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Make Money by Writing: 10 Websites and Agencies for Freelance Writers in 2021


Are you seeking clients who would pay you for your writing skills as a freelance writer? If that's the case, this essay is for you. Here are ten websites and agencies where you can meet companies and business owners who are looking for freelance writers to assist them in growing their businesses by writing great content. You can find jobs not simply to write a blog or an article but also to assist business owners in creating interesting social media postings, case studies attesting to the quality of their products, and website copy that will keep readers coming back for more.

10 Websites and Agencies for Freelance Writer to Make Money in 2021

1. Constant content

To work on Constant content, you must fulfill the following steps:

1. Creating your writer’s account

2. Completing the registration form

3. Continue to the quiz: All writers must take a short, five-question quiz on English usage, grammar and other content creation topics. You will need to get a pass rate of 80%.

4. Submit a writing sample: When you’ve completed the quiz, they will give you a random topic for an article. If you’re not comfortable with the random topic they’ve selected, you can request a different one.

Once you’ve submitted your application, they will review it and inform you if you’ve been successful within five working days. If you are successful, they’ll email a confirmation link to you, which means you can start writing on Constant Content.

5. Open a PayPal account if you don’t have one since it is the only payment method they use.

6. Complete your profile and bio.

2. Contently

Contently is an agency that connects businesses directly with vetted writers. Contently works with only the highest quality writers, even if the niche is incredibly small.

3. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing is one of the best platforms on the web for both businesses and freelance writers to discover high-paying tasks and earn money writing.

To work on this platform, all you have to do is sign up at Freelance Writing so you can access high-paying writing jobs.

4. Mediabistro

Mediabistro is the best job board, community, and career destination for media and content professionals.

Writers, graphic designers, copywriters, editors, researchers, and content editors can all find work on the Mediabistro job board. If you want to apply for a job on their board, you must first register on their website.

5. ProBlogger

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ProBlogger is a job board where businesses can find writers. The quality of the writers on ProBlogger is high, and freelancers typically have several years of experience creating content. ProBlogger has a smaller reach than Upwork but tends to have higher quality writers overall.

At this board, you don't need to subscribe or make a portfolio; you apply immediately for the job.

6. The Writer Finder

The Writer Finder is an agency that links companies with professional freelance writers. The team at The Writer Finder searches through the database of experienced writers to connect the business owners with one that suits their business needs and content topics.

If you wish to work with them, you must first register as a writer and submit three links to your essay examples.

7. Topcontent

To join this platform, you don’t need to have experience, but you must be proficient in the language that you are writing in.

You have to pass a screening quiz to confirm that you meet the minimum standards for grammar. If you fail, you can’t join this platform nor apply again.

You can choose the topic of task you want to write about it but just bear in mind that the more open you are to different topics, the more opportunity you will have to write frequently with them.

After accepting a task, you will have two hours to begin working on it. If no work is accomplished within two hours, it will be presumed that you do not intend to finish this assignment by the deadline, and it will be dropped and returned to the Task Board.

To get paid, you need to:

1. Add your payment details to your profile.

2. Have a minimum of €48 to be paid out.

Payment methods: Skrill and Bank Transfer. If these payment methods are not available in your country, another payment method will be made available for you.

8. 24writers

24writers hires writers from all over the world with English level C1 and higher. To become one of their writers, follow the few simple steps:

1. Register via Facebook.

2. Verify your phone number: They send you a verification code to the phone number linked to the Facebook page you register with.

3. Complete a 300-word test task within 24 hours after pressing the “Start the Test Task” button.

4. Verify your identity by sending them a scan of your ID and a photo of you holding your ID next to your face.

5. Complete your 1st test order: You have to write a 3-page task with a 3-days deadline.

It takes 3–6 business days to pass the application process.

Your salary at this platform depends on the number of pages written, task complexity, and urgency.

You will be paid twice per month once you reach the minimum release payout.

Payment method: Payoneer Wire Transfer or Payoneer prepaid card.

9. WriterAccess

WriterAccess is a platform that has a database of freelance writers to help business owners connect with content creators.

To work on this platform, all you have to do is create a free online portfolio, and then you may interact with clients of various sizes immediately.

10. Writers Weekly is one of the oldest sites on freelance writing. It has been published continuously (every week) since 1997. It’s part of the, Inc. family of businesses, which includes POD and ebook publisher, Abuzz Press, and Pub Preppers.

You can find countless job opportunities for writers at You can also submit your articles to them and earn money, but you must first sign up for WritersWeekly, which is entirely free.

They are not looking for how-to-write articles. Instead, they are looking for articles that will teach them how to make more money by writing.

Before sending your piece, you must submit a query using a specified format on their website, and they will respond within one week.

They pay $60 for original material with around 600 words and $30 for reprints. They only use PayPal as a payment method.

In this article, I tried to focus on websites that freelance writers can join or subscribe to for free, but if you want to join websites that charge a fee, you can apply to Upwork or the Contena platform. In the end, I wish everyone the best of luck.

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