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Landscaping Your Home


How many times have you wanted to have a welcoming backyard to escape to, a beautiful outdoor space to hang out with friends and family or just needed to improve curb appeal for resell or a bump to your property value? With over 8,758 landscaping companies in Florida alone beautifying the outside of you home is a simple phone call away. There are plenty of companies willing to design and install the landscape you're looking for.

With so many people working in the field the range of skills and professions in the industry are huge. Carpenters and electricians for decks and lighting or outdoor theaters and kitchens. Plumbers and equipment operators, concrete workers, chemical handlers, arborists. Lawn professionals, professional drivers and more. The point is with the skillsets in the industry you can find the right people to make it happen.

What does this mean for you as a consumer? There are plenty of options available for getting exactly what you want. Zen gardens, butterfly habitats, koi ponds, water features, hardscapes, tropical trees and planting, retaining garden walls and even outdoor accent lighting are a few of the offerings to consider to spice up your outdoor living spaces.

Landscaping Stats and Figures

With between 870,000 and 1.2 million people working in the horticulture and landscaping industry, it is a very diverse and wide reaching field of work.

The industry has grown 5.1% annually over the past 6 years and shows no signs of slowing down. Overall market value is estimated at 99 billion dollars with Florida, California and New York employing and earning the most in the industry.

The most common landscaping offering is lawn care and chemical application, offered by 88% of companies.

48% of landscaping companies reported landscape and mowing maintenance as their highest revenue driver in 2019.

62% of landscaping business comes from single-family residential homes.

60% of residential landscaping companies beat revenue expectations in 2020.

43% of landscaping company owners are concerned about quality labor shortage inhibiting their business’s growth in the next three years.

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Things look pretty good as far as stability and growth are concerned.

Costs and Expectations

About 10% of home value is a fair expectation when pricing a landscape. However, it is a very general rule of thumb and actual costs tend to be a little higher. Customer needs, design complexity and material costs are all things to be weighed when getting an estimate.

For example a landscape getting a few plants and a fresh mulch install are going to be less costly than a design including say, retaining wall, raised garden beds and marble aggregates. Hardscape, lighting and water features tend to be on the higher end of costs included.

The amenities are secondary to functionality and should only be considered after the basic landscape is updated to prevent things like erosion and flooding. Without a stable starting place to install a beautiful designer space aspects will fail over time.

The amount of prep, labor and function going into the project will affect the cost, but are necessary in most cases.

A ballpark of landscaping costs is sort of moot. Residential installs run anywhere from $3000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What Should You Expect From Your Landscaper

My personal advice to anyone seeking professional landscape design it to have a firm idea of what you want to spend before seeking consultation. Listen to their advice and ask questions about aspects of the design you don't understand.

Anyone offering landscape estimates will have both some formal training and multiple years of experience in the field. Your landscaper should be able to answer most questions and concerns right away.

Many offer catalogues and a portfolio of past work and designs. They will also have convenient ways to contact them and will be responsive to contracts, billing and effective at communicating project progression. A responsible landscaper will have a good and solid plan to work from as the project gets underway.

Use your discretion and keep in mind there are nearly 10k landscape companies in Florida alone. Find someone comfortable to work with and it will only help the install phase run smoother. It isn't terribly hard to find a good company to work with you on your landscaping.

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