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Landlords Need to Stop Complaining

It's getting tiring listening to the amount of landlords that are complaining about energy performance certificate regs!!

The 2025 government EPC regs haven't even been approved yet, but you've got hoards of landlords around the country saying how unfair the proposed changes are.

There has to be better environmental standards for rented housing in the UK. For too long, tenants have had to get by with substandard insulation and heating systems. I can almost guarantee that even if the proposed changes come into force, there will still be many rogue landlords that won't stick to them or try and bend the rules.

The current changes are far too weak. For one thing, an EPC every ten years is far too infrequent in my opinion. And a minimum of an E rating is far too low. Tenants deserve to live in warm, well insulated houses especially with the impending energy crisis. It also makes more sense for landlords to make the changes, because less money spent on bills will mean less chance of a tenant defaulting on their rent payment? Or do they want tenants to just give all their money to energy companies?

The best thing to do if you are on a ship with holes on it, is to plug the holes. Otherwise all you're doing is letting water, or in this case money and energy, go down the drain. Having houses that aren’t well insulated makes zero economic sense to me. It should've been illegal years ago, it's 2022 and the only requirement is for landlords to get an 'E' on an EPC currently. I mean it's not exactly a high bar at the moment is it.

And that's before we get into any of the climate arguments. We actually have a responsibility to reduce our global climate omissions, from our commitments made at the 2015 Paris Agreement, in case you forgot about that? Failing to insulate homes would fail to meet those climate targets.

So to any landlord that is frustrated by these changes and feels like it is ‘anti landlord’, I'd say that for far too long it's been ‘anti-tenant’ and ‘anti-climate’ and an EPC grade C is the minimum that any property should be in this country.

I guess if you don't like it then you shouldn't be a landlord because there's a certain level of responsibility and ethics needed to provide warm and livable housing to tenants. Ok rant over.

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