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Make Money by Writing: Be Paid to Write About Food on 15 Magazines and Websites in 2021-Part 1


Get paid to write about the foods you eat and the meals you prepare. Yes, your easy scrumptious recipes, traditional meals that reflect your country's culture, and knowledge of good restaurants in your country or when traveling are all valuable assets that enable you to make money.

Magazines and Websites Pay for Writing About Food in 2021

1. Best Pickist

Best Pickist is a collection of buying and user instructions for a wide range of products. They regularly offer useful tips, how-to guides, expert interviews, expert round-ups, product reviews, and informative articles.

They're always on the lookout for qualified, experienced home and lifestyle writers who share their objective of providing honest, inclusive, expert-backed advice that leaves readers feeling informed, empowered, and understood.

They have food-related areas such as cooking tips, recipes, and healthy food, so if you're interested in writing for them, you can apply as a paid writer here, where you may set your own pricing per 100 words.

2. Bon Apetit Magazine

Bon Apetit is a monthly American food and entertainment magazine that features recipes, restaurant recommendations, entertaining ideas, and wine reviews. Many of their service-driven and recipe-focused content is written by their staff, but they rely on freelancers for a lot more: reported features, trend stories, and opinion pieces. Writers should have extensive knowledge of the topics they want to write about.

If you are interested in writing for them, send your pitches to for restaurant content, for lifestyle and culture content, and for Highly Recommend, with “PITCH” as the first word in the subject line

Send them a friendly follow-up email if you haven't heard from them after two weeks.

Pay rate: Standard rates begin at $250 for Restaurant Diaries, Highly Recommend, and other short-form entries running 300-500 words, and go up from there as determined by word count, experience, and the complexity and/or amount of reporting in the piece.

3. Eater

Eater is a national publication devoted to covering, reporting on, and critically exploring the world of food and drink, with a focus on restaurants. Eater explores how food and culture collide in travel, film and television, trends, shopping, policy, and how people cook and eat at home.

Journalists, writers, academics, and other individuals from various backgrounds are invited to submit pitches to Eater. Food and restaurants are among the most dynamic and effective lenses for storytelling, and Eater loves hearing from writers whose interests, experiences, and areas of expertise originate outside of the food world.

If you're interested in writing for them, send your pitches to or to

Pay rate: not specified, although they did say that all accepted stories are paid at competitive rates based on the scope and type of work.

4. EatingWell Magazine

EatingWell is a food magazine that focuses on eating healthfully. Their readers are interested in food origins and societal issues relating to food networks, in addition to cooking and nutrition science. They value eating traditions and culture.

If you are interested in writing for EatingWell, send your pitches to with "EatingWell Magazine Pitch" and the appropriate department in the subject line.

Send them a friendly follow-up email if you haven't heard from them after a couple of weeks.

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Pay rate: Accepted submissions are paid up to $1/word

5. Eat Your World

Eat Your World is a global guide to regional foods and drinks based on the idea that what you eat is depends on where you are. The purpose of EYW is to highlight foods and beverages that are native or traditional to specific regions across the world, a+nd to advise readers where they may get them.

For the EYW Blog: Eat Your World is looking for a few eager food/travel writers to work with.

EYW sometimes assign paid, original articles as a result of a successful pitch ($25-$50, depending on length and scope). Anything that has to do with a local-food angle is fair game, though they do have a few regular columns in place:

Trips (food-related stories, i.e., a narrative about tracking down a slew of local foods), Recipes From Afar (recipes of foods encountered while traveling, with backstory), Roundups (e.g., Top 3/10 Local Eats in UK City), Dish Spotlights (short tributes to one particularly quintessential dish from a destination)., Q&As (e.g., short interviews with local food producers around the world), Origins (explorations of where certain foods come from).

They are particularly interested in researched narrative pieces with a personal cultural angle--an ode to a favorite food from your culture or hometown, for example.

If you are interested in writing for them, send your pitches to

For EYW destination guides: If you're a writer who considers yourself a good photographer, live in a city that isn't covered on EYW, and know the food scene inside and out, pitch them a new destination guide that includes well-researched entries for What to Eat, How to Burn It Off, and Where to Stay, as well as an introduction and high-quality photos, send them your pitch. EYW destination guides are paid more than the blog ($200-$350, based on how many food entries are assigned) since it demands more effort. If you're interested, send an email to introducing yourself, your city, and your work.

They also invite everyone to participate by posting their own regional cuisine images and writing about their best culinary memories. They might hire you if you impress them with your coverage.

Pay rate:

For the EYW Blog: accepted submissions are paid $25-$50, depending on length and scope

For EYW destination guides: accepted submissions are paid $200-$350, based on how many food entries are assigned.

6. Extra Crispy

Extra Crispy is all about breakfast, brunch, and morning culture. Extra Crispy brings you the greatest breakfast recipes and brunch cocktails, as well as food news, foodie travel ideas, cooking hacks, and more.

Opinion articles, reported stories, personal essays, works of humor, illustrated narratives, original recipes, and unique perspectives on the beloved morning meal are all welcome at Extra Crispy. Restaurant reviews, on the other hand, are not welcomed.

If you're interested in writing for them, send your pitches to or click here.

Send them a friendly follow-up email if you haven't heard from them after a week or two.

7. Gastronomica

Gastronomica is an international, interdisciplinary journal that publishes work that promotes our understanding and appreciation of the most serious issues in the world of food, and invites critical debate and commentary from a wide range of audiences throughout the world. As a result, they welcome submissions from all fields and perspectives and encourage clear, vivid, and jargon-free language — whether for Scholarly, Food Phenomena, or Review submissions.

All Scholarly and Food Phenomena pieces should be submitted through their online submission platform, ScholarOne. All book, film, and television reviews, as well as any other media platforms such as visual expositions or podcasts, should be sent to

Because the article is so long, part 1 will come to an end here. If you want to read the rest of the 15 magazines and websites, go to part 2.

Finally, before you pitch, familiarize yourself with the style of these magazines and websites and carefully read their guidelines. Some of them require a bio and links to previous work, so make sure you meet all of the conditions, and good luck to everyone.

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