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Job Opportunities That Are Evergreen


The number of job seekers is on the rise in the midst of today's economic downturn. According to the World Economic Outlook report released by International Monetary Fund, IMF in April 2021,many governments put in place financial policies to cushion workers from the impacts of the pandemic. Massive loss of opportunities was evidenced as corporates and other sectors of economy were shaken. Workers were laid off, some given compulsory leave while others got their salaries slashed. Banks and lending institutions were forced to restructure their loans and adjust to the fiscal enactment that introduced tax relief. Professionals and learners in different sectors study trends and analyze them to establish the best areas that are less interrupted by flactuations in the global economy. Occupations are said to be stable and secure if they can endure drastic changes and challenges that come without knocking. There are millions of diverse fields that you can explore before you finally make up your mind. As a college or university student, you may be wondering what next after graduation. Having graduated and employed, it is possible that you are also contemplating a shift to new line of expertise to widen the choices that are on your profile. All these are to some extent inevitable due to dynamics presented by this evolving globe. To answer your queries properly, figure out what suits the capabilities you possess and the willingness to undertake prerequisite basics to get you started. It is true that career is a journey and therefore walking through skill acquisition, enterprenurial innovation and commitment to continuous growth is key to success.

Sectors To Consider


Health is wealth, there is no doubt about it. Being one of the most prioritized items on the budget, it supports all other sectors and players in both local and international investments. Contributing a large percentage of Gross Domestic Product, GDP, it is undeniable fact that health remains as one the areas where the pastures are green year in and out. It takes centre stage because of its contribution to the welfare of human resources. Workers need to be healthy in order to be productive. To this end, majority of employers have put health insurance and medical check up as one of the requirements to both new and existing workers.

  • Pharmaceutical industry

Demand for drugs both for human and animals is ever rising. As the population shoots up each year so the need for more medicine. This field is not only about manufacturing of drugs, it also entails research, marketing and distribution of the same. We are faced with wide range of infections. Continuous supply of medicine to hospitals and other related facilities is what makes it evergreen. We need new discoveries to solve persistent problems like resistance to drugs by microbes, vaccines to prevent highly contagious diseases and low efficacy of medical products. Some inventions or improvement to existing products can earn a good fortune. This industry needs one to exercise high level of patience and gain experience through learning and working.

  • Medical Equipments and Devices

Wheel chairs, beds, life supporting machines, bottles for medicine packaging, needles, syringes, the list is long. Manufacturers of these important items have employed many people across the world. Creativity and innovation can be so crucial as new and problem-solving devices are still being sorted by the industry.


Future generations need professionals to replace and advance the workforce in terms of numbers and expertise. Government budgets allocate huge amounts of funds to facilitate learning activities in all educational institutions. There is alot of returns on this investment and hence attracts both local and international supporters in public and private sectors. You can consider the following :

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  • Starting a school

There are different categories of schools to choose from; Normal, integrated, basic, advanced and special schools. As private investor, identify the gap and invest appropriately. Employees such as teachers, directors, laboratory technicians, lecturers and curriculum specialists are on high demand. It is important to be unique in service delivery and build an identity in your practice and professionalism. New technologies are now required to achieve teaching and learning. They include online sessions such google classes, skype and zoom. Devising new pedagogy to solve the emerging issues for instance long distance, virtual and hands-on experience is highly recommended.

  • Supplying Good or Services

Educational institutions do not operate in isolation. Securing tenders as a supplier of laboratory equipments, food stuffs or stationery is a profitable venture. Internet services, applications to aid in ICT integration and project management are some of the ideas that can be so lucrative.

In every problem there is an opportunity. It all depends on the perspective from which you look at it. Think about how to see the good side of a situation, being apart of solution to the society is the essence of life. That should be the foundation on which your ideas are build on.


CONSTANT JUMA WANJALA (author) from MOMBASA on May 13, 2021:

Thanks Lady Dazy

Lady Dazy from UK on May 13, 2021:

Good article , very useful for anybody looking for a job. There are many who will be these days.

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