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Jobs That Take You on the Road

You've sat at a desk long enough. You don't want to be tied down to one place anymore. The spirit of adventure is calling you. You want to see more than your backyard. If any of these statements sound like you, then it's time to check out some of these jobs that will take you on the road.

Become a Traveling Nurse

If you have a calling to take care of people who are ill or injured, becoming a traveling nurse may be right up your alley. You'll be sent to areas around the country of your choosing where there is a nursing shortage. Each assignment lasts approximately 13 weeks. This is your opportunity to see the country and see the sights. Moreover, you’ll also be able to compare the various locations you’re sent to, and if or when the time comes you’re ready to settle back down you’ll have an idea of where you’d want that to be.

Take to the Skies

Consider becoming a flight attendant. As you fly to destinations all over the world, you'll have an opportunity to explore a little until it's time for your return flight. A perk to having this job is that you can take advantage of free tickets when you are ready to plan your own vacation.

Become an Au Pair

If you are single, love to babysit, and want to travel, you can combine all of your passions as an au pair. Au pairs are extremely popular in Europe where wealthy families are looking for in-house care for their children. Your room and board will be part of the package. Choose your destination. When you aren't caring for the children, you'll be able to explore your surroundings. This could be your chance to visit all of the hot spots in Europe.

Get the Truck Rolling

There is an abundance of CDL truck driver positions for anyone who wants to hit the open road. You can choose how far you want to travel. Come home every night, once a week, or stay at various locations scattered throughout the country. Your cab will have a sleeper section, and truck stops and motels are at the ready when you want something more.

Head Out to Sea

If you love the ocean and balmy beaches, get on board as a cruise ship worker. You can choose your area of specialty when you apply, whether you'd like to work in the restaurant, entertainment, as a hostess, or in hospitality. You'll be able to see the sights when you make stops along the way.

You don't have to stay in one place when it comes to a career. You can learn about different cultures, experience the beauty around you, and spice up your life. Explore your options for job offers that will help you to spread your wings. You never know where you will land.

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