like it. If they don't, the piece will not be published, and you will not be compensated.

12. Saveur Magazine

Saveur is an online gourmet, food, wine, and travel magazine that focuses on writings about different world cuisines. It is a comprehensive resource for cooking, entertaining, and food travel across the world. Bring home the best recipes, drinks, seasonal dishes, and ideas from around the world.

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Saveur accepts submissions from writers who want to tell amazing stories about food and travel. A brief explanation of the proposed piece should be included in your query, as well as some indication of how you intend to carry out the reporting. Links to previous work may also be beneficial. They read every query, but only those that are taken seriously will receive a response. Queries from writers should be sent to

13. The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a web-based daily food magazine that celebrates life in the kitchen by focusing on home cooking and kitchen intelligence.

The Kitchen is written by a small, consistent team of freelancers who do not accept unsolicited freelance submissions at this time. They do, however, hire from time to time, so keep an eye on their Job Listings by clicking here for future openings.

14. Today's Dietitian Magazine

Today's Dietitian is a professional news magazine for dietitians and nutritionists. The publication covers the most recent clinical issues, career development strategies, food and technology trends, and research advancements that have an impact on professional practice today and in the future.

Today's Dietitian welcomes articles on all topics of interest to the nutrition profession. Submission of letters to the editor, queries for profiles of exceptional dietitians, features, and submission to the departments listed below are all encouraged:

Food for Thought: Articles on a variety of topics relevant to the profession.

Bookshelf: Reviews of books written by, for, about, and concerning dietitians.

Community Matters: Stories of dietitians who use their knowledge to help others.

If you are interested in writing for them, send your pitches to the editor at

15. Travel + Leisure Magazine

Travel + Leisure is a leisure travel magazine that regularly features articles from novelists, poets, artists, designers, and non-travel journalists.

Many getaways revolve around – if not entirely around – food and drink. Travel + Leisure's editors and writers are constantly on the lookout for the best food and drink across the world, whether it's the most gratifying street cuisine or the most exquisite instances of fine dining.

If you're a writer with a story idea, you can send it to them by clicking here.

Before you pitch, familiarize yourself with the style of these magazines and websites and carefully read their guidelines. Some of them ask you to submit a bio and links to past works, so make sure you meet all of the requirements and best of luck to everyone.


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