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Lee County EMS Hiring Process

SW Florida has a huge surplus of EMT and Paramedics. Many times, when Lee County EMS opens hiring for just a few positions; hundreds of people apply. To make the hiring process more manageable for Lee County, they have composed an elaborate circus of hoops to jump through.

All information provided below is current as of July 28, 2014.

Step 1: Wait for Hiring to Open

Sadly, Lee county doesn't accept applications year round. They open hiring around 4 times per year and you have to get your application submitted a the 5 day window.

You can find out if Lee County EMS is hiring by going to the Lee County Government website.

Step 2: Submit Your Application

The Lee County EMS application is not very short. I recommend you create a profile and fill out your application now and save it. You will be required to provide your last 10 years worth of residential information. So, if you have moved around a lot, this might take a while.

If your application is filled out before hiring opens, you will be able to review it and submit it as soon as applications are being received. This is important since hiring is only open for about 5 days, 4 times per year.

Step 3: Wait for an E-mail

If you are chosen to proceed in the hiring process, you will receive an email within a day or two of submitting your application. This email will contain information about your test dates, times, locations, and what you should wear.

From what I can tell, as long as you have the basic qualifications, you will proceed to the testing phase. AKA, certified as an EMT or Paramedic in the state of Florida, the appropriate CPR card for your level, and a drivers license.

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Step 4: The Written Test

The written test is very difficult and often contains questions above the NREMT scope of practice for your level. This test contains around 50 questions and you will be taking it with every other applicant for the job.

Once the written test is done, everyone will wait around for it to be scored. They will then announce who is proceeding on to the practical scenarios. Only the top scoring applicants will move on.

Step 5: The Practical Scenarios

The practical exam with be much like your hands on skills for the NREMT. If you know your skills and are confident, you will have no problems.

Step 6: The Physical Ability Test

The physical ability test in a newer addition to the Lee County EMS hiring process. There is an 8 minute time limit. If you stop, drop or interrupt CPR at any time, you automatically fail.

The following are the steps to the Lee County EMS physical ability test:

1) Start out sitting in the ambulance.
2) Exit the ambulance.
3) Remove the stretcher from the ambulance. (help will be provided for the wheels to drop)
4) Take the stretcher over to the base of the tower. (approximately 60 feet away)
5) Lower the stretcher and remove the back-boarded manikin to the ground.
6) Pick up two 35 pound weights.
7) Walk up fire tower, 4 flights. (a spotter will be provided)
8) Place the weights down at the top of tower.
9) Complete two minutes of standard AHA CPR, compression only.
10) Pick up the weights and walk down the stairs. (a spotter will be provided)
11) Put the weights down and proceed to the weighted manikin. (already on a backboard)
12) Pick up the head of the backboard and manikin. (help will be provided at the foot of the backboard)
13) Walking backwards, carry the back-boarded manikin to the stretcher. (approximately 60 feet)
14) Place the backboard on the stretcher.
15) Load the stretcher into the ambulance from the foot of the stretcher. (help will be provided to bring the wheels up)
16) Lock the stretcher into place.
17) Step into the ambulance through the back door.
18) Exit the ambulance through the side door safely.

Step 7: The Interview

This is just like a normal job interview and should be prepared for as such.


Andy Enfield on May 22, 2017:

I just tested this past Saturday. Made the cut on the written and scored a 95 on the practical. Passed the physical and interviewed shortly after. How long do they take to call new hires?

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