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Life Lessons Which I Learned From My Ideal Elon Musk?

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The revolutionist - Elon Musk

The revolutionist - Elon Musk


At present Elon Musk is one of the most remarkable entrepreneurs of our generation. Currently, he is the owner and founder of many multi-billion companies.

He is the complete combination of power routine, hard work, passion, and intelligence. But apart from these, one big quality which makes me unique is that the power of thinking crazy big ideas.

If you look into the history of his work then you can easily say he has revolutionized the world on many occasions. For example, whether it’s Paypal, Space X, Tesla Motors, Solar City, Hyperloop, AI and Neuralink, etc all build on entirely different concepts. So, let’s try to understand some of his thinking processes one by one.

Thinking Big Makes It Possible

When Elon Musk thought of building some commercial reusable rockets people thought him crazy and nuts. In fact, even he himself thought it is really crazy idea.

During those times there was no established private player who could think of building commercial rockets without any government support. But he went ahead with his super crazy idea and faced many hurdles during his initial days. But despite being a few large failed attempts, today he is the CEO and founder of Space X and they are directly working for government space agencies like NASA.

Well, this story teaches us one very important lesson. If you really want to achieve something remarkable then you have to believe in the power and magic of thinking big. There is no other better way.

When we talk about ourselves then it doesn’t mean we all have to start with rocket company. If you are a student and from a middle-class family and thinking of how I can earn 10 million (Rs. 1 Crore) in two years then this is also the power of thinking big. If you can think big and apply your planning then you can also achieve your next big goal in life.

Success is a step by step process

Success is a step by step process

Progress Happens Step By Step

Now if you are thinking big and want to achieve something dynamic then you have to understand that it is step-by-step progress and it usually takes time. Today, we know that Elon Musk is one of the richest men in the world. But it is not like he became wealthy in one year or two.

It is a process and it takes time and effort. You have to understand and learn many things in life to reach that stage. For example, there are many incidents in the life of Elon Musk where he faced many unexpected hurdles and he almost got broke.

But because he is the believer in the power of thinking big and doing big he made it possible. Here, we have to understand the concept of “the next mile”. We have to break your big goals into small parts as the next mile. So, first, achieve one mile (stage) and move to achieve the next mile (stage) and put all your energy and focus to achieve that.

Believe You Can Do Big Things

Do you believe in the power of self-belief? Do you have confidence in your ability? These are things that make someone different from others. In this article, till now we have learned about the power of thinking big and achieving the big goals.

Many people can ask if thinking big is so easy then why many people are not doing this and becoming rich? Well, there is human psychology that says “I am not good enough” and “I am not worthy to do this or that”. And because of this many people give excuses in their life. We look for safety rather than taking some calculated risk in life and become financially free.

Always believe in your abilities. Once you start believing in yourself then you will get the confidence from within. And once you will have confidence then you can think big and do big things in life. Look around yourself and see how best you can use all the available resources for your business and career.

Do More, Not Less And Hire Dynamic Team

Now, this is something amazing about Elon Musk’s life. The more he became successful, the more responsibilities he started adding to his daily routine.

After starting the highly successful Space X and Tesla companies he could have concentrated only these two highly profitable organizations. But he didn’t stop here and started working on new projects like Solar City, Hyperloop, AI, Neuralink and Borning company, etc.

In this way, he tried to prove that to remain successful you have to have a routine in life, and instead of slowing down, you have to work even harder and smarter.

For this, Elon Musk built his dynamic routines. And before he hires someone he definitely checks their background. He looks at what kind of problems people have faced in their life and how they solved that difficult situation. He looks for some exceptions quality before hiring someone as his next employee.


The more you work day and night soon you will reach a stage where every work for you looks like in a flow. Thinking big is not difficult, achieving those dreams are difficult. But if you believe in yourself and your ability and work with confidence then definitely you too can achieve amazing success in life.

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