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Legitimate Work-At-Home Job Opportunities


Believe it or not, legitimate work-at-home jobs really do exist. Plenty of companies have discovered how easy it is to hire workers who want to telecommute.

I honestly believe that people should work for themselves in order to truly realize the American Dream—but sometimes you need a job to get the bills paid. And I guess there are some people who are satisfied working for someone else...

As a prospective employee, a work at home job can be a good thing for several reasons:

  1. It costs less money to telecommute
  2. Telecommuting is ideal for people who are homebound
  3. Work-at-home moms do not need to put their kids in daycare. But many telecommuting jobs require a quiet background atmosphere, so you might need to work around your child's sleeping schedule.

Check out the following work-at-home jobs and independent contractor opportunities, to find your ideal telecommuting situation.

Legitimate Work-At-Home Companies

West Corporation (Alorica Work at Home)

West is a virtual customer service call center that hires telecommuters to work for different projects. If you live in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, their headquarters is in Mesa, and they have a physical call center there as well.

You need to have a quiet environment to be able to work for West because their clients do not need to know that you are working from home. You will also have to undergo a background investigation which costs $29.95 in order to work for the company.

Convergys Corporation

Convergys is a technical support and customer service call center that hires telecommuters to work for different projects. Like West, Convergys also has physical call centers across the United States, but Convergys has a lot more call centers.


Liveops is a virtual call center that hires sales agents, licensed insurance agents, and roadside assistance agents. LiveOps advanced sales agents can earn almost $20 per hour. The thing about this work at home opportunity is the fact that this is a job...but you are not an employee of LiveOps - you will be an independent contractor, you will be responsible for taking out your own taxes LiveOps should probably really go in the category of a work at home business opportunity, but I thought I'd put this opportunity in both sections.


1-800-Flowers hires work at home agents to work as sales and service representatives for their high seasons. Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter, etc. They only hire agents who live in the following states: Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Montana, New Hampshire New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and Oregon.


We all know U-Haul, most of us have used their moving services at one time or another. Uhaul hires eHotline Agents to work at home in locations across the country. Their positions usually begin in mid March, and they end in September.

Arise Virtual Solutions

Arise used to be called Willow, and they are one of the industry leaders in call center work at home agents in the world.

As with LiveOps, you will be an Independent Contractor with Arise, as opposed to being an employee. There are fees to become an Arise Certified Professional. The fees all add up to about $200 when all is said and done, but it is worth it because you can make good money with Arise.

Prince Market Research

Prince hires at home agents to call people across the United States and interview them on different topics for a variety of outsourced clients. They currently hire for work at home agents in Florida, Tennessee, and Texas. They process interviews in the areas of insurance, financial services, advertising, retail, education and health care.


J.Lodge offers a unique telecommuting opportunity to employees who are disabled. They are one of the first companies to offer 100% of their work-at-home employment opportunities to Americans with disabilities. In order to apply to work for J. Lodge, you will need to contact your local Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. If they are not familiar with the company (most Voc Rehab agents are familiar), you can introduce to the company by referring them to their website.

If you scroll down to the bottom of their website page, you will find information about their positions, and there is also an email address for Voc Rehab counselors who are unfamiliar with their company.


TeleTech is another customer service call center with virtual agent positions. They accept applications through their Hirepoint website. There is a background check, and a drug test, but there is no cost for either.

Blue Zebra

Blue Zebra hires appointment setters, and 100% of their workforce consists of telecommuters.


Ver-A-Fast hires at home telephone representatives to provide customer service for several newspapers companies. They also hire telemarketers to sell newspaper subscriptions.

Next Level Solutions

Next provides virtual independent agents for inbound and outbound positions. Their starting pay is $8 per hour - not a lot of money, but then again... you do not have to leave home to earn money, and if you're desperate for a job, $8 an hour is better than nothing at all.

Direct Interactions

Direct Interactions hires customer service agents to work on different projects. They are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year - you should be able to fit this job in nicely with any other responsibilities you may have.

I hope you find something that will interest you in your search for a real work at home opportunity. This particular hub is a living document, and I will update it with new opportunities as I learn about them.

Good Luck to You!


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