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Tenants Not Affected by Covid 19 Are Ripping off Their Landlords and Utility Companies With Governor Cuomo's Help


Landlords in NY and across the US are being taken advantage of by dead beat tenants using Covid 19 as an excuse not to pay their rent

My Rental in Western NY

I purchased my rental in Olean NY about five years ago while working part time at the county nursing home. My husband and I would spend many nights and a lot of money completely remodeling the entire building for the next year. One of the apartments had to be completely gutted and inspected at that time because it had sustained a fire. It has three units in it. One of the apartments is a one bedroom that I only charge $475 a month, includes water. I have always wanted to help people which is why I charge cheaper rent than most landlords in the area but I'm beginning to think this is a big mistake. Have you ever heard of the saying, you cant help those who refuse to help themselves? There's always people who will take advantage of a bad situation.

The Renter

When I listed my one bedroom on Facebook, I was sick and tired of people renting who use drugs and once they get in, they refused to pay the rent. I believe that's the motive from the beginning and our government is allowing this to happen and people wonder why the high cost of rent. People on disability are well aware they can stop paying rent and trash your apartment and you can not go after their government disability check. Thank you Governor Cuomo. I bet if I came to your home at put holes in your walls, I would go to jail but its not a big deal if someone does it to a landlord.

Anyways, I was contacted a short time later by a nurse who retired from the same place I work. She was trying to find a place for her son and promised me I would get my money every month because he is on disability and he has a guaranteed income. I explained to her I paid over $1400 a month for 3 places and I can not afford to be ripped off. A mom finding an apartment for her son in his 40's should have been my first clue to run but I trusted her. Below is a copy of my rental add. She explained to me, he is doing good and promised I would get my rent. I decided to rent to him in February because I trusted her. Now, I trust no one.

Missed Rent Payment Prior to Covid Shut Down

This specific tenant was texting me right along a few days before rent was due before March 1st asking if I was going to be at work so he could stop by and pay the rent. He agreed to meet at a certain time but then when that time came, he ignored all texts from me. I then get a text from him the following day, how sorry he was and I would receive rent in a few days. One excuse after another including stating he had to pay for a grave stone for a friends child. That was actually the first time I had a tenant make up a death of a child as to why he didn't pay his rent. I thought I had heard it all.

I decided to give his mother a call, whom I trusted and he had stated she was going to borrow the money from her retirement and pay it. After all a nurse has morals and wouldn't do that to me. I phoned her and she stated, I'm sorry to tell you but he went back to drugs and how she had taken him to the post office for a money order to pay me the rent and he took off out the back door, I'm sorry and bye.

On March 5th after the rent was five days late, I sent him a late rent notice that he was late on his rent and if not paid I would start the eviction process followed by the 14 day eviction notice. He replied again with more excuses and promised $1000 the following month. As if, I was going to believe it after all the lies I had already been told by him and his family. I think his mom just wanted to get rid of him. In the process of the 14 days, Cuomo shut down evictions.

I also started receiving messages from others in the area that he was dealing drugs as people had been on the porch screaming he owed them money. I also received a message of a certain plastic burning smell coming from his apartment.

The Rental Add


Governor Cuomos Executive Order is Targeting Landlords.

I was told by my tenant he does not have to pay rent because Gov Cuomo made it so I can not evict him.. He now owes 8 months worth of rent, has not paid a penny, for a total of $3,800. How am I going to fix anything if it breaks, continue to pay the water bill, insurance and mortgage with no money coming in on this rental? This is morally wrong. How would you like it if you had to go to work for free Governor Cuomo? Our area does not have people who are sick from Covid 19. This is being used by the thieves and drug users to get what they can for free. One last thing, my mortgages are not federally backed.

Earlier in my article, I mentioned working in a nursing home. Throughout all this, I was the only one affected by Covid 19, the landlord, as I tested positive for Covid back in May and through out it all you took away my income to pay my mortgage and other bills with your executive order. If our government is going to give a free place to live, why are you not paying for these tenants? I work to hard to be forced to give it away for free to people who are using drugs. Our government is also giving him a disability check so he can continue to buy drugs on the tax payers dime.