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List of Must-Know Twitter Management Tools for Businesses and Individuals

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List of Must-Know Twitter Management Tools for Businesses and Individuals

List of Must-Know Twitter Management Tools for Businesses and Individuals

A Google search will give you plenty of options on how to manage your Twitter account in every way possible. Certainly, you have million of Twitter tools available on the web, but which one of these best complement your social media marketing strategy, especially when your business is just in its initial stage.

Undoubtedly, at this stage, it is comparatively difficult to accelerate your business growth. However, it doesn’t mean there is no chance. Obviously, there is. Twitter has an average of 300 million active monthly users. You just need to pull a few numbers out of them for your business.

Additionally, Twitter’s algorithms are classy enough to help you reach most of your target audience organically. Whether you use free or paid tools, both of them can help you receive your first hundred or thousand followers in a short time.



Tools to Schedule Posts on Twitter

You are a busy professional and can’t manage your time to post regularly on Twitter. There’s nothing to worry about for the following post scheduler will not only help you post your tweets but also give you a full analytical report for each of your posts. You can schedule dozens of posts in a single go to be published automatically. Just spend a couple of minutes and you’re done. Here are the best post schedulers for Twitter:

  1. PromoRepublic: PromoRepublic provides one of the best scheduling tools. Besides scheduling, it also helps you with content creation, analytics, and post publishing. It works with almost every major social media channel. It also gives you suggestions about the best hours to post your content.
  2. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is one of the most renowned and oldest marketing tools. It gives you Twitter-specific suggestions such as other Twitter users while scheduling your posts. Hootsuite is very detailed with its reports and is the perfect answer for every social media management question.
  3. Buffer: Buffer is also a highly renowned tool that helps you to create a social share schedule. It has lots of options regarding integrations, extensions, and extras to fasten your post scheduling task in no time.


Tools to Follow & Unfollow on Twitter

Following and unfollowing is the easiest way to increase your following. While doing so, your following count may increase to a length, you may find it difficult to know who unfollowed you recently. To simplify your job, here is a list of the best Twitter management tools that help you tackle the above problem:

  1. Tweepi: Tweepi is an AI integrated tool that suggests the most suitable tweets to better engage with other users. It also gives you a feature where you can scan the list of accounts that are related to your followers. According to research by marketing experts, Tweepi can help you increase your followers by 100 a day.
  2. DoesFollow: DoesFollow works complete justice to its name. Through this tool, you can find out who follows whom just by typing their usernames in the amiable boxes.
  3. ManageFlitter: ManageFlitter is enriched with many useful features to make your presence felt on Twitter. Besides post-scheduling and scanning analytical reports, you can follow and unfollow an unlimited number of times. It also gives you statistics of each of your followers such as location, language, last tweet, and location. You can also check if they follow you back.
  4. is a great free tool available to grow the Twitter community through monitoring, analytics, and insights into the best-curated content. It also lets you follow and unfollow other users. It enables you to better understand your followers and build better relations with them.
  5. Twindr: Twindr is an iOS app that works according to Tinder, but good for Twitter as well. You just need to follow two things. First, swipe left to unfollow, and second swipe right to keep following.


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Tools to Analyze Marketing Strategy

Before proceeding further, you must know how to make use of Twitter in-built analytical tools. Visit to view your profile analytics from the last 28 days. The page covers almost every important aspect of your profile. To know more, you can also make use of the following tools:

  1. Daily 140: Daily 140 is made for Twitter-only users. The main feature of this tool is to provide you with information about three people you are concerned about. You just need to choose three people and the tool will keep you informed about their daily activities through email services.
  2. Twitonomy: Twitonomy is said to be the best Twitter app available to give detailed analytics about users as well as their tweets. You just need to choose a user and all the possible analytical information will be viable to you right then. It includes analysis of profiles, tweets, and other insights useful for marketers.
  3. Bluenod: Bluenod is best for community visualization. It has every possible feature you must be looking for to get deep insights into your target audience and their networks. This tool provides you with a map related to a user or a hashtag.
  4. SocialRank: SocialRank ranks your followers under the best and most popular ones on the basis of your engagement with them on Twitter. An easy way to manage your followers and discover which of them must on your priority list.
  5. Klear: Klear provides plenty of free marketing tools. It also helps you find promising influencers on Twitter though keywords. It is available as an iOS app as well as a Chrome extension.
  6. Social Bearing: Social Bearing provides you with deep analytics and insights about tweets and other activities. You can search for specific keywords, usernames, followers, interests, locations, and much more. Social Bearing analyses tweets by type, source, hashtags, and sentiments.
Twitter Business

Twitter Business

Tools to Accelerate Business Growth

Twitter-owned Business Tool is an ideal option for business owners, especially for those who are new in this field and are looking for a solid advertising mechanism. The page delivers you with three important features:

  1. Account Home: It gives you high-level statistics on a monthly basis. It also gives you details about your best tweets and monthly performance. You also get to know about influencers available in your network.
  2. Tweet Activity Dashboard: Tweet Activity Dashboard gives you numbers for your every Twitter post. You can learn about impressions, likes, retweets, comments, and so on.
  3. Audience Insights Dashboard: Audience Insights Dashboard gives you details about your followers. It also analyzes the growth of your follower base, including their demographics and interests.

You can also follow its official page @TwitterBusines to stay up-to-date with the latest news, tips, and secrets to build a better business through Twitter.

Rite Tag

Rite Tag

Tools to Make Perfect Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are the most essential tools to promote your business. People know you equally by your hashtags as much as they know you by your brand value. To use them successfully, you need to be creative since they also help you boost your engagement rate and increase your brand reputation. Here are some of the best tools:

  1. Rite Tag: Rite Tag is highly recommended to find out the relevant hashtags for your business. It works instantly. Through hashtags, you can also find all the possible tweets, retweets, and other relevant keywords. You can also download the report. Rite Tag shows the overused hashtags in blues and the ones that you use are shown in green. Also, those hashtags highlighted as grey must not be used since they are followed by only a few users.
  2. provides marketers with full analytics of any hashtag you ask for. It helps you boost your marketing campaign by using the strongest hashtags. It also gives you details about the latest trends, spelling variants, hot tweets, top countries, and so on.
  3. Tagboard: Tagboard is one of the best hashtags creation tools available for Twitter and other social media channels as well. You can view insights from different networks via a single hashtag. It does everything possible to enlighten you with the optimized usage of hashtags. Thus, you have all the optimal information to engage your followers with your business.


Tools to Decide the Best Time to Post Tweets

Millions of users tweet in a single time slot, which means making your tweet visible is a challenging task. You only have a few seconds to minutes to make this happen. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the best time to tweet. Here are the best tools to help you in this situation:

  1. Tweriod: Tweriod helps you grow your follower base by suggesting you the best tweet time. It works by analyzing your and your followers’ past data. It suggests the time slot when most of your followers and other users are active. The time taken by Tweriod increases as per your followers’ numbers.
  2. Followerwonk: Followerwonk provides you analytical results related to your followers. It includes their locations, general information, and the best time to when they may notice your tweet. It also compares different accounts to find a common area of interest and increase the number of followers.
  3. Audiense: Audiense is a perfect account management tool. It studies your audience’s activities and helps you plan your next marketing strategy. You can also generate a free report by choosing the country and mentioning specific keywords, hashtags, and other related details. Audiense takes a few hours to give the relevant information since it needs to scan the million Twitter accounts.

Looks like there are enough tools for you to promote your business and take it to a higher level.

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